[What Mary Thinks] Fight For My Way (1/2)


Now that school has finally finished, I have a little bit more free time now so I finally have some time to watch some dramas! I decided to do a little post about the two dramas that I’m currently watching just to share with y’all my thoughts on them so far and to discuss with y’all what y’all also think about them (this is the first post, the 2nd post of ‘Queen for 7 Days’ will come out later)

Prior to ‘Fight For My Way’ and ‘Queen for 7 Days’, I was watching ‘Suspicious Partner’ and ‘Ruler’ but I decided to drop both of those dramas simply because I wasn’t interested and addicted to them. They fell short of my expectations and I just didn’t simply care for the characters or storyline (sorry Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook, even y’all couldn’t stop me from not watching the drama! Hope to see y’all in future dramas though!).

Moving on, I decided to give “Fight for my Way” and “Queen for 7 Days” a try and I’m quite glad that I did (unexpectedly). Both dramas are on two totally sides of the spectrum, with one being a modern drama and the other one a historical sageuk drama, but both being engaging and knowing how to keep their viewers sucked in. I’m glad that I’m watching both dramas, because now I have something to keep me occupied other than my variety shows that I always love and enjoy watching.


“Fight For My Way” stars Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won as our main characters. Prior to watching the drama, I’ve always loved Seo Joon and although he hasn’t always had the best picks of dramas (Hwarang anyone?), I do think he’s a talented actor with quite some depth when he’s given characters that are multi-dimensional and he can express emotions and words quite well (+ his super good looks). As for Kim Ji Won, I’ve never really thought badly about her. I haven’t really seen her in anything other than ‘Heirs’ but even then I don’t really remember anything about her simply for the fact that I choose to not remember anything about that drama in the first place LOL. But I did think that Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won make a pretty cute and good-looking couple and after having watched 10 episodes of the drama, that belief still holds true.

There’s not really a strong plot in “Fight For My Way.” It’s just mainly about our two characters trying to make it out in the real world and trying to find ways to survive and make money and testing to see if their respective passions is the solution to making that money that they need to survive in life. And while things are working out so far for our main character Go Dong Man (played by Park Seo Joon), for Choi Ae Ra (played by Kim Ji Won) things aren’t looking so bright for her and her goal of wanting to be an announcer. While I want her to be able to achieve her goals of an announcer, I also think that at the same time maybe that’s not what she’s meant to be as we see her in the drama commanding the stage as an MC/host of some kind of event twice. It got me thinking that maybe in the end there are 2 good things she’s good at and although being an announcer is one of those things she’s good at, maybe being an MC/host is the other thing that she should consider because she’s just as great at it and maybe she will actually get hired and make money off of it. Whether she is to pursue that or not we will see in the future episodes, but it’ll be interesting to see what she does if her dreams of becoming an announcer does not work out.


I enjoy the natural progression and pace that the drama has been showing us in regards to Dong Man and Ae Ra’s relationship. It makes sense as to why they would fall for each other over the years as they’ve been childhood friends and have grown up together. They’ve been there for each other at both their highest and lowest moments in life and have basically gone through everything together. I do think the romantic feelings have been there for a while now, especially in regards to how Ae Ra feels about Dong Man and liking him first, but I do think Dong Man also had maybe some kind of feeling for Ae Ra but was probably just clueless or uncertain about it all. The way they suppress their feelings for each other or pretend that they don’t like each other and are just friends is so cute because everyone else knows that they like each other as more than friends. With 10 episodes in, Dong Man and Ae Ra are explicitly showing their feelings for each other a lot more now and are even making strides by confessing to each other how they feel too. I squeal every time they’re together and I love how in the midst of all these feels and confusion and ambiguity and chaos, they still remain the same true versions of themselves that they were when they were just friends as well. I think it’s safe to say that because they started out as childhood friends and grew up together, they don’t have to change to impress the other or have to do certain things to make the other person like them. For Dong Man and Ae Ra, they’ve already seen all the sides to each other and appreciate and love each other for that. They might try to act differently at first once they become a couple, but maybe they’ll realize that staying the honest and real versions of themselves that they are both familiar with is the best outcome for them even when they become a couple. It’ll be great to see this unfold even more as the drama progresses.


Moving on to the second lead couple with Joo Man and Seol-hee, I feel like their relationship is a little bit more complicated and complex than Ae Ra and Dong Man’s just simply because there’s so much ambiguity and confusion and secrets going on. Why doesn’t Joo Man want to marry Seol-hee? Why did they both feel the need to keep their relationship a secret and hide it from the rest of their co-workers? Why didn’t Joo Man just tell Ye-Jin that he’s in a relationship with Seol-hee and push her away? Why didn’t he stop her from pursuing him knowing that Seol-hee already knew what was happening? Why didn’t Seol-hee do anything herself? From the very first episode until now, I’ve rooted for Joo Man and Seol-hee ever since the very first episode where she got scolded by her boss and then Joo Man basically swooped in to save Seol-hee. That scene was so touching and sweet to me that I became a fan of theirs ever since that episode, but in all honesty it has only ever gotten worse from there. I’m a little bit more lenient on Joo Man not wanting to marry Seol-hee yet for financial reasons despite having been together for six years. He wants to be in a good financial state and be able to do all that he wants to do with her as a married couple without having to worry about money and finance. Sure, that I can put up with.


But I just don’t understand why he doesn’t just tell Ye-jin that he’s in a relationship with Sul-hee for six years and that he doesn’t like her. By not telling her, it has only made things worse and has put everyone in a sour position. Is he embarrassed to tell people he’s with Sul-hee? Will his position at work be threatened if he does? Is it because his feelings for Sul-hee aren’t as strong anymore because there’s Ye-jin now who keeps tugging along and confessing her feelings for Joo Man? A part of me believes that he’s a little shaken up by Ye-jin and therefore continues to do stuff for her and meet with her even though he doesn’t have to because there are boundaries that should be set in place as co-workers. But he doesn’t set any boundaries or doesn’t acknowledge them and when he doesn’t know how to stay within those boundaries and you have Ye-jin already breaking them and going all over the place, it becomes a messy outcome for everyone. I’ve read comments about how Sul-hee should be brave and not be so submissive and weak and just straight up tell Ye-jin about their relationship. I don’t blame Sul-hee and while I do want her to grow a backbone a little bit (in which she has in the latest episode), I want Joo Man to hold himself accountable for everything. I want Joo Man to be responsible for the issues that’s arisen in their relationship and to be straightforward with everyone (especially Ye-jin) on everything. Sul-hee is stuck in a situation where she’s supposed to be quiet and to be submissive and not talk alot. She’s grown up like that so one just can’t expect her to all of a sudden stand up for herself and advocate for her relationship with Joo Man. She doesn’t know how to do that and she’s not in a position to. She’s just a regular employee at her workplace who often gets scolded and yelled at. No one really respects her at her workplace. Even with Joo Man’s family, they don’t really approve of her and also put her down. She’s trying her best to be the best for everyone (especially for Joo Man who she supported while he was busy working and finishing school) so I understand and see why she would not be as strong and loud and out-going as people want her to be which is why I root for her. I like Sul-hee, I like her a lot. She’s given up so much for the ones she loves and cares about and she’s so kind-hearted which is why it breaks my heart and makes me absolutely infuriated when Joo Man goes off doing things with Ye-jin and lies to her just so he can “help” Ye-jin with work-related things. She’s done so much for him and then in the end gets treated like this. And worst of all, she has to confront this issue with Ye-jin because her boyfriend of six years doesn’t have the audacity or courage to do it himself (which goes back to the whole idea of how I believe he’s a bit shaken up because of his feelings for Ye-jin and might be losing feelings for Sul-hee himself). I’m glad Sul-hee stepped up to the plate and told Ye-jin about her relationship with Joo Man, but I also want him to do the same and stay true to his words. In the latest episode, we just went back to where we started and it was frustrating.


If anything, I want Sul-hee to break up with Joo Man herself to make him realize how much of a gem and diamond she’s worth so that he knows he won’t betray her next time and will maybe actually cherish her, do stuff for her as she’s done for him, and I don’t know maybe even marry her. But being in a relationship for six years, maybe things have gone stale. Joo Man is used to her now. He’s used to the daily routine. He’s gotten bored and he wants to do different things which is why he’s leaning a bit towards Ye-jin and it frustrates me that he’s become a bit careless in all of this. I understand that it’s suffocating for him as well having Sul-hee do and pay everything for him because he too wants to be in a position where he’s stable and well-off and doesn’t have to feel like he relies on Sul-hee for everything, but that’s been his excuse for everything. At one point or another, he’s gotta do something about the situation that he’s in. He either breaks everything off with Sul-hee and get with Ye-jin or vice versa. I feel like he’s in between right now, still staying with Sul-hee for whatever reasons, but leaning a little bit towards Ye-jin and it frustrates the heck out of me. Sul-hee’s literally bent her back working her butt off to pay and support Joo Man and in the end, lies, deceit, and a boy who interacts with his “intern” who doesn’t know how to back off and take no for an answer is all she gets? Sul-hee can do so much better and deserves so much better. I want Joo Man to do something about it or I want Sul-hee to end her relationship with Joo Man just so this will be a wake-up call for him and hopefully get him to realize how good he’s had it with Sul-hee. I hate seeing Sul-hee be treated like this when she treats everyone else so greatly and with so much love and warmth. She doesn’t deserve this. And in all honesty, the whole Sul-hee/Joo Man/Ye-jin thing has dragged on for too long now and I now no longer anticipate to see what will happen to them. I just want Ye-jin to leave because Joo Man told her to and for Joo Man to make it up to Sul-hee what he’s done. And if I’m going to be very very honest, you could have done this whole relationship issue without Ye-jin in the picture. There’s already a variety of issues that one could explore between Joo Man and Sul-hee considering that they’ve been in a relationship for six years, but why the drama chose the issue of having a side character be a threat to the relationship makes no sense to me. It actually frustrates me and I want it to be gone. I want to see Joo Man and Sul-hee strengthen their relationship after all that they’ve been through and get married in the end. Please show, please. Make it happen.


Phew. Long rant lol. But moving forward, as frustrating and aggravating as some aspects of the show can be, I do appreciate the aspects of the drama that are quirky, funny, and satisfying. I love how comedic and silly all the characters are, but most of all I love how the relationships that they have with each other and the ideas of wanting to look successful so that others around them aren’t worried (Ae Ra & Dong Man’s relationship with their parents, Joo Man to Sul-hee, etc.). It’s such a simple concept, but one that is so difficult to achieve in reality and it’s been great watching this happen for our characters. In a world where they just want to achieve their life-long dreams and goals, they have to face the multiple obstacles and challenges that come with those goals and the reality that wakes them up to all this and it’s been interesting so far seeing them face their fears and biggest obstacles. Where this goes and where they’re headed we’ll find in the next few episodes, but I’m excited and I hope I won’t be pulling my hair out as I’ve been the past 10 episodes to see what happens to our characters.

[What Mary Thinks] Why I Couldn’t Finish Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Korean drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon’ just recently came to end and just like how it started, it also concluded strongly. However, I am in the minority in that I am one of those people who did not finish the drama and eventually dropped it for several reasons.

Prior to the airing of the drama, I did not watch any of the teasers or trailers to the drama because as much as these teasers and trailers are designed to increase one’s excitement and anticipation for the show, I find that sometimes they don’t do much for me so I just don’t watch them. Since Park Bo Young is my ultimate favorite actress, I was planning to watch the drama to support her (since her last drama ‘Oh My Ghostess’ was also a successful enjoyable hit). I ultimately came into the drama with a blank slate, not having watched any teasers and watching this drama for Park Bo Young (+ Ji Soo).


Upon the first few episodes, I noticed the various different plots/story lines existent within the drama. And while some might argue that these plots kept the drama intense, intriguing, appealing, and that each have their own charms (in which I agree they do), the execution of these plots left me feeling distracted, frustrated, and annoyed. You had the plot of Bong-soon and the ways in which she deals with her powers, her relationship/love line with Minhyuk, the gangster/crew plot, the kidnapping case, Bong-soon’s parent’s relationship, and so much more. I wouldn’t have a problem with how many plots there were in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon as I think dramas should have multiple plots to keep the drama going, but with SWDBS, I personally felt like some plots didn’t necessarily blend or flow well with each other causing me to become frustrated or confused as I continued to watched the drama.

As someone who’s watched many Korean dramas for the past decade, I understand that there’s a need for dramas to have multiple subplots and it should. It has to or else it’s going to get boring and drag on, but my problem with SWDBS was that there were too many subplots and although the drama tried to have them all interrelated and connected to one another somehow, they were just too different in contrast to each other. I could be enjoying and squealing over Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s interactions with each other one second and then the next I’m watching the kidnapper torture and harm the girls he has trapped in the prison/cells and it was just too much for me. These plots were just too different from each other that they didn’t blend well even when the drama tried to.


Honestly, I didn’t care too much about the gangster plot, but it’s unfortunate that the drama continued to carry on that plot throughout the drama. I would have enjoyed the drama a lot more had the drama not spend so much time on it, but instead give me more time on the development of our main couple or on the development of Bong Soon’s parents abusive relationship or something else (more time on this would have been wonderful to be honest). But the drama did not cease on the scenes with the gang and this lead me to enjoy the drama less and less. I felt like this plot didn’t necessarily serve any purpose in the drama. It was just kind of there for comedic times and moments which I always appreciate in a drama, but in SWDBS I felt like it was forced and wasn’t actually all that funny (maybe I just have a different sense of humor but it wasn’t that entertaining to me). The boss ends up becoming a monk and then the members go and visit him at the temple and that just became a mess to me. I simply did not care about the gang. As unfortunate and sad as it was that they all ended up in the hospital and stayed there the majority of the drama, to me they didn’t really do anything for the drama. If they weren’t going to contribute to the overall storyline or provide any comedic moments, then it probably didn’t need to exist in the first place but it did and I felt like the drama tried too hard to push them onto the audience and spent too much time focusing on them. But for what?


The kidnapping plot was interesting and intriguing, but it continued to drag even to the very last episodes causing me to eventually lose my interest and patience with the drama. The kidnapping plot was interesting to the point where it could have been a drama of its own (something similar to ‘Signal’), but combined with the gang plot + Bong Soon/Minhyuk relationship, Bong Soon’s family relationships, it was just too much. Especially considering that the kidnapping plot was a lot more intense, dark, and evil compared to the other scenes like the gangster scenes that were “funny” or Bong Soon and Min Hyuk that were so sweet, cute, and lovey-dovey, the tone of the plot didn’t mesh well with the others, affecting the overall tone of the drama. There was too much going on at the same time and they differed too much from each other. I was expecting SWDBS to be breezy, light, fluffy, fun, and cute and the drama were all of those things and more, but it was also intense and dark with the kidnapping plot which caused a lot of confusion for me because I wasn’t so sure what the drama was supposed to be. One scene it’s light and fuzzy and cute and then the next it turns dark and scary and suspenseful and for me there was just too much going on at the same time so I couldn’t appreciate the drama for what it was and had a difficult time enjoying it, much less watching it.

I also think there was the concern of the way that the drama was portraying homosexuality/marginalized identities in the drama. I don’t know myself how I feel about it so I won’t comment much on this topic, but it’s one of those things where it’s a grey area and you’re not really sure what to think or how to feel about it. If there were others who dropped this drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was for this reason though (among a variety of other reasons). I think I was able to look past this after reading how others positively interpreted these scenes, but with all the other things going on in the drama, there was more than enough reasons for me to drop the drama than for me to keep watching it.


Unfortunately, SWDBS did not live up to my expectations. I watched it hoping that it would improve and get better but it stayed the same throughout. This was good because it was consistent throughout, but it did drag for me a little bit too much (I lost so much hair from the kidnapping plot because for some reason they could not capture the damn kidnapper even though they visited the warehouse 50,000 times) and just wasn’t as appealing and interesting as I thought it would be. Since this was Park Bo Young’s second drama and ‘Oh My Ghostess’ was an enjoyable and exceptional drama, I think I came in also maybe expecting a little bit too much (which is my fault). I do think the premise was interesting and I liked how Bong Soon was strong so she wasn’t your typical candy girl who always needed someone to save her, but everything else in the drama didn’t impress me. However, the drama was great for many others, both domestically and internationally, which is always great news. The ratings for the drama were fairly high and successful especially for a cable channel and the drama was always strong and consistent which I always appreciate in a drama. So while I necessarily didn’t enjoy the drama, many many others did and the drama was in the end successful. It ended just as strongly as it started and I’m glad that the drama was enjoyable to many people. This drama was just not for me and I might be in the minority, but I’m probably gonna feel this way about this drama for a long time and I honestly don’t have the motivation to go back and watch it despite the ratings and positive comments that people have made about it. This drama is some people’s cup of tea and isn’t for others and unfortunately it wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’m glad that it was a successful hit nonetheless.

[What Mary Thinks] My BTS concert experience/fan account!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and in addition to starting the third and final quarter of this school year, I also went to the most recent BTS concert in Anaheim, LA and there are so many things that I would like to talk about and share with y’all so here’s a post/fanaccount of my concert experience along with videos/fancams and photos that I took at the concert!

*It’s been more than a week since the concert so I have mostly processed everything from the concert and ya post-concert depression is real y’all

*Note: I couldn’t record the entire performance for every performance because I didn’t have enough space on my phone in order to do so, but I tried my very best to record most of the performances at least for 30 seconds to a minute.

*I recorded the fancams not only for me but also for ARMY’s around the world who unfortunately do not have the privilege of seeing BTS in concert like I did. I was thinking about y’all fans too! don’t worry! I got you 🙂


So long story short, just to provide some details on my trip, I went to the 2nd day of the Anaheim concert (there were 2 Anaheim concerts but I went to the one on the 2nd day). I arrived at the venue at around 4:30pm just to check out the place, to buy myself a lightstick, and then to hang around and line up early. My family and I had seated tickets so there wasn’t a need for us to go early, but we just wanted to check out the place, get some free stuff, and meet ARMY’s.

At around 5:30PM, Honda center staff and security guards asked everyone to start lining up so that we could enter the venue. The only problem was that there were no lines and no one knew where the lines were supposed to start or which sections were which lines and overall it was just a mess. One security guard was telling us one thing and then another one was telling us something else and it seemed like no one knew what they were doing simply because I don’t think they did. As someone who’s coordinated their own 3-day 2 night youth conference held on a university campus or as someone who does a lot of behind-the-scenes/logistical kind of planning, the way that Honda Center handled the organization of the concert was poor and disorganized. Signs indicating where and which sections people should line up at should have been posted because everyone was confused. In the end, my sister, cousins, and I ended up getting in a line and waited for over 2 hours in line and still did not get inside the venue although we waited for over 2 hours. I was getting annoyed and frustrated, because other lines were entering the venue faster but the line we were in took a really long time for some reason. 20 minutes until the show was to start and we were still outside in line waiting to enter the venue which made me so angry because I wanted to be inside the venue at least a few minutes early to just sit down, catch my breath, relax, and enjoy myself before the concert was to start. Luckily, my fam and I ended up going to another line where it only took us 3 minutes to get inside the venue *rolls eyes*. So I ended up getting into my seat 10 minutes before the show started and then relaxed for a little bit/prepared myself for the concert to start. That was my check-in experience with the Honda Center. So yeah, it definitely wasn’t the best.


BUT seeing BTS did make me feel a lot better and made everything alright in the end (forgot how inefficient and bad check-in was once I saw the beautiful bbys lol). I just couldn’t believe that I was finally seeing them with my own eyes and I definitely was in disbelief the entire concert (and even now I’m still in disbelief and I think I’ll always be in disbelief to be honest). Once ‘Not Today’ played and the boys came out, I froze and although I was crying internally the entire time and will be for the rest of my life, I just could not believe that these 7 boys – boys I supported since their debut who I admire, love, care for, and support – were right in front of me. It was just too good to be true and it didn’t hit me that I was seeing them until I actually saw them. They were such a beautiful sight. I couldn’t cry physically because I was just too astounded and shocked (i remember just how jungshook i was when they showed up on stage with ‘not today.’ I WAS SHOOK. LIKE JUNGSHOOK MAX). I didn’t scream or yell as much because I didn’t want to lose my voice, but more so I was just in awe. In awe of how talented, how hard-working, how beautiful these boys were and how they were right in front of me and I was breathing the same air as them and was in the same venue as them.

The boys were very tired (obviously) so I think that kind of impacted their performances. I’ve definitely watched fancams of their performances before and whatnot and I know that they have performed with a lot more energy and power before so seeing them so tired but still giving their performances their best made me so proud. And I don’t blame them either for being so tired that they weren’t able to perform as good as they could have. I mean doing a world tour and doing 2 back-to-back shows as well as interviews and other activities in between must be so tiring for them, but they gave it their all and were still great performers in the end.


Now onto the members, my memory’s failing on me so I’ll just try to write down everything that I remember so please bare with me, haha.

Jin: Jin (along with Hobi) were probably the most popular ones at the concert. While we cheered for all the members, Jin probably was the one with the most cheers and stans in the audience. I just remember whenever his face popped up during the VCR or during his ‘Awake’ solo performance, there were just waves of screaming everywhere and it was just so great especially considering how the Hyung line doesn’t have as many fans as the Maknae line so seeing him receive so much love and support from the audience at the concert made my heart warm and made me happy. There’s this misconception that Jin isn’t a good vocalist, but I think it’s more just that his vocals doesn’t match BTS’s upbeat hip-hop songs, but if you gave him a ballad like ‘Awake’, his voice really shines and I definitely saw that with the ‘Awake’ solo stage. Unlike what people think, Jin’s a good singer. He might not be the most stable or the best singer in BTS, but he definitely has vocals but just didn’t have the opportunity to showcase them in BTS’s songs. So I’m glad that he can prove to people that not only is he very good-looking and handsome, but that he can also sing. He was definitely very cute. During his thank you speech, he showed everyone his “heart” (it was a paper heart taped onto his shirt) and thanked everyone (it was so embarrassing lol). And then at the end of the concert, he and V were flirting were being silly and V poured some water over Jin which caused Jin to run away like a monkey. Jin is such a sweetheart and he’s the cutest. I’m glad he’s the oldest member of the group and takes good care of the other members. Just like my cousin said, “seeing Jin makes you believe that the world will be okay” and that was how I definitely felt after seeing Jin in person.

Suga: i H8 Yoongi. I H8 HIM. ekanf;ndfndkfnd. So before the concert, Suga was my least favorite member in the group (i dont’ have anything against him or anything; i just love the other members a little bit more) but this concert might just have changed everything. Throughout the concert, he kept on coming over to the side I was sitting on and I swear, we had eye contact like 3 times (this might just be me being delusional but still, ya get me). And omg but he kept on staring over at my direction and it made my heart flutter. Like Yoongi, no. Stay in your lane. I didn’t ask for this. I’m loyal to Jimin and only Jimin, but I swear, sometimes the other members be doing stuff and making me feel some type of way and Yoongi at the concert was making me feel some kind of way. Performance wise, Suga was also really tired, but you could definitely tell that he was also really into the performances. ‘First Love’ was so beautiful. It was so damn emotional and I loved every single second of it. He was so passionate, softly rapping into the microphone at first and then basically growling/shouting towards the end of the performance as the music escalated and I had never heard anything more beautiful in my life. He has so much damn passion and he clearly demonstrated that at the concert and it made me love him so much more. He was not playing around at the concert and really gave it his all. There were times where I saw him getting down to the music while on stage and I was just like “GET IT YOONGI GET ITTTTTTTT” because he was really into it (but these moments were rare). Like we all know he’s a grandpa and saves his energy for other things instead but there were times he was really getting down to the music which made me really excited because we don’t see that often ya know? Now I love Yoongi so much more after the concert and I can never listen to ‘First Love’ the same way anymore nor can I look at Yoongi the same way anymore. He ruined my life least to say

Rap Monster: I think if any member’s worked the hardest, I would say that it’d be Rap Monster. ALL the members work very hard, but I just can’t imagine how much work and pressure it must have been for Rap Monster to constantly talk in all the interviews they did in the U.S., translate for the other members, and practice on top of the performances. As the leader and as the main representative for the interviews, there was a lot of pressure but despite it all, Namjoon still did a wonderful job talking about BTS, K-Pop, world tour experiences, and so much more while speaking in a language that he taught himself and doing interviews with news channels, youtube channels, and so many more people for the first time. That’s a lot of work and that takes a damn lot of courage, but he did so well and I’m so proud of him. At the concert, I could tell that he was also really tired, but of course he was trying his best and performing to the best of his abilities. He surprisingly wasn’t the only member speaking English. All the members spoke to us in english so Namjoon didn’t really have to translate anything that the members were saying. But anyways, Namjoon is a really attractive and charming guy and I think over the years I’ve come to appreciate him, his humility, his leadership, and his personality. He’s so smart and respectful. During his ‘Reflection’ solo stage, we all chanted ‘We love you!’ towards the end of the song so that was really cool and touching. I don’t really remember too much about Namjoon at the concert, but overall, he’s a really kind and down-to-earth guy and I’m glad he’s the leader.

V: All the members were super tired, but V was probably the most tired. We all know that V is a pabo and he’s hella 4D who is always in his own world and can be very energetic and out-going and crazy, but we didn’t really get to see much of that at the concert which made me sad. I actually think he was pretty chill/less energetic than he usually is and I think that could have been because he was just really tired. I remember how he wore the official Wings tour cap and he had his face covered so you couldn’t really see his face and I think he was down most of the time at the concert unfortunately. Don’t misunderstand though, he performed wonderfully and he was great. Vocals on point. Didn’t make a mistake and was able to showcase his beautiful vocals with his ‘Stigma’ solo stage. I think it’s because I know how crazy Taehyung can get so I automatically assume that along with Hobi that Taehyung would also be just as energetic and out there during the concert so when he wasn’t like that I knew that it was because he was super tired which broke my heart </3. Maybe this was partly my fault because I didn’t look at him as much as I did with the other members so maybe I caught him during times where he was down/still but that’s just what I remember about Taehyung at the concert and maybe there were other times where he was energetic and happy and I wasn’t there to witness that. Apparently, he also cried during ‘1!2!3!’, but I didn’t catch that. Taehyung’s really cute though and I also really appreciate him. I’m more than positive that his grandma is proud of him 🙂

Hobi: The only thing I can say about Hobi is that he is an angel. An actual angel. Like we comment all the time that our idols are angels and whatnot, but NO, NO – HOBI IS AN ANGEL. HE’S LITERALLY AN ANGEL. AN ACTUAL ANGEL. He’s THE angel. You think you’ve seen angels and know about angels? Nah, you haven’t seen anything yet. Hobi is the epitome of angels and Heaven and all the good in the world. He’s the sweetest. I can’t even describe what he’s like because there are no words. Hobi always – ALWAYS – had a smile on his face even though like the rest of the members he was really tired. And I think seeing him in person makes you understand why he’s called J-Hope and is the moodmaker of the group. He was always smiling and he has hellaaaaaaa energy. He performed so effortlessly you wouldn’t even have thought that he was doing a world tour with the rest of BTS because he made it seem like he wasn’t. He had so much stamina, power, and energy in all his performances he was so great. I read another fanaccount where the author talked about how Hobi was born to be a performer and how no matter what you were doing or where your eyes were looking, your eyes were somehow always following Hobi because he’s that great of a performer and now I know and understand what the author was talking about. Hobi is a BORN PERFORMER. He performs so effortlessly and has so much damn energy I love it. The ‘Wings’ album and ‘YNWA’ album has been Hobi’s time/moments and he really shines in those 2 albums in particular and just seeing him perform made me so happy. During his ‘Mama’ solo stage, he looked SO FINE. SOOOOOO FINE. He wore a white bomber jacket and a hat and omfg I swear I died. I swear for the 30 seconds he was performing in that outfit, my soul left my body and went straight to Hobi. For those 30 seconds I temporarily left Jimin for Hobi and then came back to reality and woke up again and went back to Jimin. Hobi just looked especially good that night and he was so happy. He was also one of the more popular members that night so it makes me happy to know that he has many stans because I feel like Hobi is underestimated and hidden among the other members (PLEASE DON’T SLEEP ON HIM Y’ALL). He had a lot of fans that night so it was great seeing that. He also had plushies thrown at him from the fans which scared him lol. His reaction was great. Overall, I really appreciate Hobi b/c even when it seemed like the other members were tired, he never seemed that way and he was always so energetic so in a way he made up for the exhaustion that the other members were showing. He was always up on his feet, quick to move, and made everything seem okay and made everything seem better. He didn’t seem tired at all even though I’m pretty sure he was just like the other members. With that much energy on stage, your eyes are kind of just glued to him and you can’t really control or help it. He is a born performer and he truly does live up to his stage name: J-Hope.

Jungkook: When you watch Jungkook up on stage, performing passionately, singing with his heavenly voice, being a cutie, and just having fun, you in a way feel like a proud mother (or at least for me I did). Jungkook is my second bias in BTS ever since their debut and I’ve always had and will always have a soft spot for him. As the youngest in the group, there’s a lot of pressure he goes through and he really looks up to his Hyungs (watching him perform ‘Begin’ was so emotional for me b/c like omg our little maknae is growing up so quickly). Watching him grow and mature from debut up until now, our little maknae has grown up to be a very naughty, silly, hella extra, funny, and ridiculous guy but is also super talented and great and humble and innocent and I think that’s why everyone (regardless of whether you jungkook biased or not) have a soft spot for him. You just wanna care for him and look over him and make sure he’s okay because he’s so damn precious and that was how I felt seeing Jungkook at the concert. I comment about how he was a fetus when he debuted and now he’s a small grown baby and it makes me so sad b/c he’s growing up so quickly but i’m also happy to be seeing him having graduated from high school and doing these really great big things. Justin Seagull was amazing at the concert, dancing was on-point, and even though you could sense that he was tired af just like the other members, he still enjoyed the concert and had a great time. I also really appreciate his willingness to learn English so he could communicate with us fans. I think that just really demonstrates not only how passionate he is but also just how serious and grateful he is toward ARMY’s. Jungkook is the epitome of precious y’all

Jimin: As y’all know, Jimin is my bias in BTS ever since debut and he will always be my bias and omg he’s so damn dramatic he needs to stop. Whether it’d be in performances, interactions with fans, or just talking, everything he did was dramatic it was so frustrating (in a good way) and i just wanted him to stop because he looked so damn good and amazing. At the concert, I could tell Jimin was a bit hesitant with the first couple of performances. Especially after all the death threats, it seemed like he was anxious/nervous so he was just kind of performing like usual and nothing special happened. But towards the middle and to the end of the concert, he eventually warmed up and opened up to the audience and he started performing better and looked a lot happier which made me happy because I was also really worried about how he was feeling after everything that had happened. So seeing him so happy and smiling and dancing around on stage and interacting with fans and being dramatic as hell made me feel so much better and it made me so happy to see him happy. He doesn’t know how to wear a damn shirt I can tell you that. I was really sad that throughout the concert he kept on walking to the other side and not to my side where I was sitting so I’m kind of bummed out about that, but I did happen to take pictures of him on my side and him supposedly looking at my direction (but it’s funny because I don’t remember taking that picture). Of course, since he’s my bias I took a lot of pictures of him that night at every chance I could get. He’s such a powerful dancer. His moves are so smooth but they’re also so powerful it hits you and you just don’t even expect it and you get hurt. During their ‘Save Me’ performance, he drank from a water bottle and then gave it to one of the fans in the P1 pit and omg I was so jealous. If I was that fan that got the water bottle, I would cherish it forever because it’s Jiminnnn. But yes, Jimin is a life saver. I love him so much it hurts


The concert overall was great. I think some things that I wished could have been done differently was the back-to-back performances.  I understand that this is a concert and the concert can only go on for so long and all these other aspects, but I wished that I could have gotten more time to enjoy + process the performances before the next performance could begin. When one performance was over, the next one started immediately after (there were small videos playing in between every once in a while) and I felt sad that I couldn’t really enjoy the performances knowing that the next performance was going to start immediately after. I think that affected the way I processed and remembered the performances (but it’s a good thing I recorded most of them).

Of course in terms of logistics and organization, check-in should be a lot better and smoother next time. Also, the lighting for the performances were really wild and crazy. At times I felt like they took away from the performances instead of adding to it and it made me frustrated, sad, and disappointed because you couldn’t really see the members on stage performing because the lights were shining everywhere so quickly. So better stage lights would be cool too.

Favorite Performances:

In terms of favorite performances, ‘Run’ had to be my absolute, most favorite performance of the night which might be weird because they didn’t perform the choreography for it and it was rather short. But it was just something about that performance that really stuck to me. Just seeing them walk around the stage singing the song and then that small Jikook moment and then afterwards watching them run while the gold/yellow streamers popped out onto the stage was all just a beautiful and touching sight for me that the performance was my favorite. I loved it so much and I still have really fond memories of it and it’ll probably be my favorite performance to be honest. Everything about it was absolutely perfect. ‘First Love’ by Suga would probably be another favorite performance of mines which is ironic because that song in terms of the ‘Wings’ album is probably one of my least favorites and I’m not the biggest fan of Yoongi, but after the concert, everything just totally changed. Even now when I listen to the song, I can’t listen to it without thinking about the concert and how damn passionate and intense the performance was. Yoongi was just killing it. He was so damn great.

I also really liked ‘Cypher Pt. 4’, but that’s just me being biased because that song is probably one of my favorites from the ‘Wings’ album. AND OMG I HAVE A THING FOR BTS THROWING WATER AT THEIR FANS AND DURING CYPHER PT 4 THEY DID THAT AND IT WAS AMAZING AND I CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA TOO I’M SO HAPPY. The same goes with ‘MAMA’ by Hobi because if you already couldn’t tell from my post about him earlier, he’s one hell of a great performer and his performance was amazinggg.

Funny thing, I actually forgot their song “N.O” existed so when they performed that song, I legit had to seriously think which song they were singing because I just could not remember. Haha. I had a brief brain fart there.

Last Comments & Thoughts

It’s been 2 weeks since the concert (have been meaning to post this fanaccount but school and work’s been keeping me hella busy) and post-concert depression is real y’all. IT IS REAL. I went back to watch the fancams and photos I had and I was so sad. Everyday I miss BTS and I just long for the day I can see them again. Or I yearn to go back and experience the concert just one more time.

If you’ve been following my BTS posts here on my blog, y’all know that last year was a rough and difficult year for me and I wasn’t in the best place but BTS helped me a lot and made feel a lot happier which is why it meant so much for me to be able to see them in person. They’ve changed my life for the better and it was such an honor to be in the same place as them and to basically be with them and be around their presence.

I also think that seeing them live in concert has increased my level of appreciation for them. Not that I wasn’t grateful for them before or that I didn’t love them before the concert or anything, but just being there with them made me realize that these boys work so damn hard and have worked endlessly to be where they are right now. I remember during one of the talks during the concert, Namjoon was talking about how BTS used to perform in a crowd of 2,000 people and a few years later here they are performing at sold-out shows throughout the world in front of 16,000+ people. It really is amazing how far they’ve come. They literally started from the bottom and now they’re here at the top (new appreciation post for bts along the way? maybe?).

The next day after the concert, I was flying back to school (since I started school the day following the concert) and that’s when it hit me that I was going to return back home and continue my daily routine of going to college, study, work, eat, sleep, and so on. The concert was such a nice break from everything and I was deeply saddened that I was returning to this daily routine. The BTS concert was an amazing way to end my spring break and I wouldn’t have wanted it to end any other way. I remember just waiting on the plane for the plane to fly and listening to BTS’s ‘Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone” and feeling so damn emotional and sad that I was legit going to cry. I was just so sad that the concert had ended, that I was leaving the city that I saw them in, and that I was going back to reality. I wanted to go back and experience the concert all over again because I just felt like it wasn’t enough; I wanted to go back and re-do everything a second time again. I feel like in a way it’s a bittersweet experience: sweet because I finally got the rare opportunity to see them and be with them for the 3 hours that I was with them but bitter because I’m uncertain if I’ll ever get the chance to see them again. I’m definitely grateful that I was able to attend this concert though and I know for sure that I would love to attend another BTS concert if the chance arrives in the future. Until then, I will cherish the many photos and videos I have of them at the concert and support them from where I am while I patiently wait.

All videos and fancams belong to me! Please do not re-upload.

**you can watch the rest of the fancams on my youtube channel!

[What Mary Thinks] HIGHLIGHT is baaaaaaaack and you know what that means!

Hello beautiful people! Today is a great day (and this year in general) as Highlight (formerly known as BEAST/B2ST) finally returned with their long-awaited and anticipated comeback “Plz Don’t Be Sad”!!

For those of y’all who don’t know, Highlight (it honestly feels weird to call them this now when I’ve been calling them BEAST their entire music career) is my ultimate bias group in the K-Pop industry. I have a lot of mixed emotions about how I feel regarding Highlight’s new start, group changes, journey, and their music career, but I’m just glad that they are back with new music and a new image and doing what they love – music.

Being the nostalgic person that I am, watching Highlight’s new music video made me think about a lot of things (and I mean A LOT). One, I absolutely enjoy their new MV and album. I knew I was going to support Highlight no matter what with this new comeback, but I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like their new songs and title song. However, upon watching the MV teaser for ‘Plz Don’t Be too Sad’, I fell in love with the song. It was only a 30 second MV teaser, but I loved it so much and could not stop watching and listening to it. The next few days of waiting for the album to come out was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do because I just couldn’t wait to listen to the full song and the entire album and watch these amazing boys in the MV so once the MV and song came out, I immediately watched it on Youtube. And just like I had anticipated, Highlight did not disappoint (they’re not my biases for no reason). ‘Plz Don’t Be Sad’ is such a fun, cheerful, and crazy song emitting so many positive vibes and it just makes you want to dance to it. It’s such a good song (*squealsssss*).


I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t sad about what happened to Highlight that lead them to where they are now. Although a part of me is very happy and proud of these boys for doing the impossible, for advocating for themselves, for fighting for what they love and want to do, another part of me cries inside. Because I grew up listening to BEAST and was with them pretty much ever since their debut, I thought they would last forever and stay as OT6 forever. I never thought in a million years that they would ever part ways or go through any member changes. When I heard that Hyunseung was leaving the group, a part of me was definitely very sad and heart-broken. I had imagined that if BEAST was to ever part ways with CUBE that they would all go together, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and Hyunseung decided to go his own way and stay with CUBE. Some people blamed Hyunseung and endlessly criticized him and called him harsh things like ‘selfish’ and whatnot, but I don’t hold any hate for Hyunseung. Just like I did with the other members, I watched over him when he was in BEAST and I had so much love for him and the other members that I couldn’t hate him when he decided to stay with CUBE. I respect his decision and I will support him like how I am with Highlight. Although it’s unfortunate that BEAST has parted ways and they’ve gone their own ways, maybe it happened for a reason and there’s nothing we can do about it. I fully support both Highlight and Hyunseung as they continue on with their own respective careers and do what they want to do and are passionate about and I am here 100% to support them both – as a B2UTY.

Highlight’s relationship with CUBE isn’t an unknown issue in the K-Pop industry. It was obvious that even though they were CUBE’s breadwinner (and had been since their debut which was able to help CUBE launch the debuts of many other groups and artists since then), they weren’t being treated the best and were often neglected, abandoned, and left doing their jobs by themselves. I remember reading posts and comments about how B2UTIES would have often do the job of promoting and publicizing BEAST’s comeback promotions by themselves because CUBE was incapable and incompetent of doing it themselves and left BEAST on the backburner. The past few years has been so painful, complicated, and difficult for Highlight and B2UTIES. We can all agree on that. It was so painful only getting one comeback from BEAST every year and then seeing them get shipped off to Japan and other countries for tours so that revenue and money could come in for CUBE and then the cycle would start over again. It was such an unhealthy and exhausting and frustrating cycle, but it was a cycle that happened over and over again. And then BEAST finally had enough of it and that’s when they decided to change things and stand up for themselves.


Which is why I’m so proud of my boys for doing the unthinkable and ultimately being so brave and courageous and daring to part ways with the one agency that gave them that second chance that other agencies refused to give them. In a way it’s kind of ironic. CUBE, the entertainment company that recruited all of BEAST members (who were often known to be rejects from other entertainment companies) and gave them a second chance and helped them become the big name that they are right now ended up becoming their worst enemy and in the middle of all the changes and chaos didn’t know how to support their breadwinner anymore and had to part ways with BEAST. It’s so weird and odd how things work out and also really heart-breaking. Somewhere along the way, CUBE’s relationship with BEAST became so sour and unhealthy and bad and something had to be done about it and that’s when BEAST ultimately made the decision to leave. I can’t even imagine how hard and difficult and exhausting it must have been for the members. How do you leave the one place that you basically grew up in? How do you leave the one place that was your home? Is it an act of betrayal if you leave the one place that gave you a second chance that lead to your success as an artist when other companies weren’t willing to invest in you the same way? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an easy decision for the members, but because of the awful treatment they were receiving from CUBE, they decided to leave.

I’m just imagining how Highlight felt as they were going through this whole process of splitting ways with CUBE and creating their own entertainment agency and how uncertain and unsure they must have been. How many doubts they had while going through this.. doubts of whether it would work out, doubts about whether they will be successful or not on their own, doubts of whether they had any fans or not, doubts of whether fans were waiting for them or not, doubts of whether they were doing the right thing or not, and so much more. But here they are. They have returned to us and they look so happy. They look so happy. Although I’m pretty sure they are still doubtful and concerned about many things and may have a hard time sleeping at night, another part of myself also feels like they sleep at night with some content and peace in their heart. That they no longer feel suffocated and stuck in the place they once found liberation and happiness in. They’re in a much better place now and I could see that through the MV and album that they recently released.

Through Highlight’s comeback, you can really tell just how strong and close the members are to each other. After years of neglect, isolation, and suffering together, they stayed together through all the obstacles and troubles. I saw on Tumblr just today a post of Ki Kwang and Dongwoon having an honest and heart-to-heart conversation with each other about Highlight and their decisions to part from CUBE and it was so touching seeing this. They trust each other so damn much and relied on each other when they had no one or nothing to rely on during the difficult time of transitioning into Highlight. You can tell that they care about each other so much and that they admire, support, and love one another so much. If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.

I’m extremely proud of my boys for making a comeback and for being brave and strong. For holding on even though the past few years have been so cruel, harsh, demanding, and painful to them. For continuing to trust in themselves, one another, and B2UTIES that things will get better and that times will be more positive. For being role models and setting themselves as an example to their Hoobaes of all the possibilities they can do as well as if they endure similar experiences and struggles as Highlight did. Just like Shinhwa, Highlight is setting a precedent for future K-Pop groups and in a way is sending a message to all the K-Pop groups out there that they don’t have to put up with their company’s bullshit and as difficult as it might be can advocate for themselves and do what they want too. With that being said, Highlight is back everyone and they are going to slay. Y’all better get ready. Y’all better prepare yourselves.


And while I know group and member changes are inevitable and it happens, I think another part of me will always be sad over what’s happened to my favorite K-Pop group of all times and all the possible things that could have happened had none of this ever started or if Hyunseung had just stayed with Highlight. But until then, I will leave the endless possibilities linger in the back of my mind, in my imagination, in my heart, and in my memories and move forward by showing my endless support and love for OT6.


What Mary Thinks: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Ahhhh, it’s such a bittersweet feeling. It’s such a bittersweet feeling when a drama that you watched (and enjoyed) from the very beginning ends and you’re just sitting there, pondering over what else there is to life.

Although I did not recap Korean drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, I had been watching it this whole time every week and found myself heavily enjoying the light, simple, and breezy coming-of-age drama.


Just like many other viewers have commented, the drama does a really great job in realistically portraying the great, bright moments of the young youthful culture as well as those not-so-great moments, all within a time span of 16 hours. Being a college student myself, there’s a sense of connection and belonging to this drama compared to other dramas. There weren’t any unnecessary angst, the pacing was for the most part done well, and the cheerful, light-hearted, and bubbly tone that the drama started off went full circle as it was able to maintain this mood and tone throughout the drama which I really appreciated. There weren’t any Truck of Dooms, there weren’t any cheating, affairs, etc. The drama was simply about our Kim Bok Joo and Jung Joon Hyung experiencing life, love, and friendships as young college students learning to grow up in a world full of up’s and down’s.


I mentioned about how the drama was well paced and I appreciate this because I never felt like there was any scrambling or that any issues weren’t addressed or if they were, weren’t addressed too quickly. There wasn’t the need to rush anything and even when there were time jumps or there were still issues left untouched, the drama still covered them in the end and gave us answers. We could see this with Joonhyung’s trauma or his relationship with his mother (which I admit I was surprised that they addressed because I wasn’t expecting it) or Bok Joo’s relationship with her father. If there’s anything that I wished the drama could have done differently, I realized that all the romantic relationships in the drama started after Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyung started dating which I think was fine because all the couples are cute and sweet and makes me squeal like crazy, but I wished that they would have had all their own timing and moments as well. It was as if only once Bok Joo and Joon Hyung started dating that the other characters could start dating as well and so then within a span of 2 episodes, you had the birth of like 3 different couples and I felt like it just came out of no where. Other than this small complaint, the drama did a good job with pacing and portraying all the characters, issues, and relationships in a realistic manner.


Speaking of relationships, I also really appreciated all the relationships in this drama – romantic or not. They were all healthy in one way or another (communicated with one another, were honest with each other about their thoughts and feelings, etc.) and actually opened up about how they were feeling and carried mature, civil discussions about their thoughts and feelings. Sadly it’s uncommon to witness this now in K-dramaland nowadays where couples are often passive aggressive with each other or resort to noble idiocracy and then viewers suffer through 2 more episodes before the couples finally make up. With ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ it wasn’t like that and it was so refreshing to be able to watch a drama and effortlessly enjoy it for the way the characters were and how true they stayed to themselves, their partners, and their friends (for the most part). Although I do wish that the characters would have learned from their mistakes of lying or shielding information from one another (they still did this up to the very last episode and it lowkey irked me), I liked how all the characters were respectful and honest in that they were aware of what their priorities were. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung spent a healthy amount of time with each other as couples would, but they still spent time with their family and their friends – never forgetting about who they were as individuals and getting lost along the way. It was great to see that even at the very last episode, they all got their own happy ending (which they absolutely deserved) and still maintained their relationships and friendships.


In regards to the cast, I’ve always been a fan of Lee Sung Kyung. I don’t quite remember when I first discovered her, but I had always been supportive of her. I would be lying if I said that she didn’t carry this project because she did – just as all the other actors and actresses in the drama did as well. Although I want to say that this drama was centered around Bok Joo because in a way it was, every character in the drama was important and connected in some way and played an important role so the drama did a good job of also focusing on all the characters and spending some time meshing them out as well. I thank the drama for conveying the message that not all female-identified individuals are going to look like the conventional idea of pretty that society has placed and emphasized upon for years, are not always going to be wearing dresses and skirts, or have make-up on. There are girls out there like Kim Bok Joo who will be herself and be her own kind of pretty and feel empowered however she wants. ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ was different in many ways and this message was just one of the many ways that it differed so greatly from other dramas and that I wished other dramas would follow and do in the future. As for Nam Joo Hyuk, I’ve seen him in other dramas and I felt like he was pretty green and dry in the roles he played before. But I saw a huge improvement in ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ and I know he will only do better from this point forward. He did a wonderful job portraying Joon Hyung, showing even the tiniest face expressions and reactions to every situation so I always knew what he was thinking or how he was feeling (don’t even get me started on his character – sooooo swoonworthy. When will I ever find my own Joon Hyung? *cries*).


I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed this drama until I was watching the last 2 minutes of episode 16 and wanting to cry upon realizing that it’s come to an end. Just like many other people, I also didn’t want to accept that it ended and I still don’t want to. I’m not quite ready to let go of this drama yet and while it might be unlikely, I do hope there will be a second season. I would love to see more of how the relationships and friendships evolved, what our characters do after graduation, how Joon Hyung and Bok Joo are doing after graduating, and much much more. Maybe this is just because I’m not quite ready yet to let go of all the wonderful characters in ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ that I’m requesting for a second season, but to be quite honest, I’m not sure I will ever accept that this drama has come to an end. I hadn’t realized how much I enjoyed it until it ended and now I’m all over the place and I’m not quite so sure what to do (I definitely took it for granted *cries*). While it was unfortunate that this drama had to air at the same time and day as ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, I’m happy that it remained the same throughout the whole 16 episodes. Everything about this drama was perfect – from the cast, to the characters, to the OST’s, to the cinematography, and even all the cameos that were funny, fun to watch, and logical. I don’t go re-watch dramas often, but maybe one day when I’m in need of a drama to watch or when I’m going through rough times in college, I’ll go back to re-watch ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ to remind myself that while there will be difficult and tiring days in college, there is also hope and love and warmth, just as our characters in ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ possessed, shared with one another, and received in return.


[What Mary Thinks] Mirror of the Witch (*contains spoilers*)


Hey folks! I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written something on this blog so I’m back with another post! This time it will be about just recently finished Korean drama “Mirror of the Witch” starring Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron. After watching the whole drama from start to finish, I have to say that although the drama might not have ended the way I had wished, the drama overall left me with tender and warm feelings.

For those who aren’t familiar with the drama, ‘Mirror of the Witch’ depicts the story of princess Seo Ri/Yeon Hee (played by Kim Sae Ron) and her journey to getting rid of the curse that’s fallen upon her. “When Queen Shim (Jang Hee Jin) is unable to conceive, she visits the shaman Hong Joo (Yum Jung Ah). Hong Joo’s powerful black magic helps the Queen give birth to a twin boy and girl, Soon Hwae and Seo Ri/Yeon-hee. But the dark sorcery comes with a price when Seo Ri is cursed, causing her to be abandoned and left for dead by the Queen. Seo Ri is rescued by the father of Poong Yeon (Kwak Shi Yang), who becomes her only friend as she grows up in hiding. With Poong Yeon and her helper, Choi Hyun Seo (Lee Sung Jae), by her side, Seo Ri grows up as a witch, all the while trying to figure out how to lift the evil curse on her life.” Meanwhile, through this journey and process, Seo Ri/Yeon-hee’s fate becomes intertwined with royal physician Heo Jun (Yoon Shi Yoon). (Source)

I’m not really fond of fantasy dramas which is pretty much what ‘Mirror of the Witch’ is, but I think it was because of this concept that I stuck around and watched the drama until the very end. It was something different from all the dramas I’ve ever watched before and with the addition of black magic and witchcraft, I was captivated by the drama more easily than I am by other dramas.



In addition to the concept and feel of the drama, the cast was also another reason for me to stick to the drama for the long haul. I’ve always been a fan of Yoon Shi Yoon. I love him to little pieces and with this drama as his project after returning from the military, I was so excited to finally see him in something again. Yoon Shi Yoon has always been a great actor for me and he didn’t disappoint in ‘Mirror of the Witch’ at all. He’s grown so much from playing a loud quirky Enrique in ‘Flower Boy Next Door’ to the strong and heroic Heo Joon that we witness and support in ‘Mirror of the Witch.’ As for our female lead Kim Sae Ron, the only project I’ve ever watched her in was ‘The Man from Nowhere’ but that was when she was barely just a small kid (she’s still young right now) so I didn’t really have an opinion on her acting. I think for the most part in the drama, she was able to convey the emotions and decisions that her character developed and carried throughout the course of the drama, although I found her acting limited at times in certain scenes. Overall though I was not disappointed by her, but I don’t feel compelled to watch her in another drama after seeing her in this one. Maybe it’s gonna take a few dramas for me to warm up and like Kim Sae Ron eventually. Kwak Shi Yang plays our second male lead Choi Poong-yeon, the “older brother” who becomes obsessed with protecting and saving Yeon-hee that he becomes blinded by his own decisions and wants. I remember first seeing him in ‘Oh My Ghost’ (PARK BO YOUNG <3) as the quiet and mysterious flowerboy chef and now he’s playing an obsessed and complex character who becomes consumed with protecting Yeon-hee for his own good and interest. Kwak Shi Yang definitely proved that he can act through this drama and eliminated any doubts that viewers might have had regarding his acting. Don’t be fooled by his looks! His acting is just as good!


Now onto the plot, I don’t even know where to start. It’s one huge mess that never seems to know when to die (until the end of course). Not only is the Royal Palace infected by the black magic that shamaness Hong Joo (fabulously played by Yum Jung Ah) has spread and controlled, but the entire kingdom of Joseon has also been consumed by the plague. So basically the entire drama focuses on finding the solution to end the black magic and curse that’s fallen upon and affected everyone. I think to start, the drama did not have to be 20 episodes long. It got tiring and frustrating watching the same thing happen over and over again and repeat itself for 20 episodes long – only for our female lead to die in the end to end everything. The drama was basically a repeated process of: trust and rely on Hong Joo although the characters are well aware of the fact that she uses black magic to manipulate and control things and people, become suspicious of her, arrest her because they find out she’s betraying the country and the Royal Palace and how much of a danger and threat she is, bails her out of jail and gives her another chance because the characters thinks she can somehow help them, and then it repeats over and over again until the very end. I understood the reasons why the characters committed these acts and decisions the first few times, but when it kept on happening over and over again and there was no reason for the characters to believe and rely on Hong Joo anymore but they still did in the end, it just got frustrating. I think the drama focused way too much on Hong Joo and her wins and her journey to ruining the Royal Palace like she wanted. There was never really any focus spent on Yeon-hee and Heo Joon and their team in the fight against Hong Joo (uhhh what happened to lighting the candles???). It was as if almost every time Hong Joo had the upper hand in everything when you know that she shouldn’t and you don’t want her to! Urgh!


The whole point of the story was to find a cure for Yeon-hee’s curse so all our characters went through so much trouble to find that cure (lighting candles, battling against Hong Joo, following the Grimoire of Curse) only for Yeon-hee to die in the end as the sacrifice. Which I understand makes sense plot wise but you’re telling me we went through all this trouble for her to die in the end? Lol. We all know that Heo Joon couldn’t have died because he was actually a famous royal physician during the Joseon dynasty known for the famous medical text “Mirror of the Eastern Medicine.” I guess I was just desperate for a happy ending for our main couple who went through so much to be together and to fight against evil only for them to not receive that happy ending that they risked their lives for. It was sad and frustrating to watch.


Of course there were many plotholes throughout the drama such as the mystery behind who helped saved and revived Yo Gwang, the unlimited amount of minions that Hong Joo had with her, the purpose and role of Do-hee’s character, who the character actor Ahn Kil Kang played was, and much more. I have always been loyal to ‘Mirror of the Witch’ but when the drama started dragging towards the end, I got annoyed and frustrated. It should have ended and wrapped up in 16 episodes. Like I mentioned earlier, the drama started going around in circles. Also, I think the contrast between the way that our two female leads died was really interesting (and in a way frustrating and unfair). A few viewers pointed out the way that Hong Joo died, carried in the arms of her love who also killed himself with her despite all the bad things she’s done to the Royal Palace and to our characters was ~better~ than how Yeon-hee died, not even allowing Heo Joon to see her one last time before she dies. It’s so ironic that for all the things that Hong Joo has done, all the evil and pain she’s inflicted in so many people, she gets a peaceful death compared to Yeon-hee who’s suffered throughout the whole drama. I think it was interesting seeing how they both died, but in a way also angered me because it was almost so unfair the way they died.


I know there had also been concerns about the romance between Yeon-hee and Heo Joon as Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron have quite a large age gap in reality. But I was very satisfied with the romance in this drama. It was innocent, sweet, and appropriate. They definitely understood each other and helped the other out when they were in times of stress and sadness. It was bittersweet watching them discuss about what their lives would have been like had this curse and black magic not fall upon them and affect them. Would they still have met? Would they be living normal lives? Would they have fallen in love with each other? It’s was heart-breaking because Yeon-hee and Heo Joon loved each other and wanted to be together, but in the end their fates were intertwined with an ending that they both didn’t want or see. With that being said, although I’m glad that Heo Joon and Yeon-hee reunited 40 years later in the afterlife (I guess that’s the happy ending for us lol), I just wished Yeon-hee didn’t die. I wish there was a way that she could have lived and ended the curse. The characters went through so much trouble to save her and in the end, she loses her life anyways. I enjoyed watching their journey and the process and all the sweet and funny moments between the characters, but I think the ending has just as much impact and unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations.


In a way, I’m glad that Poong-yeon’s character throughout the drama was of his obsession with protecting Yeon-hee and trying to convert her back into the innocent, sweet, little girl that he knew and saw her as. In this aspect, it made him a more complicated and interesting character, but it also gave lots of room for the relationship and love between Yeon-hee and Heo Joon to grow which was relieving and satisfying to watch. Had Poong-yeon just turn out to be your typical second male leads where he’s just kind and there competing for the love and attention of Yeon-hee it would have been frustrating to watch and Poong-yeon as a character would have fell flat. I’m thankful that the drama didn’t make his character go there.


(probably my favorite scene out of the whole drama tbh)

That’s not to say that the drama wasn’t good. I think our cast were very strong acting-wise. I was surprised at how complex and 3D all our characters were (it’s pretty much the first time I’ve ever watched a drama where everyone was not 2D and boring and stupid) and I think that says a lot because even though I might not have agreed and liked the decisions that our characters made (such as the King relying on and supporting Hong Joo), I understood why he did what he did and I can’t get mad at him for that. The OST was great. CG effects were awesome. ‘Mirror of the Witch’ wasn’t bad. I’m sad that it’s actually ended. But it leaves a bittersweet and tender feeling in my heart and I don’t regret spending 20 hours of my time watching this drama. There are a few things (okay maybe more than a few things) I would have changed about this drama, but for the way that it was and the way that it was delivered, I was impressed and captivated from the very beginning and although I almost lost that hope and love for the drama halfway through, I was able to bounce back and watch it to the very end.


I would recommend ‘Mirror of the Witch’ to those who haven’t seen it yet. Just to warn y’all, it’s going to be frustrating and there are many plotholes, but the acting, the cast, the cinematography, and everything else pretty much makes up for those plot holes. Give it a try and tell me how y’all feel about the drama!


Source: OnDemandKorea

What Mary Thinks: Descendants of the Sun


Hello hello hello! It has been a VERY, VERY long time since my last post on this blog and I wanna apologize for the very long wait. Life and procrastination and school took over and I just did not have as much time to update this blog as I had wanted to which is why I had not been posting as much. However, I am happy to say that I am back (at least temporarily for now) and my first post in 132930923364 years will be about new korean drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ starring none other than handsome baby-face Song Joong Ki!


So for those of you unfamiliar with ‘Descendants of the Sun’, Song Joong-ki plays Yoo Shi Jin, the team leader of the Special Warfare Command Unit. His love interest is female lead Song Hye-kyo who plays Kang Mo Yun and is a doctor for a hospital in Korea but then ends up becoming a volunteer doctor for a unit called Doctors Without Borders (I’m assuming she’s gonna end up becoming a doctor for soldiers). The other cast consists of Jin Goo as Seo Dae Young who is also a soldier. Meanwhile, Kim Ji Won rounds up the cast as Surgeon Yoon Myung Joo who has an unrequited love for Seo Dae Young.

My initial thoughts of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ before watching the first episode was not so high to be honest. There was a lot of buzz and attention on the drama in the first place because this was Song Joong-ki’s return to dramaland after his military service and that was sadly the only reason why I decided to watch this drama. Just like many other people, I too am a big fan of Song Joong-ki (not only for his looks) so I was excited for this drama because it was his big return. But sadly to say, that was probably the only thing that was keeping me interested in this drama. I’m not a big fan of Song Hye-kyo nor Jin Goo and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned about Song Hye-kyo’s acting skills. This is my first drama that I’ve watched of Jin Goo ever so I don’t know much about him nor his acting. I am happy though to see Kim Ji-won. She’s so underrated but talented at acting and she doesn’t disappoint in the drama at all so far. I noticed that she tends to play characters that are always interpreted as cold and mean when really her character is just misunderstood and all she really wants is love and attention and support. Overall, the cast for ‘Descendants of the Sun’ is solid and I think they’re all doing a fine job so far. Even Song Hye-kyo who I was worried about is doing fine so far and I’m actually really happy about that.


I finished the first episode just right now and I’m not going to lie, the drama is a little bit too cheesy. But I think at the same time, this cheesiness adds onto the overall sweet, cute, and endearing tone of the first episode making me quite honestly enjoy the first episode. Some scenes dragged out longer than it should have, but I think the first episode did a good job in introducing our characters and their backgrounds and while it maybe didn’t focus so much on the plot or storyline (that can always be saved as the drama progresses), we got to know our characters a little bit which is always good.


Regarding the love lines, I have a feeling that I am going to be a lot more invested and engaged to the second love line between Seo Dae-young (Jin Goo) and Yoon Myung-joo (Kim Ji-won) and that scares me. Already in the first episode, you get a glimpse of their complicated and intense relationship and it is SO good that I’m already hooked and dying to know what happened between them and what is going to happen to them. From what I saw in episode one, their relationship breaks my heart and I’m curious to see what will happen between the two in the future.

Meanwhile, for Shi-jin and Mo-yun’s relationship, it moved a lot faster than I thought it would. Shi-jin got himself a movie date with Mo-yun after he returns from war and it’s like he might look this tough soldier who have seen and gone through a lot of traumatic stuff but he also has game and a handsome face and gets what he wants. Haha. Very lovely stuff. They are cute together so far, but since the drama is already building a foundation on their relationship positively, I’m curious as to how their relationship is going to end up like and whether this positivity and curiosity towards each other is going to stay or whether things are going to go downhill between them quickly. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens between our two lead characters.


Overall, ‘Descendants of the Sun’ impresses with its first episode. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be one of those dramas where I watch the first few episodes then get bored so I stop watching it. I hope the drama keeps its momentum while providing us with insight on the characters and their complex relationships. ‘Descendants of the Sun’, please don’t disappoint!


(Lee Kwang Soo! Giraffe! He makes a short cameo appearance in the beginning of the episode. I wished he could have acted in this drama, haha. It would have been so funny!)

Credit: all screenshots @ newasiantv.com, official pictures from koreandrama.org


What Mary Thinks: BEAST / B2ST releases ’12:30′ MV + 7th mini-album ‘Time’!

My beautiful boys and favorite K-Pop band, BEAST / B2ST, finally dropped their 7th mini-album ‘Time’ just a few days after their 5th anniversary (which was on October 16) and along with the mini-album a music video for one of the album tracks ’12:30.’

In the MV, we get to see Doojoon arguing and fighting with who I assume is his girlfriend and all their lovely as well as bad moments while we also get small glimpses here and there of the members and the complex choreography to the sentimental ballad. I have to say that I really enjoy the instrumental to ’12:30.’ Although I might not be a big fan of the MV (I see similarities between ’12:30′ and ‘Midnight’ and ‘Shadow’), I’d have to say ’12:30′ the song itself isn’t that bad, but as a BEAST fan for 5 years, BEAST have done better. That’s not to say that I don’t like ’12:30′ because I do and I enjoy listening to it and I think it’s a great ballad, but I’ve listened to better songs from BEAST.

Moving on from the creative music video, I just finished listening to their special 7th mini-album ‘Time’ that they released just in time for their 5th anniversary and I’d have to say that I really love this mature, sentimental, and emotional side of BEAST. I’m a sucker for ballads so it’s not a surprise that I enjoy all the songs that have a ballad-y kind of vibe from them (maybe except for ‘Stay’ which is more upbeat and out-going). All the tracks are great and enjoyable, but for some reason ‘Drive’ just sticks to me so I’d probably label that song as my favorite from the album. I’d blame the MV teaser for ‘Drive’ that caused me to spazz for BEAST like how I used to five years ago. Lol. I was pretty excited for BEAST’s comeback with this special album once I watched the teasers, because one, my favorite K-Pop group was returning, and two, because they were returning with concepts and songs that I prefer from them (than let’s say upbeat and loud comebacks like ‘It’s a Beautiful Night’ or ‘Good Luck’).


It’s been a while since BEAST has made a second comeback within the same year so I’m super happy and content with everything. I’m glad that B2UTIES don’t have to wait another whole year just for another comeback from them, because they’ve been doing that for the past 3 years or so and it gets tiring and repetitive and exhausting waiting for them so to hear them again after just a few months from the end of promotions for ‘Good Luck’ makes me super excited. I hope that CUBE continues to promote BEAST like this in the future and doesn’t half-ass their promotions. The same goes for CUBE’s other artists, especially G.NA, Roh Ji Hoon, and BTOB who I personally feel gets the short end of the stick all the time compared to the other CUBE artists.

Overall, I’d have to say that I like this comeback from BEAST. I can only hope as a fan that they continue to rise by releasing consistent music. They’ve been doing that for the past 5 years so my wish as a 5 year B2UTY is that they remain healthy and happy enough to continue to do that. 🙂

What Mary Thinks: It’s Okay, That’s Love


SBS drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ recently ended its run on September 11 with sixteen overall episodes. I had the pleasure of watching this intriguing and interesting Korean drama the past three months and I’m quite sad that it has ended. There’s always a bittersweet feeling when you finish watching a drama that you watched and was invested in from the very beginning and with ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’, it was no different.

Just like how many others voiced about this drama, I really appreciated the drama for bringing up and going over the issues about mental health and illnesses, sex, psychiatry, forgiveness, family problems and difficulties, all which can be quite touchy and sensitive subjects to touch upon. You rarely ever see any dramas that cover these subjects so for ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ to do just that and in such a smooth and refreshing way as well, it’s hard to not love or at least enjoy this drama.


‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ was in a sense a medical drama, but I loved how I was never really reminded that it was a medical drama. It wasn’t your typical medical drama where you had a new case every week and within those two episodes, you were not only introduced to the case but watched it being solved as well. ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ is different in that we do get cases, but instead of it being solved right away, we get to watch the patient’s progress and journey to recovery and that’s what I really liked about this drama. We revisited old cases every few episodes and were updated on how they were dwelling or behaving and granted, the road to recovery is not going to be something that one achieves within a short amount of time, but the way that ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ only had a few cases throughout the drama until it ultimately pulled on us the most significant patient yet which was Jae Yul himself at the very end, was so refreshing because that way we weren’t being thrown at with so many cases that was hard to keep up with and be interested in. I liked how ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ used this method throughout the whole show which made it easier to put up with despite it being a medical drama. If more medical dramas were like this, it’d be much easier to watch.


The other strength that this show possessed was the ability to balance the work life and the social life (if that makes any sense). You witness the characters working, such as with Hae Soo at the hospital or Jae Yul writing his book, but then at the same time you got plenty of scenes of bonding and relationship building whether that’d be between the house mates or Jae Yul and Hae Soo. I loved how we were able to get a good sense of just how close all the people living under the boarding house was with one another through their constant interactions and arguments and fights. Even though they might have disagreeing opinions and thoughts, at the very end of the day, you know that they are always going to be there for each other. You know that Jo Dong Min is going to be there for Soo Kwang and that they are going to stick together. You know that Young Jin is going to assist Hae Soo and teach her right from wrong. You know that Mom is going to feed and take care of Jae Bum and vice versa despite their terrible past that had the potential to ruin their mother and son relationship. I think a huge part that contributed to this was that we had a small cast so we got plenty of screen time for all the characters and got a good sense of who they were and any troubles or obstacles that they faced. There was plenty of things to work out from since all the characters were all connected to one another in a way and ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ utilized all the characters in all the different ways possible. No character in this drama was completely 1 or 2 dimensional which dramas can do without a lot.


This drama was great and refreshing because it revolved around the subject of mental health and illnesses and disorders which is quite rare to come across in Kdramaland, but that’s not to say that ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ was perfect because it wasn’t. Just like every other drama it also had its own weaknesses and I think the most noticeable one was Hae Soo’s anxiety disorder, where in the beginning, we learned that she was afraid of skinship and touchy interactions because of incidents she witnessed when she was younger that caused that disorder, but unlike Jae Yul, we never actually got to witness her road to recovery. Instead, we took a short cut and one day saw her overcome her fears. Something I had wished this drama would have done was maybe get rid of a few random cases and instead substitute it with Hae Soo’s so that we could learn more about her and her anxiety problems and watch her overcome that, because it was brought up in the beginning of the show but then as the drama progressed, the drama started to bring less and less attention on that and I’m quite sad that we didn’t get to hear more about Hae Soo’s anxiety disorder. Because we didn’t learn too much about her, I didn’t feel bothered to care for her as much as I did for the other characters. I do like how she was there for Jae Yul when he was admitted into the hospital and how she stayed by his side and supported him, but other than that, I have to say that she doesn’t remain as a memorable heroine for me. I just feel like the drama could have done so much more with Hae Soo than they already did. The drama also fell flat halfway into its run to the point where I had lost so much interest I wanted to quit watching the show because it focused too much of its attention on Jae Yul and Hae Soo’s relationship and I didn’t have a problem with that at first, but it just got kind of tiring to watch after a while because I felt like they were so pushy and pully. Lol. I wanted more coverage on our other characters and their relationships which is why I might have acted and thought the way I did, but thankfully the momentum started to pick up when Tae Yong began investigating on his friend which definitely grabbed my interest and anticipation. Yay for Tae Yong!


Moving on to the cast, what can I say about them other than that they were all so phenomenal and amazing. They were all truly so so great and refreshing to watch on screen. They also all worked so well with one another too. You could just tell that they enjoyed working with one another. The last few episodes when everyone started to find out about Jae Yul’s mental illness was the point in the drama that really tested the cast’s acting because they were required to do and express a lot more emotions, but they had no trouble in doing so. Jo In Sung proved to us, especially towards the end, that he’s not just a pretty boy with a pretty face, but that he’s a pretty boy with a pretty face with superb acting skills. I mean, when he was in the hospital and begged Hae Soo to let him leave because he wasn’t feeling like himself in the hospital. Ugh. Such a heart-breaker. The same goes for Gong Hyo-jin when she cried after being told by Jae Yul to abide by her mother’s request and travel abroad. The way she was so immersed in her tears and crying was amazing acting.


Even EXO’s D.O did a solid job as Kang Woo in this drama. It was his first time playing a significant character in a drama, but even then, he did great. I felt like he was a bit awkward in the beginning, but then as the drama progressed, he became more comfortable and acted better. I do think people make him out to be a better actor than he is, but as an idol acting in a drama, he’s good and did fine as Kang Woo. I totally understand where all the rave reviews and compliments on D.O’s acting is coming from so I think he did solid and I look forward to his future movies and dramas to watch his improvement. My favorite scene of his would be in the last episode when Jae Yul was putting on Kang Woo the new shoes that Hae Soo got for him. The raw emotions and look in D.O’s eyes before he shed some tears was just…omg, so so good. I personally think that was the best scene and performance from D.O in all of ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love.’ That part had me moved and shaken.


(SERIOUSLY! LOOK AT HIM. LOOK AT THOSE EYES. THOSE GLOOMY, WATERY PUPPY EYES. If seeing this doesn’t make you heart-broken, then I don’t know what does).


As for Lee Kwang Soo, I know that many people obviously remember him as the Giraffe Kwang Soo from Running Man who likes to betray people and make a fool out of himself on that show so to see him acting in a drama where he doesn’t always play a funny character might be strange for some people to see but I’m glad that with ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ he broke that stereotype. There were some scenes where he was required to be serious and when you’re just watching him act with a straight face, it’s so weird because you just remember him as the tall, funny, silly guy from ‘Running Man’ but it was fun watching him in ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love.’ I would love to see more of Lee Kwang Soo acting different roles. Of course I love him best when he’s funny and goofy or on ‘Running Man’, but it’d also be nice to see him play more mature and serious roles. Overall, I gotta say the cast was definitely very very good and talented. So well-rounded and they were the reason as to why ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ was so successful and fun to watch.

We also can’t forget about the OST tracks for this drama. It was my first time ever watching a drama where they constantly utilized English songs throughout and because of that I grew into loving ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ even more. Whenever I watch a Korean drama, the OST tracks play a HUGE part for me because I love love music a lot as well so sometimes OST tracks can be part of a reason as to why I enjoy and love a drama so much (and it’s even better if it’s played at the perfect moment in a scene. Ugh, I get goosebumps when you’re so emotionally invested in a scene and then that perfect OST track starts playing. LIKE OMG. JUST KILL ME ALREADY). There were many times in this drama where the OST tracks really lifted the mood and established the atmosphere and vibe which made the whole episode even more enjoyable. I can’t really pinpoint my favorite OST track from this drama because they were all so so amazing and great to listen to and I’m not just talking about the Korean OST tracks, even the American songs I had a hard time picking a favorite from because they were all so good, although I did find myself listening to ‘Cross My Mind‘ by Twin Forks for quite a long time (it’s so fun and catchy!).  I remember in the scenes where it was more sentimental and emotional, Davichi’s ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love‘ would always play and I would just like break down into pieces and cry because the whole scene was just so perfect with the music and acting and everything. Ugh. The things that ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ does to me!


I think if there’s anything I’m going to miss the most about this drama, it would be Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin’s chemistry that was sizzling and blazing hot. I still remember the scene in the first episode where they were on the talk show and presented their thoughts and opinions on different subjects. The sparks were just flying everywhere and I was just squealing because they were so adorable and cute together I absolutely could not wait for their future interactions. Later on when they became a couple, I wasn’t even squealing in happiness or joy whenever they would kiss or hug because it was just so natural between them. They were that compatible of a couple that I wasn’t surprised with their kisses or hugs or interactions; They made it seem like they were a real couple in real life (and I know it’s kind of selfish of me to think that I want them to be together in real life but we already know that that cannot happen) which is something very very rare to come across in Kdramaland. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any couple have as much chemistry in any drama like Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin did with each other. I’m definitely going to miss seeing them together.


It makes me sad when I think and have to accept the fact that this drama has ended and that we have to say goodbye to our multi-dimensional characters and talented cast members. I still want to see Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin together or watch Lee Kwang Soo and Sung Dong Il hang out with each other. It’s been such a great time spending the last 8 weeks with these wonderful people who I came into loving and supporting so much. This drama might not have blown my mind away and might not have made me spazz to the point where I had to write a post about it on this blog until it ended, but it was good, it was refreshing. It was different.


Thank you ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ for providing me with happiness, laughter, tears, and smiles the past 8 weeks. It was great watching you while you lasted.

I’m definitely going to miss you.

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[Discuss Away!] YG’s Team B’s new survival program Mix & Match episode 1


The year long wait for YG’s popular trainee group Team B (who will eventually go on to be named iKon) is finally over as the first episode to their new survival program ‘Mix and Match’ aired on September 11 on MNET. Since the survival program is focused on Team B and they are my babies, I could not resist watching this show despite knowing that it might not be good for me and my health and that there’s a good chance that there will be a lot of tears, pain, heart-break, sadness, anger, anxiety, and many more emotions to come out of this. But even with all of those risks, I am willing to put myself through the torture and pain of watching ‘Mix & Match’ just to catch a few more glimpses of my Team B babies (yes, I call them my babies. Don’t judge me, haha) before they officially go on to debut as iKon.

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To give you guys a little introduction and explanation on my love for Team B as a fan and why I love them so much, Team B was the team that I rooted for back during last year’s survival program ‘WIN: Who is Next.’ Right when I saw the 20 minute teaser for the first episode, I was totally impressed and taken aback by how much talent they possessed. They were such strong dancers and even though their vocal line might not have been as impressive during ‘WIN’, I always had faith in Team B and I never criticized them or underestimated them. I always believed in them and felt like they were already strong the way they were. Many people would criticize the vocal line especially and point that out as Team B’s weakest link and although I do understand where their opinions and thoughts are coming from, maybe it was because my bias in the group (and no it’s not B.I or Bobby) was Donghyuk who is a vocalist that I never belittled the vocal line or thought weakly of them. Instead, I felt like they had so much more to show us and that it’s just because they weren’t able to showcase all of their potential and skills in ‘WIN’ that they were getting the criticisms they were (because let’s face it. The whole show was primarily focused on Team A so not much time was spent on Team B, much less Yunhyeong, Junhwe, or Donghyuk who were the newer trainees in Team B). No matter what people said, my faith in Team B was always stable and constant and I knew that the next time we would see them they were going to blow our minds away and prove to everyone who doubted them wrong by being strong in not only rapping but singing as well.

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I think it’s pretty clear so far that I love and admire Team B so much so when they lost to Team A during ‘WIN’, I cried my eyes out until I no longer could. It was so devastating because this was my first time ever watching any survival program so I mean, this kind of stuff I was not familiar with so I did not know what kind of terrible stuff I was getting myself into, but also because I was so emotionally connected to Team B and all I wanted was for them to win ‘WIN.’ I wanted them to win because it was evident that they were such a powerful force not to be reckoned with so to root for a team that did not win and whose future was not guaranteed was a very devastating and heart-breaking idea to consider and accept. These 6 talented and amazing guys worked so hard for their dreams only to have it taken away from them at the last minute and so they had no choice but to return back to their daily lives and routines not knowing what the future held for them. It was difficult not only for the boys, but also for their families, friends, and us fans who weren’t certain what was going to happen to them. I wanted to see my Team B babies again especially since there weren’t many updates about them after ‘WIN’, but not through another survival program. Lol. They went through so much together and individually as a group during ‘WIN’, now they are threatened by three new trainees who might get the chance to replace them and debut instead. It’s a very scary thought because I was a fan of Team B from the very beginning so if the six original members don’t debut as a group, it’s going to hurt like heck. And if there’s anything I learned from watching ‘WIN’ and the new ‘Mix and Match’, it would be probably that YG is an asshole and that one should not support a group who has not debuted yet because you never know what’s going to happen and if there will be any group / member changes.

I already talked a little bit about ‘Mix and Match’, but for those who are not familiar with the show, basically B.I, Jinhwan, and Bobby are already secured their own spot to debut in iKon, leaving the original Team B members Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Junhwe to battle it out against the three new trainees Hongseok, Jinhyeong, and Chanwoo for the four remaining spots in iKon to complete iKon as a seven member group. Since I’m a Team B supporter, it’s obvious that I find original Team B perfect the way they are and that there is no need to add in another member, but I am open to a new member as long as the original Team B debuts together. Episode one of ‘Mix and Match’ basically showed us what Team B did after ‘WIN’ ended (which was going back to practice and train like usual, performing at YG’s family concert, etc.) and then introducing the two new trainees, Jinhyeong and Chanwoo, to Team B.

I felt like the first episode was kind of like Team B’s own reality show kind of thing, similar to 2NE1 TV or WINNER TV, where the show focuses in on them and what they’re doing and how the members film themselves talking to the camera. So basically just like any other reality show. And then the twist came in when YG introduced the two new trainees to Team B and that’s when I knew that it was real. Shit is going to go down. There are going to be battles and my Team B will not be Team B any longer (gawd, it breaks my heart to write that, lol). In the first episode, we saw Bobby travel to the United States to finally reunite with his family after 4 very long years. That part was very endearing, sweet, and touching. Then we also saw footages of Team B half-naked in their hotel rooms just chilling and hanging around the night before the YG family concert in Japan. The awkwardness between Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Junhwe is really no joke. Lol. You could hear the sound of crickets in their hotel room at first, but then later on we saw them all joking around and playing so that was really nice to see. Of course, I feel like there are many mixed reactions and thoughts to Team B’s reactions to the two new trainees, but I’m not going to comment about that and how I feel about it. All I’m going to say is that everyone’s different and everyone reacts and behaves differently.

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Regarding my thoughts on the two new trainees, I have to admit that they are both visually appealing although I find Jinhyeong a bit more cuter and attractive. We haven’t seen anything from them so far except for their good-looking faces, but in the next episode, judging from the preview, it seems like we are going to already see some tears (and they’re from my bias Donghyuk too. That just makes it so much worse) and the monthly evaluations that we saw back in ‘WIN.’ If what I see is correct, the group will be divided into 2 teams and then they will perform from there. I mean honestly, I was thankful that at least in ‘WIN’, it was Team A vs. Team B, but here in ‘Mix and Match’, it’s going to be Team B vs. Team B. They’re going against each other and that shit is going to break my heart into so many pieces. I don’t even want to get started or to even simply think of which members I feel are going to get cut and eliminated (some people I noticed are already making predictions) because then I’m just going to break down and cry at the thought of that and how my original Team B might not debut together. I just want all my original Team B members to debut as a group because they have already shown to us fans that they are capable of doing that through their strong teamwork and huge talent.

As a gift for all the fans that have waited for them since the end of WIN (which is me! YAY!), Team B released a new song and MV titled ‘Wait for Me.’ After watching this MV and listening to the song, I don’t understand the whole point of ‘Mix and Match’ because the group is fine as six members. Yunhyeong and Donghyuk who were the two members that were considered the weakest back during ‘WIN’ have improved tons and miles as they are now stable and consistent and are even doing ad-libs (and they’re not even the main vocalists in the group, lol). Bobby and B.I are great as usual and our vocal line has improved tremendously. I saw nothing wrong with Team B while watching ‘WIN’, but after watching ‘Wait for Me’, they are literally perfect. Perfect as they are. Two rappers, two supporting vocalists, and two lead vocalists. -sigh- I don’t know what to think anymore man, but as long as my Team B makes it out alive in ‘Mix and Match’, I will be alright. That is all I want.

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