School 2017 Finale: Episode 16 recap


This is really it. This is really goodbye. We bid farewell to our adorable and courageous characters who fought their way to justice and equality for all at Geumdo High School. I wish that things were truly this easy and that exposing others through the identity of X would help solve all issues and problems in the world, but unfortunately that’s not how everything works is it? It’s going to be hard to let go of this one, but I enjoyed the ride while it lasted. School 2017, you will be missed.

School 2017 episode 16: On My Way to Meet the Real You

The last episode begins with Tae-woon revealing his identity as X to the entire school. During what was supposed to be Eunho’s hearing on the X investigation case, Tae-woon pulls off his last prank as X displaying clips of corrupted acts committed by the principal and vice principal. Like all the other incidents he is seen again by the students, but he doesn’t run away this time. He moves courageously and approaches Eunho who is also accompanied by the school staff and faculty. Tae-woon removes the hoodie from his head and boldly declares that he is X.

But Eunho won’t let him get away so easily. She also outs herself, standing next to Tae-woon and audaciously declaring herself as X’s accomplice. While the principal tries to get everyone out of the gym, all the students remain and praise Tae-woon and Eunho for their courageous and cool acts. Eunho grabs Tae-woon’s hand and holds it firmly in front of everyone.

After the reveal, Tae-woon and Eunho have a talk outside. Why did they choose to sell themselves out to protect the other? Tae-woon wants Eunho to take back her statement of being X’s accomplice, but she refuses to. It was true after all and she doesn’t want Tae-woon to be the only one at fault. The argument is interrupted by Tae-woon’s father who calls him in for a talk.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 1.53.43 PM

Tae-woon’s father is upset with what his son did earlier at the gym, but Tae-woon remains careless. He questions how his father plans on covering what Tae-woon did as X, but just like how he’s done before Tae-woon’s father will find a way around to protecting Tae-woon’s name.

Tae-woon and Eunho are the talk of the town (aka the school). Everyone’s still at disbelief over them two being X and ponder over whether they can do anything to support the two. Sarang, Bo-ra, and Dae-hwi also gather to brainstorm ideas on ways to support their two friends.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.03.30 PM

Principal and Vice Principal panic over what they’ll do if news of the X incident goes public. Meanwhile, Director has a meeting with his steering committee. They refuse to offer him any help in clearing his school’s name and leaves it up to him to solve the issue without doing anymore damage.

The pressure to clear the school’s name amounts. Director decides to expel both Tae-woon and Eunho. That way it’ll be fair and they can say that they handled the case as smoothly as possible.

Teacher Koo breaks the news to both students. They don’t object to the update and comply willingly.

Teacher Shim storms into Principal’s office upset over his most recent decision in expelling Tae-woon and Eunho. How dare he expel them and how dare he enjoy the sausage he’s eating after having expelled them? Lol. Teacher Shim threatens Principal with the School of Education and what could possibly happen once they know about Tae-woon and Eunho, but he stops talking once Principal intimidates him. Haha. He bows to the principal before leaving the office. Loool.

Tae-woon and Eunho comes to terms with their school status. Now that they’re expelled from school they have some free time to do whatever it is that they want. While sitting on the rooftop of a building that night, they converse over what they’re going to do now. They cherish the moment they’re spending together that night, holding each other’s hand and leaning their heads on each other’s. Aww.

Tae-woon and Eunho’s classmates notice their absence from school. While in the classroom, Hee-chan comments that they’ll most likely get kicked out of school which upsets Dae-hwi. The two have a small heated argument before Hee-chan walks out of the classroom. Oh no, no more fighting please. There’s already enough going on.

Maybe getting expelled from school isn’t that bad after all. Tae-woon and Eunho go out on a small date at a coffee shop only to be joined unexpectedly by the rest of the squad Bo-ra, Dae-hwi, and Sarang. Together, they all reunite and catch up at the coffee shop.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.29.18 PM

Later on that night Dae-hwi and Tae-woon have a heartfelt conversation with each other. He thanks Dae-hwi for visiting Eunho with Sarang and Bo-ra; she was really happy to have seen them and spend time with them again. Dae-hwi suggests that Tae-woon just return to school, but it’s not as easy as he thinks. Tae-woon knows how stubborn his father is and it’ll be difficult to get his dad to change his mind.

Tae-woon threatens his father to let Eunho return to school or else he’s going to expose all the corruption at his school. Tae-woon’s father is only willing to agree to Tae-woon’s proposal under one condition: in exchange for Eunho’s return back to school, he will need to study abroad.

Teacher Shim updates Eunho and her family with the good news. But it’s not until Eunho asks about Tae-woon that she gains a better understanding of what’s going on.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.32.31 PM

She and Tae-woon meet up to talk about the situation that night. Tae-woon lies that he’s going to study abroad to pursue his passion of design just like how Eunho had encouraged him to. It’ll be a new start for him and he’ll be getting to do something that he had always wanted to do. But Eunho isn’t buying his excuses and lies. She grows sad at the thought of Tae-woon leaving, but doesn’t try to hold him back from leaving. It’s not like he’ll listen to her anyways.

Tae-woon returns home to an indifferent father who warns him again to not cause any trouble. Tae-woon gathers the courage to ask his father if he’s interested in why he did all the things he did as X but his father doesn’t care. He then makes a confession to his dad and states that his number one fear is that he’ll grow up to be just like his father once he becomes an adult. Oof. Tae-woon walks off after the confession.

Tae-woon meets with Teacher Shim the next morning to turn in his withdrawal request form. He’s okay with leaving the school as long as Eunho returns to school. That’s all he wants and cares about.

Eunho decides to use her time off school to continue drawing. While taking a break outside of a convenience store, she’s reminded of her squad members and all the memories she’s made at school. She resumes her part-time job and comes across Dae-hwi while working. He encourages her to be vulnerable and to admit to everyone that she’s not okay even though she’s pretending to act like she is. If she admits that she’s not okay and that really she’s hurting then so will other people. She can serve as an example and role model to others.

Dae-hwi pleads for Tae-woon to return to school, but Tae-woon isn’t so opened to the idea. He can handle his issues on his own.

Nam-joo and Dae-hwi head to school together the next morning. Once at school Bit-na and her classmates confront Nam-joo and belittle her about her situation, but Dae-hwi isn’t having any of it. He stands up for her, but Nam-joo also advocates for herself this time as well. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her; she’s just going to do what she wants from now on. YES GIRL YESSSS. She enters the classroom and is followed by a proud Dae-hwi.

Eunho heads to the garbage can to throw some trash out. She stops when she notices that she’s about to throw out the box of print-outs of her webtoon series that Tae-woon had given to her. She recalls all the memories associated with the box and thinks twice about throwing it away.

Having been reminded of Tae-woon, she meets up with him that night by delivering some chicken to his place. Eunho reveals to Tae-woon that she’s going to return to school again, but that she’ll wait for Tae-woon once he returns from studying abroad. She hopes that by studying abroad he’ll discover himself and come back a bigger and smarter person.

Tae-woon spends some time alone that night reflecting on his memories as X. He feels conflicted knowing that he started out as X because he hated the school, but now he actually wants to return to attending the school. It’s ironic how things turn out. What is he going to do?

Officer Soo-ji has a brief meeting with Director. She threatens him to confess or else she’s going to report his school and expose them for all their wrongdoings. But Director isn’t afraid because Officer Soo-ji doesn’t have any concrete evidence of him or his school – yet.

Tae-woon overhears their conversation and this gets him thinking again. He confides in Eunho on his conflicted feelings about his identity as X stating that he became X because he disliked his father. Eunho reassures him that everything will be fine; she’ll be there to support him as he resolves the issues with his father.

While on the car ride home, Tae-woon’s father receives a video of a recording of the school refrigerators when it had expired food. Aware that his son was the person behind the recording, he confronts Tae-woon about it later on that night at home. But Tae-woon isn’t afraid of his father; he’s going to do whatever he can for his father to take responsibility for the corrupted actions at his school.

Tae-woon heads to the police station the next day but surprisingly sees his father there as well. Ahhhh. Tae-woon meets with Officer Soo-ji privately and hands her a USB drive with all the evidence of the corruption at his father’s school. He breaks down upon giving her the USB drive stating that a part of him doesn’t want to expose his father but another part of him feels compelled to because there’s no other way that his father will change if he doesn’t turn him in. Ahhhh, this is so heart-breaking.

Principal and Vice Principal receive a visit from Officer Soo-ji and her colleagues from the police station. Oh yeah! She takes them in for an interrogation because sooner or later they’ll get caught anyways. The two faculty members try to blame the other to save themselves, but it’s no use. They’re both going to get in trouble.

Officer Soo-ji returns the USB drive that Tae-woon had given to her back to Tae-woon’s father. There’s not enough sufficient evidence on there to prove anything, but she does remind Tae-woon’s father about Tae-woon before he leaves the room. He should think about his son and how much his son cares and loves him. After all Tae-woon is just an 18 year old who’s afraid of losing his father.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.31.26 PM

This comment gets to Tae-woon’s father and that night Tae-woon and his dad have a talk. Tae-woon expresses his disappointment in his father and wishes that he would just be honest about everything instead of lying and covering all his wrongdoings up. Tae-woon’s father willingly accepts Tae-woon’s request and agrees to listen to him. He finds a picture of Tae-woon, Dae-hwi, and Joong-gi sitting on Tae-woon’s desk and picks it up to look at Tae-woon. He’s grown so much (but like this is exactly how I feel when I think about BTS’s Jungkook).

Wow, just one conversation with Tae-woon really changed everything. Tae-woon’s father reveals to Teacher Koo that he’s planning on turning himself in. Additionally, he asks for Teacher Koo to be the new principal of Geumdo High School while he continues on with his own plans of becoming a teacher at another school he purchased on the countryside. He trusts that Teacher Koo will do a great job in taking care of the school and ensuring that it is safe and fair for all.

Eunho gifts Tae-woon a new shirt since he won’t be needing to wear his black sweater anymore. They bicker back and forth over the shirt and even when Tae-woon calls Eunho “noona” and does aegyo for her so he can have it, she teases him by running away with it. Hahaha. Aww, they’re too cute.

Tae-woon’s father proceeds with his hearing on the corruption of his school with Officer Soo-ji. Meanwhile, Principal (or shall I say former principal) packs all his belongings into a box while in his office. Vice Principal rushes him to hurry and together the two make jabs at each other back and forth. Lol, these two are a couple themselves I swear.

Tae-woon checks up on his father that night at home to make sure that he’s okay. Aww.

Oh Eunho, when will your bike ever stop breaking? While Eunho worries about her broken bicycle, Tae-woon shows up to school with a brand new bicycle for her. Aww. He also teaches her how to fix her bike in the case that it ever gets broken again, but Eunho wonders why. He can always fix it for her when it breaks like how he’s always done in the past. But things don’t always stay the same forever..

Tae-woon breaks the news to Eunho. He’s going to move with his father to the countyside since he’s the only family member left that his father has. NOOOO. I’M CRYING. THIS IS SO SAD. Eunho breaks down into tears upon receiving the news from Tae-woon. She’ll try to visit him, but it might be too difficult so he’ll be the one making the visits. Tae-woon wipes Eunho’s tears from her face while she continues to cry.

Eunho has a difficult time coping with Tae-woon’s departure. She’s reminded of him where ever she goes on campus whether it’s in the hallway or in the classroom.

A year passes and Eunho and her classmates are now seniors. Officer Soo-ji now has both a stable job and a relationship, Young-gun is planning on becoming a policer officer and is currently training to become one, Dae-hwi and Nam-joo are still very much in love with each other, and Issue and Kyung-woo have now formed as a duo performing to songs together.

Meanwhile, what about Eunho? She still draws and she’s still towards the bottom rank at school. Haha. Nothing’s changed much. Her dreams of getting into Hanguk University is still… just a dream.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.05.16 PM

Even Tae-woon who’s not at the school anymore still remains influential. Now many students are wearing black hoodie sweaters at school because of him. Surely enough, Eunho still thinks about Tae-woon all the time and misses him just as much. Tae-woon seems to be enjoying his new life at his new house with his father. They can now freely engage in fun conversations with each other and eat chicken together for breakfast. Haha.

Tae-woon receives a surprise visit from Eunho at his school. She arrives just in time to see him receiving gifts from two female students. Upset and jealous, she manages to get the girls to go away and spends some time alone with her happy boyfriend.

They rejoice over Eunho’s successful webtoon series which has been getting a lot more views lately. Meanwhile, Tae-woon hasn’t accomplished his dreams yet of designing a motorcycle… but he’ll get that done someday. Haha. The two get on a bus together and it’s not the easiest feat for Eunho who has still not overcome her bus trauma since Joong-gi’s incident but she takes slow steps to recovery with the support of Tae-woon. After getting off the bus, the two lovebirds walk side by side while talking to each other.

Eunho is still not over her bus trauma and still has wounds that are yet to heal, but she believes that the process to healing is just as important as the destination and results. Meanwhile, for Tae-woon he hid behind the mask and identity that was X but was able to eventually get rid of that mask to discover his true self.

And through their own respective journeys, they learned the most important lesson that’s not taught at school: the truth about themselves.

My Thoughts:


Aww, what a cute ending. I’m glad that even until the very end the drama spoiled us by giving us scenes of Tae-swoon and Eunho still very much happily in love with each other like how they were when they were attending the same school. Not much has changed between the two and it’s great to see them still the same individuals they were before being separated. Whether together or apart, they are still in love with each other and nothing can ever really set them apart.

I’m glad that things wrapped up and that everyone had their own happy ending. While I felt like we were in a way cheated and had a cop-out with the whole turnaround that Tae-woon’s father had this episode, I didn’t necessarily find it too random either though considering that the drama had given us some glimpses of Tae-woon’s unstable relationship with his father so I could understand why Tae-woon’s father ultimately chose to act differently this time. He wanted to be different for his son and to be a better role model because he had failed to be a good example in all the 18 years of his son’s life so he found a good opportunity to start now. As they say, sometimes it’s better to start later than never so even though Tae-woon’s father changed a little bit too late into the game he still changed for the better in the end and received his son’s warmth, love, and forgiveness as he had wanted. Tae-woon’s father learned his lesson and now he knows better to not return to the way that he used to be before which is ultimately the greatest lesson learned.


I think Tae-woon’s newfound relationship with his father would have been a lot more impactful on me personally had the drama given us more backstory behind their broken father-son relationship. School 2017 would give us hints here and there and small glimpses of what went wrong with their relationship, but didn’t devote or invest too much time in it for you to care enough. I found it a bit unfortunate and shameful because this episode would have been an even more perfect wrap-up and ending to their father-son plot had the drama given us more context and content on it. I think it was still fine the way it was even with what the drama gave us, but the potential for more and better was there and it’s unfortunate the drama didn’t grasp onto that opportunity.

I’m glad that the drama focused on the overall plot of X throughout the entire run even if it sometimes forgot to spend some time on it because it was focusing on other things instead. The X plot was its primary plot more so than any other plots so it was nice seeing that if anything the drama could manage to focus and resolve the one plot that it had set itself up for since the beginning of the drama. As I stated before in my recaps, there were a few plot holes throughout the drama such as with Eunho’s college situation which the drama dropped halfway into the series or the sudden emphasis on side characters Bit-na and Hee-chan or the drop of side characters such as Kyung-woo and Issue. I think School 2017 had it all going for them but was incapable of balancing so many characters and storylines out that it failed to properly dedicate appropriate time to each. As much as I enjoyed watching this drama, I will also linger over the possible contents that we could have gotten had the drama decided to explore some characters and plots that they chose not to in the end (my poor Kyung-woo deserves better. I also think Dae-hwi and Tae-woon’s make-up was so anticlimactic considering how long the drama spent showing their hate for each other).


Plots aside, I enjoyed the cast members especially Kim Jung-hyun who played our lovely Tae-swoon. I’m glad to have discovered him through this show and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what he has planned for the future. He was such a scene-stealer in this drama and really shined in whatever he was doing or saying. I especially loved his portrayal as the cute and cool Tae-swoon who would do anything and everything for Eunho. He also has talent in comedic acting so I would love to see him do a romantic comedy as his next project. I’m also gonna miss our squad who consists of Tae-woon, Eunho, Dae-hwi, Sarang, and Bo-ra. I think their relationship as a group of friends was one that was unexpected but was ultimately helpful and useful and fruitful when it came about to happening. I’m glad that they found support and comfort in one another’s presence because we all know how isolating and lonely things can get at Geumdo High School.


As with all my other drama recap series, it’s always bittersweet to finish watching an entire drama and recapping a series I watched from the start. It’s always hard for me to let go of and bid farewell to characters and relationships that I witnessed and supported from the start. School 2017 is no exception for me. Although there were moments where I wanted to scream in frustration or pull my hair out, there were also plenty of moments where I was squealing in happiness and crying in tears of joy and laughter. Also, this was my first completed recap series in a while so this recapping series especially means a lot to me in particular. I hoped that y’all enjoyed my recaps even though I know that I’m lacking and still have a long way to go in terms of improvement and progress. I can only hope that my recaps provided you with some kind of comfort and happiness just like how the drama has given me and all of its viewers.


I get easily attached to dramas I’ve watched from start to end so it’ll take me a while to say goodbye to School 2017. It was an enjoyable run while it aired and I’m excited to see the future projects that each of our cast members are going to take after this one. Maybe a high school reunification 10 years from now won’t sound too bad either.



School 2017: Episode 15 recap

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.21.40 PM

NOOOOOOO. We’re onto the final and last week of School 2017. It’s been such an interesting and fun ride watching and recapping this drama from the start I don’t want it to end. How am I supposed to live when there’s no more Tae-swoon being cute and lovey dovey with Eunho? Or what about the victorious moments when the X squad exposes the principal through ridiculous and hilarious stunts? How am I going to live onnnn? (Okay, I’ll stop being dramatic now lol. Sorry about that).

School 2017 episode 5: How to Protect You

Episode 15 begins with Tae-woon’s dad yelling at him having discovered that Tae-woon is X. The drama then takes us back to how he found out, showing us hints that others provided to him as well as a private investigation done at Tae-woon’s old hideaway spot. Tae-woon’s dad is willing to save his son, but he’s going to expel Eunho who he also found out was Tae-woon’s accomplice. Regardless of the reason, he’s going to expel Eunho somehow someway.

The next morning at school, Tae-woon and Eunho meet up on campus, but unlike before Tae-woon is a lot more cautious and careful about how they present themselves. Tae-woon witnesses his father walking around campus and hides Eunho to prevent his father from seeing them together. They skip away arm in arm once Tae-woon’s father is out of sight.

Tae-woon shares with Dae-hwi the news about his father’s discovery and therefore the consequences that Eunho is to face as a result. Later on that day the squad are in the warehouse to have a meeting. While Eunho, Bo-ra, and Sarang rejoice over their most recent accomplishments, Tae-woon and Dae-hwi worry. They suggest that they should stop working together as X and just end things once and for all. Of course this is all done to protect one another, especially Eunho.

Eunho and Sarang worry about Tae-woon. Will he be alright? He won’t get caught right? Sarang also reveals that she approves of Tae-woon as Eunho’s boyfriend. Eunho smiles in response and confidently states that she’ll find a way to protect both her boyfriend and her best friend.

Tae-woon and Eunho meet up on the rooftop of a school building. She’s concerned that he’ll get caught as X and what will happen to him if he does, but Tae-woon reassures her that everything be fine. He’ll be held responsible if caught as X.

Principal continues his investigation on who X is. Meanwhile, Hee-chan complains to his mother about how his studying has been affected by the whole X investigation case which prompts his mother to say something about it in a meeting with Tae-woon’s dad/Director. She demands that he do something about it before she does. Director yells at Principal to hurry up and finish the investigation.

Wow, can Tae-swoon be any more perfect? After fixing Eunho’s bike for her, he boasts about himself and how great and talented of a person he is. Eunho jokes that one day she should learn to do all these things by herself because she won’t be able to rely on him which causes him to grow sad. They’ll last together even when they’re 108 years old. Haha. Gotta love Tae-woon. They make a promise to each other that they’ll remain together for a long time. OMGGGGG I KNOW WHERE THE DRAMA IS TRYING TO TAKE US. STAAAAHP.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.05.07 PM

The squad worry over how quiet Principal has been in regards to the X investigation case. Nothing’s happened the past few days which is unusual and unlike the Principal. Meanwhile, the Principal comes across Hee-chan on campus who wishes to speak to him about Eunho’s webtoon series. While Principal browses through the webtoon series, Hee-chan comments about how similar the webtoon series is to all the actual incidents that happened with X. There are too many specific details that Eunho could not have drawn in her webtoon series out of coincidence leading the principal to believe that either Eunho drew the webtoon series in coincidence or is actually close to X and knows who X is.

Officer Soo-ji is doing a private investigation on Eunho’s high school and looking into the corruption of the school. While digging through documents and information in an office, she gets a visit from Teacher Shim. He wants to know what she’s doing and when she refuses to answer him, Teacher Shim shyly states that he would like Officer Soo-ji to be honest with him since you know… they’re a couple. OMGGGG. Haha. They’re interrupted by Teacher Jung who awkwardly discovers that the two are dating. Poor guy.

Tae-woon and Dae-hwi have another meeting about upcoming plans. Tae-woon’s father might act sooner than later since he’s been getting pressured by the steering committee to do something about X, meaning Tae-woon will have no choice but to turn himself in if he wants to save Eunho.

Later on that day after school, Tae-woon and Eunho have a talk. Tae-woon tries his best to be as discreet as possible about his sacrifice and voices that no matter what happens, Eunho has to blame Tae-woon for being X if she is falsely accused. Of course Eunho admits that she will, but her face says otherwise. OMGGGGG. Don’t tell me they’re going to try to save each other…

Dae-hwi continues his daily routine of following Nam-joo home every night to make sure she gets home safely. But this night is different as her father discovers him outside of their apartment complex and volunteers to take him home. During the car ride, Nam-joo’s dad shares with Dae-hwi a few more details about Nam-joo like how they used to live comfortably until his business failed or like how because of that situation Nam-joo had to quit playing the cello. Dae-hwi grows sad and disappointed in himself for being upset with Nam-joo over lying. She only did it to protect her father.

The next morning at school Dae-hwi encounters a female student who abruptly makes a confession to him. But it’s obvious where Dae-hwi’s mind and heart is. He’s still in love with Nam-joo. He goes to visit her at her workplace and asks for a second chance with her. He misses her especially when he’s at school and sees her empty desk where she should be but isn’t. He vows to protect her from any hate or mistreatment she gets at school if she was to return. Nam-joo gives it a thought.

Principal and Vice Principal follow up on a lead that Hee-chan gave them. They head to Tae-woon’s warehouse together where the squad is. After doing a quick search, they find print-outs of Eunho’s webtoon series lying around the table. Oh no. They bring Eunho in for an interrogation and question how it could have been possible for her to draw her webtoon series which is strikingly similar to all the events that actually happened with X. Her excuse of it all just being a coincidence doesn’t fly with the faculty and they grow even more impatient and upset. Tae-woon marches over to the Principal’s office ready to save Eunho by giving in, but he’s stopped his squad. He shouldn’t act so abruptly; they need to come up with another plan by thinking things through.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.42.30 PM

Eunho updates Tae-woon on the interrogation once she leaves the principal’s office. Contrary to what she had told Tae-woon she would do, she doesn’t sell him out in order to save herself. In fact, she was aware that that was what Tae-woon wanted her to do, but she’s not going to let Tae-woon turn himself in to save her. She threatens that the moment he does that she’ll quit school so he shouldn’t even think about sacrificing himself to save her. Eunho walks away in anger and fury.

News about Eunho’s hearing on the X investigation case spreads throughout the school. Hee-chan shares with Bit-na and his two other classmates that Eunho couldn’t have done everything on her own, but that in order to make the X investigation case end as simple and quick as possible the staff and faculty are just going to resort to blaming Eunho for everything – an idea she herself would be willing to accept.

Hee-chan blames Tae-woon for being irresponsible as X. Now Eunho and the rest of the squad are at risk of getting caught. Tae-woon reveals that regardless of Hee-chan’s threats or what anyone else thinks, he will turn himself in as X eventually. After he walks away, Hee-chan stops the record button on his cell phone. NOOOOOOO. He was recording the entire conversation the entire timeeeeeee.

Of course Hee-chan shares the recording with the principal who then presents it to the Director (and threatens him with it). He uses the recording to his own advantage and benefits, forcing the Director to do things for him such as sign an employment extension document or else he will expose to everyone the contents of the recording.

Principal and Eunho come across each other on campus. Principal warns Eunho to stop her actions as X, but she advises him to stop all the bad things he’s been doing at school as well. Seems like Eunho won this one this time. Haha.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.03.49 PM

Eunho and Sarang have a heart-felt conversation about Tae-woon while sitting outside on a bench. Eunho expresses that all she wants for her boyfriend is for him to enjoy his life as an average 18-year old teenager. She just wants the best for him and now that he finally has friends and is getting used to the school life, she hopes things can stay this way for him for a long time. Aww. She’s so sweet.

Eunho and Tae-woon head out for a small date. He gets all giddy and happy when she calls him “Oppa” and even at the coffee shop he’s just happy sitting across from her watching her draw. Tae-woon’s going to do whatever he can to protect her dream of drawing no matter what.

But it’s unknown for how much longer he can protect Eunho’s dreams. His father threatens him to stop causing trouble or else he’ll have no choice but to study abroad. Tae-woon will oblige and listen to anything his father says as long as his father stops harassing Eunho. That’s all he wants personally.

Tae-woon spends that night reflecting over his father’s words. He folds the black sweater that he used to wear as X and places it away in a box. Meanwhile, Eunho stares at her school uniform before informing her family about her situation. She plans on dropping out of school since she’ll get caught as X anyways and have to drop out eventually. Her parents refuse to let her drop out of school, but Eunho knows that that’s the only option left in store for her if she wants to save Tae-woon.

Tae-woon and Eunho talk on the phone that night. He serenades her by singing a sweet love song to her to help her be able to sleep. She ends the phone call by telling her boyfriend she misses him. Omg this is making me cry.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.31.56 PM

The next day at school Eunho receives news that her family is at the school visiting the principal. She heads over to the office as quickly as possible with Teacher Shim but unlike what she had expected, her family isn’t there to beg the principal to let Eunho stay. They’re actually there to accept Eunho’s withdrawal request from the principal. It’s not like the school was great anyways, having done everything in favor of all the smart and wealthy students and establishing itself as an unjust and corrupt school. Tae-woon watches this all unfold in front of his eyes and he walks away hurt.

Eunho tries to act like she’s okay with withdrawing from the school but she’s not. She’s not okay. She cries to Sarang and expresses sorrow and pain in having to leave the one school that she found happiness in. Tae-woon hears Eunho crying from not too far away and listens in on all the things she has to say about leaving the school. Sarang suggests that they can beg Tae-woon’s dad to do something about the situation, but Eunho refuses. She doesn’t want to get Tae-woon involved anymore.

That night, Tae-woon returns home only to receive a short lecture from his father. There’s nothing he can do to save Eunho so he should just stop and not even try.

The next day at school the school holds Eunho’s hearing in regards to the X investigation case. But before they can decide on what punishment is to await Eunho, another prank by X starts. This time, clips of the principal and vice principal committing corrupted acts while at school is shown to everybody. They find X standing on the second floor and unlike before X doesn’t run away. He walks down to the main floor where everyone is and takes off his hoodie, revealing to everyone that X is indeed Tae-woon.

He approaches Eunho and the staff and faculty towards the front of the gym. Tae-woon dressed in his black hoodie sweater stands across from Eunho while everyone’s eyes are glued onto him.

Now everyone knows that Tae-woon is X.

My Thoughts:

AHHHHHHHHH. Noble idiocy. The great great noble idiocy that we can never seem to escape from in dramaland.


I appreciated how the drama was taking us down that route of noble idiocy where Eunho and Tae-woon were wiling to sacrifice themselves in order to save the other but eventually didn’t take us all the way there. While Tae-woon did reveal his identity as X to everyone to protect Eunho, he was X all along in the first place so he’s only doing what he should do to be held accountable and responsible for all the trouble he’s caused as X. I’m glad that he was honest and truthful in this entire process and that his last act as X was a straight-forward and forthright one: if he’s going to unveil his identity as X to everyone he might as well also unveil all the corruption that is prevalent at the school like how he had been doing all along.


This entire episode was setting us up for the noble idiocy that was bound to take place which made Eunho and Tae-woon’s relationship even more heart-breaking to watch. Even though I was happy and giddy to see them spend time together at the coffee shop or be more bold and confident with displaying their relationship publicly or have late night conversations with each other on the phone, each moment was so bittersweet because you knew that things weren’t going to stay like this forever. While watching their sweet moments, you knew that on the inside Tae-woon and Eunho were struggling to accept their difficult situation and the fact that one person was going to have to take the fall in order to save the other. It was so heart-breaking watching this and it made me want to cry when they were together. This episode did a great job in demonstrating the lengths that they will go for each other and like I had mentioned in my last recap, Tae-woon’s dad was really the testament to prove how strong the couple’s love for each other was and as exemplified in this episode, nothing can break Tae-woon and Eunho apart.


I admit that I was a bit sad during the part when Tae-woon folded his black sweater neatly and placed it away into a box. I’ve said this before but I really enjoyed all the pranks and stunts he pulled off as X and would have liked it if the drama had given us a few more. Tae-woon’s characterization this entire drama revolved around being X that to see him delete that aspect of him this episode was so hard to accept and understand. I’m going to miss him being X as well as those funny and ridiculous moments that came out of the stunts and pranks. Most of all I’m going to miss watching him and his squad ridicule the Principal for his wrondoings and expose him to everyone. I’m glad we were left with one big last laugh at the end of this episode.


Aside from the X sub-plot, I liked the small details we were given with Nam-joo and her father. The conversation between her father and Dae-hwi gave us a little bit more insight on why she acts so cold and distant from her father which helps me understand her a little bit better. Before I wasn’t so opened towards her but after learning about her living situation after what happened with her dad’s business and the aftermath of that, I think I have an easier time understanding her character even though I might not necessarily agree with her behavior towards her father. I’m just glad that the conversation helped open up Dae-hwi’s mind and heart as well even further than it already was. We had some hints that he still had unrequited feelings for Nam-joo despite feeling conflicted on her lies. He only needed some kind of confirmation to prove his love for her and as we witnessed in this episode he does still love her. It’s a nice closure to their relationship that I felt was dragging earlier in the series. Maybe a new and honest start to their relationship is what they need especially all that they’ve gone through in the past.


I can only hope that Eunho and Tae-woon will remain together as we head into our finale episode, but I’m not so sure how Eunho is going to react to Tae-woon’s action. She was in that gym along with the rest of the students fully accepting the fact that she was going to be punished for “being X” and as a result have to withdraw from the school. She didn’t want Tae-woon to be involved or to step in to save her so now that he did what she didn’t, I wonder if she’ll be more angry at him or if she’s willing to forgive him. I hope she’ll come to understanding that what he did was the right decision all along and that she’ll find a way to still accept and love him even after what he did. Just like how she wants the best for Tae-woon, we all know that he wants the best for her too.


School 2017: Episode 14 recap


Ahh, relationships. Relationships and friendships. They’re hard to create and once created, they’re hard to maintain. If there’s anything this episode taught us, it’s the lesson that it’s important to always communicate in your relationships. Communication is key to any relationship and without communication your relationships are bound to fail.

Note: It’s been a busy day and week for me in general as I’m in the midst of moving out of my current apartment and into another one.  I’ve been busy all day cleaning and will spend all day tomorrow cleaning as well. I apologize for the late recap post, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

School 2017 episode 14: How to Face a Misunderstanding

Episode 14 starts off with Tae-woon almost getting caught by the principal as X. However, Eunho arrives just in time to save him as she distracts the principal and the guards by making some noise which causes them to divert their attention to her. Tae-woon then shoves and pushes the guards holding him down away and together they make their escape out of the building and around campus.

Tae-woon parts ways with Eunho and causes the rest of the guys to run after him. He manages to hide and take off his black sweater to trick the principal and guards. He lies that he’s out catching X as well and leads the group around campus only to tire them out. By the end of the night, Tae-woon grabs his black sweater that he “coincidentally” finds on the ground and heads back home. The group is exhausted from running everywhere but getting no where.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.15.21 PM

The couple meet with each other back at the warehouse after fooling the principal, vice principal, and security guards. Eunho worries for Tae-woon who claims to have sprained his ankle (but actually didn’t). She walks him home that night since spraining his ankle means he can’t ride his motorcycle home. Tae-woon enjoys the time spent with Eunho even though he lied about his ankle; he doesn’t feel guilty one bit. Hahaha. Too cute.

The principal is fully aware that X is a pair and isn’t just one person anymore. He narrows down the list of possible individuals who could be X and eliminates Dae-hwi from this list. He’s confident that Eunho is an accomplice. So who’s X then?

Tae-woon and his crew have a meeting to update one another about the X investigation case. They mention about the principal’s awareness of X being a duo and the risks that Eunho can get caught in if she’s discovered to be X’s accomplice. Tae-woon decides that they should all just wait it out and see what the principal’s next move is.

Principal and VP move according to their plan. They’re going to return to giving the students low-quality lunches since they don’t have the budget to keep providing high-quality lunches. Seems like Tae-woon’s prediction about the duo was right.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.24.27 PM

Tae-woon and Eunho walk around on campus. Eunho flinches when Tae-woon grabs her hand which she automatically lets go of. She doesn’t want others to know about them, but Tae-woon is all for it. He even in fact starts spreading “rumors” of Eunho having a boyfriend to get people to start noticing, but stops when Eunho interrupts him. She chases after him into their classroom and notices that his ankle that was supposedly sprained actually isn’t sprained at all. Haha. Dae-hwi witnesses the two lovebirds joking around with each other and is suddenly reminded of Nam-joo who’s not in class that day.

Nam-joo stops to visit a music store with instruments. However, she doesn’t go inside the store and only looks at it from afar. She heads home that night and returns to a frightened and worried father, but she doesn’t say much to her dad and ignores his words and apologies. :(( Why are you treating your father like this Nam-joo?

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 10.50.25 PM

Tae-woon, Eunho, and their squad are having lunch. Byung-goo addresses with Eunho the rumor that she has a boyfriend, but no one has a clue that it’s Tae-woon. Eunho remains cautious about eating the school lunch since she got food poisoning from it last time, but she clears herself of any doubts in her mind. She’ll be okay.

Except Eunho isn’t okay and she ends up fainting after lunch. She’s taken to the hospital and is accompanied by Tae-woon and Teacher Shim. Teacher Shim leaves Tae-woon to watch after Eunho to run some errands.

Eunho is discharged from the hospital on the same day and heads home with Tae-woon. On the way they pass by a flower shop which causes Eunho to want some. But Tae-woon refuses to buy her some and instead would rather gift Eunho with some meat than flowers. LOL. Tae-woon you can buy me meat anytime you want.

After a good night call with Eunho, Tae-woon reflects on the school lunch that’s been causing Eunho to become sick. He knows that it’s all the principal’s doing and is set to get revenge on him.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.01.16 PM

The next morning, principal gets a lunch set supposedly delivered and gifted by Tae-woon’s father aka the Director of the school. The principal happily accepts the lunch set and gobbles most it down – that is until he finds a note placed inside the box. It’s written by Tae-woon and reads that everything that he had just eaten was expired. The principal panics and frantically heads outside in demand for an ambulance. Of course, the food actually isn’t expired and was actually freshly made. Tae-woon just wanted to pull a prank on the principal and get him a taste of his own medicine.

Principal is transported to a hospital, but leaves after he finds out he’s perfectly fine and there was nothing wrong with him. He returns to the school campus only to come across Sarang’s mother. He’s still upset with her after the whole school lunch issue that she brought to his attention and starts throwing a fit around her, but stops once Eunho and Sarang joins him. He notices how the two girls are always together and grows suspicious of them.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.12.48 PM

Sarang meets with the principal to have a talk about her mother. Even if her mother were to be fired, there will still be plenty of other people they can contact to fill her mother’s position. He threatens to fire her mother if she doesn’t confess to him who X is (urgh what a jerk).

Sarang can’t stop worrying about her mother and grows angry at Tae-woon and Eunho. In her conversation with Eunho, she admits that she feels like Tae-woon’s behavior as X is just a childish cosplay and that even if he were to be discovered he wouldn’t be punished for it because of his position as the Director’s son. She then lashes out at Eunho. Because she’s been spending all her time with Tae-woon, she can do all that she wants and can say all that’s on her mind. How nice and convenient that must be. Sarang leaves the warehouse and walks away.

While walking, Sarang is joined by Kyung-woo. Just like all the times before, he gives her some words of encouragement and wishes for her well-being.

Eunho talks with Tae-woon her concerns about Sarang and the conversation they had earlier that day. She’s stressed out because she’s not sure what Sarang is mad about. Tae-woon tries to cheer Eunho up and reassures her that everything will be fine. Sarang is a thoughtful person.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.28.17 PM

Things aren’t going well for Sarang and her mother. She witnesses her mother getting fired as a custodian from the school and pleading her boss to take her back. Her mother only has one more month to work and then she’ll have to leave. Sarang barges into the principal’s office, angry at what he did to her mother. But the principal is careless and reiterates that if Sarang wants to save her mother she should confess to him who X is.

Eunho heads outside for some fresh air. She’s joined by Officer Soo-ji who sits next to her on the bench. Together they have a conversation about relationships. Eunho refers to her relationship with Sarang and admits that she actually doesn’t know Sarang all that well unlike what she had originally thought. Officer Soo-ji gives Eunho some uplifting words and encourages her to pour all her effort into her relationships. Relationships are hard to maintain which is why one needs to pour in effort to keep them alive.

Officer Soo-ji gets scolded by her boss for failing her assignment of catching X at Eunho’s high school. She’s to end her assignment there and do something else. Officer Soo-ji used to be someone who would put her mind to things and get things done accordingly, but she’s failed to do that with the X investigation case. What happened?

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.42.20 PM

The relationship between Sarang and Eunho only worsens. Sarang grows angry at Tae-woon who she thinks is being X just for jokes and fun, but Eunho defends him by saying that he’s doing it because he cares for all the students at school. Sarang doesn’t say much more and walks out of the study room.

Sarang watches her mother getting scolded for not doing her job of cleaning properly. Meanwhile, Eunho is still stressed out over Sarang’s behavior recently. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with Sarang because Sarang isn’t communicating with her on what’s bothering her.

While walking on campus, Eunho encounters Principal. He warns her to just come forward and confess to him whatever details and information she has about X. He knows that she could be a possible accomplice and spy with X so she should just tell him all that she knows.

Teacher Shim finds out through Teacher Jung that Officer Soo-ji is no longer working at their high school and has officially left. He rushes over to the police station where she works to talk to her about it. Officer Soo-ji confirms it with Teacher Shim that yes, she’s no longer working at his high school. What can she do when the man she likes wants to protect the students, but it’s her responsibility to punish them and to find X? Teacher Shim is taken aback and apologizes. He’ll find a way for her to return to the school. He plants a kiss on her cheeks and lips before walking away (AWWWWW).

Sarang heads home that night and joins her mother who is also returning home from work. They link arms and return home together.

The next morning, Sarang gathers a box of X’s belongings and walks over to the principal’s office ready to turn it into him. However, she’s stopped right before entering by Eunho and together the two have a talk. It’s during this time where the two (ex) best friends hash out at each other over what’s bothering them. Sarang’s hurt that Eunho’s chosen Tae-woon over her and in the process neglected her. Eunho’s hurt that Sarang is going to resort to being a spy and tell on Tae-woon as being X to the principal. Sarang doesn’t care what Eunho thinks or feels though and walks away with the box.

Sarang visits the principal’s office with the box of X’s belongings that he used for his previous stunts/pranks. Later on that day the principal heads to the location on campus that Sarang claimed would be the place where he would get to meet X. However, it’s not X the principal meets but Eunho who tries to stall some time by distracting him with the school lunch issue. He finally gets her to leave after a few attempts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.29.58 AM

After some more waiting, Principal thinks he’s finally going to get to meet X. However, once again it’s not X he meets but Sarang’s mother. She shows him bags of the expired food that he had used to feed students at the school, but he doesn’t grow concerned at first. Sarang’s mother doesn’t have any proof that his school used these expired food products. However, it’s not until she sends him a video of a recording of X opening the expired food products from the school refrigerator that he panics. Turns out that Tae-woon and his X crew had shown Sarang’s mother the video they recorded the night they invaded the school refrigerators which was part of the plan all along. Principal attempts to stop Sarang’s mother from leaving, but is unsuccessful when Director interrupts the both of them.

We backtrack to how this plan came about. Earlier that day when Sarang and Eunho had their brutal and honest talk with each other, we had left off with Sarang walking away with the box of X’s belongings. However, Eunho stopped her from talking to the principal and they have a heart-to-heart conversation with each other. Sarang opens up to Eunho about her difficult situation with the principal and how he threatened to fire her mother if Sarang didn’t confess to him who X was. Enraged, Eunho vows to get revenge on Principal which leads us to the present with how Principal was caught by Sarang’s mother about his evil wrongdoings.

During the school break, Eunho walks over to her locker and opens it only to find a bouquet of flowers in there (OMG I’M SQUEALING. THE FLOWERS ARE SO PRETTY). Tae-woon accompanies her a few seconds later and does what he had always wanted to do with her: listen to music with her while sharing the same earphones. Eunho holds the flowers in her arms while listening to music with Tae-woon.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.49.33 AM

We can’t always have good things in life can we? Later on that night, Tae-woon returns home to find all the belongings of X laid out on the coffee table in the living room. His dad confronts him about his identity as X, but there’s something else he’s even more furious about: Eunho.

He updates Tae-woon on Eunho’s status at school: she’s expelled.

My Thoughts:


This episode was another really clever one and it was probably the most well thought-out and clever one yet. Tae-woon was discovered to be X not by getting caught by the principal or vice principal which I admit I thought the drama was going to do, but rather by his dad. How exactly his dad figured this out is still a mystery, but I’m glad that Tae-woon’s discovery as X wasn’t so anticlimactic like I was afraid it would be. I didn’t expect Tae-woon’s dad to be the first to find out and so quickly either so I’m definitely anticipating how he found out and who exactly told him about Tae-woon’s identity as X.

I’m even more compelled that Tae-woon’s father is more concerned about Eunho than Tae-woon being X. Of course, he can just save his son like he always does and excuse Tae-woon for being X, but he disapproves of his son’s relationship with Eunho which I think is so interesting. The drama has dropped a few hints here and there as to why he’s dissatisfied with her but never really went all the way through so you’re not really certain why he doesn’t like her. Regardless, I think this dislike will make an interesting story and really be the test that will test how strong Tae-woon and Eunho’s love is for each other. They’ve already hit a few bumps as a couple, but this one seems to be the toughest one yet. I’m hoping they’ll survive this one like how they did with the other obstacles they face and come out stronger and better than before.


I say this episode was really clever because the drama was going to reveal Tae-woon’s identity as X in the least anticipated way ever. Who would have ever thought that Sarang – one of the squad members – would be the one to possibly expose Tae-woon and get him in trouble? It’s the most unexpected idea ever and this episode was really going to take us there and for the entire duration of this episode I had no doubt that Sarang was really going to report him even though I didn’t want her to. I think her reason for doing so was legitimate and valid and I don’t blame her for being mad at Tae-woon and Eunho when her and her mother’s life is reliant on her mother’s job. Although Tae-woon has done plenty of good things as X, he’s also hurt a few people along the way and every single person he’s hurt along the way (Eunho, Dae-hwi, and now Sarang) has questioned his actions and behaviors as X before finally learning why he’s X and accepting his reasons for being so. The principal was such a jerk to threaten Sarang with her mother’s job and his behavior towards Sarang’s mother is something that I despise him for so it feels great to see him lose every single time. He deserves it and he should just not return to the school. He actually doesn’t get anything done and is not as bright and successful as he thinks he is. I’m glad that Sarang didn’t go through with her plan though and that she and Eunho were able to talk things out. Communication is key to every relationship and while I started the beginning of this episode pulling my hair out, I finished the rest of the episode breathing sighs of relief.


As we near our finale, I’m a little sad that the drama didn’t make more use of our other characters like Kyung-woo. I think the drama had initially meant to have him as a mysterious character with background information and knowledge on our main characters Tae-woon and Dae-hwi, but then realized that they wanted to go another route so they utilized his character less and less. It’s unfortunate because the drama made him out to be such an interesting and compelling character in the beginning of the drama so to see him now as nothing else but Sarang’s support network and friend is a little bit disappointing. Not that I have a problem with this though because I’m loving all the scenes that we get between the two of them. I love how reliable and supportive Kyung-woo always is of Sarang and how he manages to cheer her up every single time without forcing his way into her life. He just naturally knows how to get her to feel better about herself or about the issues that are going on in her life in such an effortless and realistic way. It’s refreshing and cute which is why I like their relationship with each other. However, I do wish that the drama had spent more time on him. If we had replaced some scenes of Hee-chan with Kyung-woo instead, the drama could have been a lot more enjoyable and less annoying (oh and also, the drama became 100x better without any scenes of Hee-chan or Bit-na I gotta admit.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.44.59 AM

Tae-woon’s father is going to be the biggest obstacle and challenge that Tae-woon and Eunho will face as a couple yet which I’m assuming will be especially difficult considering that Tae-woon doesn’t have the best relationship with his dad. Maybe this is why the drama decided to save his character last. Tae-woon’s father is really going to be the test that Tae-woon and Eunho will be challenged with and a testament to how strong their relationship is. Tae-woon and Eunho have gone through many challenges and obstacles in the past and while Tae-woon’s father is no easy feat, I know they can overcome this challenge as well. They have to.


School 2017: Episode 13 recap


I can watch a whole drama of X pulling off pranks and stunts at the school forever and be satisfied with how things go. While I wished we were gifted with more pranks by X because they’re so funny and entertaining and the set-ups to them are actually quite nicely done, I’m just happy that we were given another one in this episode. Combine this with more cute and romantic scenes between Tae-woon and Eunho and you get a win-win situation. Yay!

School 2017 Episode 13: Between the Two

In the last episode, we left off with Tae-woon and Eunho confessing their love for each other and starting the first day of their relationship (aww).

Eunho heads home that night to relieved and stress-free parents. Turns out her father was able to find his friend who had scammed them and will now start to receive payments back from him on the first day of every month. Eunho is happy, but not for the reasons that her parents think she is. The word “first” reminds her of how that day is the first day of her relationship with Tae-woon and in response she just squeals. She spends that whole night reminiscing over what happened earlier that day at school with Tae-woon.

AHHHH MY HEART IS GOING TO BURST FOR 2 REASONS: 1) TAE-WOON IS LOOKING SO DAMN FINE IN THAT WHITE T-SHIRT THAT’S NOT BUTTONED ALL THE WAY UP 2) BTS’s ‘Boy in Luv’ is playing in the background while Tae-woon’s dancing and celebrating and my ARMY heart can’t take this. I feel so attacked. School 2017, the next time you’re gonna use a BTS song please warn me so I don’t nearly have a heart attack. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 9.57.34 PM

Tae-woon calls his girlfriend and asks for some chicken because you know… he’s craving some even though he doesn’t even eat chicken. At first Eunho declines, but she eventually gives in and grabs some chicken to deliver to Tae-woon. But before she knows it, Tae-woon’s already waiting at her place for her. She won’t need to deliver to him after all. The couple tease and mess around with each other that night.

While Eunho’s relationship with Tae-woon and Bo-ra seems to be going strong, her friendship with Sarang is deteriorating. It’s just not the same between them anymore, but it seems like Eunho doesn’t notice this change while Sarang is fully aware of it. What will happen to their friendship?

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.04.49 PM

Eunho and Tae-woon are spending time with each other on campus when Sarang witnesses the couple together. On full alert, she runs over to them holding up a broom ready to attack Tae-woon. But Eunho stops her and confesses 2 things to her: 1) Tae-woon is her boyfriend and 2) her boyfriend is X.

Eunho apologizes to Sarang for not having told her any of these things earlier. She also rambles to her best friend about how she and Tae-woon fell in love and became a couple. Sarang is even invited to what used to be the hideaway spot and is now the study room where she joins Tae-woon, Eunho, Bo-ra, and Dae-hwi in studying for school. But she doesn’t seem happy or satisfied. She still feels excluded and lonely.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.16.16 PM

Some classmates address with Nam-joo the lies that she had been telling them regarding her dad’s taxi company and other issues. Embarrassed, she runs out of the classroom followed by Dae-hwi who had witnessed part of the situation. Dae-hwi tries to make positive the situation, but she doesn’t want his help. He returns back to the classroom to talk with the same classmates about what had just happened. He threatens the classmates to stop once and for all or else he’s gonna teach them all a lesson.

Dae-hwi heads outside for some fresh air and is accompanied by Tae-woon. There are no words spoken between them, but they share a moment of silence with each other while drinking some soda.

Bully leader Young-gun is forced into working part-time with Officer Soo-ji. While walking with her, she comes across Bo-ra. Bo-ra greets Young-gun, but she isn’t too friendly in return. Maybe one day things will get better between the two.

Sarang’s feeling a little down so Kyung-woo tries to cheer her up. Together with her and Issue, they all join one another for some drinks at a coffee shop. Sarang does eventually feel a little better after seeing her favorite idol and thanks Kyung-woo for planning this small meet-up.

Tae-woon, Eunho, and their group of friends eat some lunch together. Eunho notes that the amount of food for lunch has been declining in which Bo-ra also agrees. Eunho accidentally gets herself into a date with Tae-woon after expressing cravings for something sweet. Tae-woon will take her out to get sweets the next day.

The next day arrives and the both of them get ready for their first date. While waiting outside Eunho’s house, Tae-woon has a small talk with her brother. They talk for a little bit, but stop when Eunho exits out of her house. Tae-woon stares at her in the most endearing and loving way. Aww, someone’s in love.

The couple enjoy their date, whether that’d be by competing in a game of darts with each other or Tae-woon stealing a kiss on Eunho’s cheek while walking. After playing some games, Tae-woon takes Eunho to another place, but this time it’s different. He takes her to go visit his late mother.

Tae-woon and his dad had promised each other that they’ll only visit their mother when something good happens and when they’re happy and since Tae-woon is feeling happy, he decided to bring Eunho with him and visit his mother. Eunho introduces himself to his mother and the couple decides to stay at the memorial site for a little bit longer. Eunho becomes sleepy and rests her head on Tae-woon’s shoulder while he caresses her in his arms.

The next day, the squad joins one another for lunch again. However, after eating lunch, Eunho and Byung-goo’s stomachs start to hurt. It seems like the sausage that they both ate is the reasoning behind this.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 10.55.53 PM

It turns out that the sausage they ate had already expired by a few months. Sarang’s mother – who discovers this news – tries to bring it to the principal’s attention but he’s too busy investigating the X case that he shrugs this issue off. He has other things to worry about than this.

Eunho’s family worries about the lunch that Eunho’s school is serving the students. There’s been controversy lately around school lunches and they’re afraid that Eunho’s school might be serving food that’s due way past the expiration date.

Sarang’s mother visits the principal’s office again the next day to get the principal to do something about this. However, he still remains the same and in fact he bribes Sarang’s mother with money to get her to stop talking about the expired food.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.04.26 PM

Sarang shares this information with the rest of the crew. They become worried over what things could possibly happen next and if anyone else will get sick over the school lunch. Tae-woon also tries to alert his father about this issue, but just like the principal his father just shrugs it off. Meanwhile, Eunho has resorted to eating Subway instead of the school lunch ever since the incident (LOOOOOL). She worries about the health of the other students who might also get sick from eating the school lunch. Tae-woon then decides to do something about it.

YESSSSS, it seems like we’re getting another “prank” from none other than our original X, Tae-woon. That night he visits the school cafeteria to investigate the food that they’ve been serving students. But unlike before, this time he’s joined by the rest of the crew. They all show up in black sweaters just like him and together they head to the kitchen to look into the freezers.

Just like what they had expected and assumed, the freezers are full of expired food. Everything is going according to plan until Dae-hwi cause a utensil to fall to the floor and make a noise. Officer Soo-ji and Young-gun who are patrolling the campus that night hear the noise and head towards the direction they heard it from.

The X squad sneak out of the cafeteria and attempt to leave campus, but they come to a close encounter with Officer Soo-ji and Young-gun. They have no other choice but to head back inside the cafeteria and hide from the two. They divide up and Tae-woon and Eunho hide in a small space with each other. Even amongst the fear and intensity, Tae-woon has the time to pull a few jokes, saying that it feels extra nice to be X on this certain day. OMG. LOL.

Officer Soo-ji and Young-gun enter the kitchen where everyone’s hiding. Officer Soo-ji is a few feet away from discovering Tae-woon and Eunho until Young-gun stops her. She picks up the utensil from the floor and justifies the item as the cause for the noise. With that, the two leave and the crew is saved. But of course, X wouldn’t be X without creating some havoc so before leaving the crew pulls another stunt.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.22.09 PM

This time, all the expired food is exposed and thrown all over the kitchen. Not only that, restaurant deliverymen head over to the school with boxes and bowls of black bean noodles, pork cutlets, and all kinds of other food. They argue with the principal, claiming that they were told to deliver to the school while the principal continually denies it. Of course, this was all Tae-woon’s doings as X and it’s a smart and great one as all the students are treated to some delicious food that they actually enjoy for once.

Officer Soo-ji wants Teacher Shim to investigate the new X incident, but he refuses to. He can’t afford to have his students exposed and revealed. Officer Soo-ji’s patience runs out and she wants to take on this case alone. They can’t continue to protect the students like this.

Director scolds Principal for not catching X within a week like how he had promised. He pitches in a few ideas as to how they can catch X, but wants the principal to do whatever he can to catch X. Principal has a meeting with Vice Principal that day and together they come up with methods they can use to successfully capture X.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.35.14 PM

The school lunch menu has improved tremendously and students are given healthier and yummier food, but this improvement feels icky for Tae-woon. He feels like something’s off.

While doing late night campus patrol, Officer Soo-ji and Young-gun come across Bo-ra. She joins them in finishing the rest of patrol and is treated to snacks by Officer Soo-ji. But while preparing for the snacks, Bo-ra is curious about the handcuffs in Officer Soo-ji’s hands so the officer handcuffs both Young-gun and Bo-ra with each other to test it out. Officer Soo-ji lies that she needs to go to the police station in order to get the keys to the handcuffs, but she already actually has them. She had deliberately planned this in an effort to get the two to make up and be on good terms with each other.

Young-gun and Bo-ra finally clear up any misunderstandings between the two of them. But while talking, Bo-ra’s nose starts to bleed and they head to the bathroom to take care of the nosebleed. The situation reminds them of back when they still used to be good friends and Young-gun would take care of Bo-ra. Seems like things haven’t changed.

Teacher Shim meets the two on campus and hurries Officer Soo-ji to release them from the handcuffs. He then scolds her for putting the two in handcuffs with each other. But Officer Soo-ji isn’t having any of his criticisms tonight. She expresses frustration in how all her methods to Teacher Shim seem wrong and thoughtless, but his methods are always okay. He’s always making her angry and she doesn’t like it. But Teacher Shim defends himself and apologizes. It’s not that he does this on purpose; he just doesn’t know how else to convey these emotions without sounding so mean and rude. Officer Soo-ji surprises Teacher Shim by planting a kiss on his cheeks after his apology. “Are you apologizing to me or are you confessing to me?” – Officer Soo-ji. Haha. Nice one there.

Tae-woon and Eunho converse over the school lunch issue. The new school lunches are all just a set-up for now, but later on the food will go back to getting bad again. Tae-woon suggests that he pulls another incident as X again to resolve this issue, but Eunho gets mad. She doesn’t want him to.

That night, Eunho tries to contact Tae-woon, but he doesn’t respond back to her. It’s because he’s busy attempting to pull another incident as X. However, things are different this time as Tae-woon is close to getting caught. The principal had hired security guards to guard the cafeteria that night and catching Tae-woon moving into action. Eunho hurries to the scene dressed in all black, carrying with her the black sweater.

Once captured and held down, the principal comes out from the shadows and approaches Tae-woon. Eunho also happens to arrive at the same time that the principal is walking towards Tae-woon. She watches the principal grab onto the hoodie of Tae-woon’s black sweater, ready to unveil it.

The moment is intense and uncertain as Eunho witnesses Tae-woon get caught and Tae-woon waits for his identity as X to finally be discovered.

My Thoughts:


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.08.19 AM

Okay, just kidding. But Tae-woon might have gotten too excited and confident as X ehh? He’s been successful this entire time with all his stunts and pranks that maybe he went a little bit too overboard with this one and pulled another incident too quickly. Can’t blame him when his success rate has been 100% so far and he just wants the school lunches to be better, but at the same time he did receive plenty of warnings from all around him. He definitely should have known better than to be X again especially with all the precautions and methods that the principal has been taking to fulfill his responsibility of capturing X.

I’m in love with the idea where Dae-hwi, Eunho, Sarang, and Bo-ra join Tae-woon in his quest of achieving justice by committing pranks as X just because it was an idea that I had wanted from the start and am glad to see happened in this episode. Tae-woon wasn’t alone and was rather this time accompanied by his friends and it was refreshing to see a whole bunch of new X’s make change even if just for a short while. It was also compelling and interesting to see the danger and risks that they were all faced with when they were about to be captured by Officer Soo-ji which I think the drama did a good job demonstrating: yes, being X can be fun and rewarding but at the same time there are so many risks that comes along with it and if you’re caught, that’s the end for you. Choose your options wisely.


I’m hoping we can get more of Sarang and Eunho’s story behind the deterioration of their friendship. Not that I want to see more of sad Sarang (but then again that would also mean more Kyung-woo and Sarang moments which I am definitely here for), but I’m particularly interested in this sub-plot because it’s a narrative that the drama had showed us early into the drama so to see the two slowly fall apart and become distant is so interesting. You actually saw how their friendship shifted and how that distance came to be. Eunho started to spend more time with Tae-woon and then she also helped support Bo-ra with her issues and problems, sacrificing her friendship with Sarang in the process. It seems like Eunho’s aware of this to some extent, but isn’t doing much to change things and to make Sarang feel better about how distant they’ve become. I’m hoping that we’ll get more glimpses of this though and more effort put in by Eunho on her behalf. I understand that spending less time with friends once you get a partner/significant other is totally a thing because it does happen (like it did to me), but it’s more of the aftermath that matters and I want to witness Eunho make up for the lack of effort she’s been putting into her friendship with Sarang. I just want them to be best friends again and hang out again. Is that too much to ask for? (Also, I’m really loving all the Kyung-woo and Sarang moments we’re getting. I can tell the drama is setting them up to be a couple and I’m all for it).


Like I stated in the introduction of this recap, if this drama was just a drama that showed pranks and stunts executed by X and nothing else I would be totally satisfied with it. I’m actually really liking this whole X thing because 1) it’s fun and entertaining and then also really scary during the times when X is close to getting caught 2) the set-up and build-up leading to the actual prank itself is smart, creative, and logical that when the stunt actually happens you’re not confused as to why or how it came about. I’m enjoying these incidents and pranks so much that I wished there had been more done by X in the past few episodes and maybe it’s the lack of pranks committed by X recently that this episode was so refreshing for me. Combine that with the squad helping Tae-woon out and everything got 10x’s better. Since we’re nearing the end of the drama, I doubt we’ll get any more incidents and pranks though which is unfortunate. It seems like for the rest of the drama, it’s going to focus on Tae-woon’s getting caught (or rather Eunho sacrificing herself to save him) and the aftermath with all of that which should make for a less interesting end. Don’t stop the fun yet!


In addition to pranks and incidents by X, I wouldn’t mind watching an entire new drama with Teacher Shim and Officer Soo-ji as well. I think their storyline is another interesting one in itself because they’re opposites in the way they think and approach the students into learning about the real world, but they also work well together. If there was an entirely new drama with the two of them as the main characters, I would totally watch it. In way it’s a little regretful that they’re not as heavily focused and emphasized in School 2017. Granted it’s a school drama so of course they’re not going to be our main characters, but I don’t know. I wanna see more of them and knowing that we’re not going to get any more of their characters from anywhere else other than this drama makes me a bit sad. There’s so much character and storyline potential wasted and I want to see more of them.


Sooner or later Tae-woon and Eunho are bound to get caught and while a part of me hope that they don’t in the next episode, a part of me also wants them to so we can just get this over with and start with all the punishments that are to proceed afterwards. It’s inevitable and I think the drama is going to take this route so I would rather have it happen sooner than later. I just hope that when it does, the discovery doesn’t ruin Tae-woon and Eunho’s relationship with each other and that this crucial moment demonstrates the strength of their love for each other rather than weaken their relationship. They’ll only be able to test their love and care for each other when they face struggles and obstacles that has to do with the other and I think we’ll get our answer in the next episode just how strong their relationship is. Here’s to hoping it’s like a rock and that the bind between the two never breaks but only gets stronger. They’ve only been a couple for a few days, we can’t have them end so soon yet (or ever).


School 2017: Episode 12 recap


Life is always better when you have people you can rely on for support and help. Despite all the obstacles and struggles that our each of our characters are facing respectively on their own, they’re ultimately not alone because they have one another to rely on. It’s this reminder as well as these support networks that keeps everyone going. It’s what’s keeping everyone strong. #YouNeverWalkAlone

School 2017 Episode 12: Soar Up, You

The last episode left us with a frustrated and tired Eunho, kindly asking Tae-woon to stop talking to her and to stay away from her. Tae-woon returns home that night torn and heart-broken. He recalls Eunho’s words in their conversation and reflects upon it. Eunho does the same in her bedroom. Her mind traces back to Tae-woon and although she was the one who pushed Tae-woon away, she can’t stop thinking about him.

Tae-woon tries to talk it out with Eunho the next morning at school, but instead things get even worse. They get into another argument. Tae-woon just can’t continue to do things for Eunho and expect her to take it all in every time. It doesn’t work like that. She refuses to accept his laptop and even throws it onto the ground.

Tae-woon then unleashes his feelings of suppression and anger and expresses just how suffocating this has all been for him. He just wanted to do things for her because he liked her and had genuine feelings for her. He was careful around her and made sure to not pressure or scare her in any way. So why did she just play around with his feelings? He walks away after letting his thoughts out and Dae-hwi, who’s not too far away, notices Tae-woon marching away. He senses that something’s wrong.

Whether it’s at school or at work at the convenience store, Tae-woon and Eunho can’t stop thinking about each other. Since Eunho asked for time away from Tae-woon, Tae-woon gives that to her. He avoids her when they see each other on campus.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.01.20 AM

But Tae-woon still shows his care and concern for Eunho in other subtle ways. He leaves his laptop in her locker to which she declines. She returns it to Tae-woon while he’s in his hideaway spot, but Tae-woon doesn’t want it back either. He doesn’t need it, she does. Tae-woon just wants Eunho to apologize to him for hurting his pride, but she doesn’t. And she does the opposite. She walks away ignoring his words.

Tae-woon and Dae-hwi attempt to fulfill their cleaning punishment, but it doesn’t go too well. They end up getting into another fight, but unlike before no one stops them. Teacher Koo, who’s waiting outside of the gym where the boys are fighting, is perfectly aware that they’re fighting but decides that maybe letting them fight each other is the best solution to getting the boys back on good terms with each other. He wants to try something different.

Back inside the gym, Dae-hwi and Tae-woon open up about Joong-gi. On the day that Joong-gi’s mother tried to enter the school with his son’s ashes so that her son could visit his high school one last time, instead of supporting Joong-gi’s mother Dae-hwi ended up studying instead. Or on the day that it was just Joong-gi’s funeral, Dae-hwi chose academics over his best friend instead.

But Dae-hwi decided to focus on his studies instead because of the promise that he made with Joong-gi. He promised him that he would study so he could be successful and become an influential person. That’s why Dae-hwi decided to take an exam on the day that it was Joong-gi’s funeral.

Tae-woon shares his side of the story as well. He blamed Dae-hwi for everything because he was a coward. Because he was so powerless and didn’t know how to deal with that. He just blamed Dae-hwi for everything. That was all he could do. But Tae-woon voices that even though he seemed like he didn’t care about Dae-hwi, he did. All along he was worried that Dae-hwi might get into trouble like how he did and that he hoped that Dae-hwi wouldn’t.

The two frenemies end the conversation by talking about their respective girl friends. What is Dae-hwi gonna do with Nam-joo and what is Tae-woon gonna do with Eunho? Lol.

Dae-hwi approaches Nam-joo that day at school, but she ignores him.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.21.36 AM

Eunho catches her brother at a convenience store near their house that night. The siblings have a good talk about jobs. Brother just wants to be an officer worker and experience what that life is like but isn’t finding any success with jobs. Eunho cheers her brother up and gives him encouraging words. It’s not the end of the world, there’s still time and hope.

With the financial situation that Eunho’s family’s in, things don’t seem to be going well with the family. They blame one another for the mess they’re in and argue with one another over whose fault it is that they barely have anything to eat. Eunho lays in her bed that night tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep because there is too much on her mind.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.20.49 PM

The next morning at school, Hee-chan and Dae-hwi have a talk outside. Hee-chan threatens Dae-hwi when Dae-hwi refuses to listen to Hee-chan like how he used to. Hee-chan knows that Tae-woon is X and has conclusive evidence to prove so. Dae-hwi pretends to be careless about this, but inside he panics. What’s gonna happen to Tae-woon and what will Hee-chan do with this information?

Sarang meets her mother on campus and has a talk with her mom. Turns out Sarang failed the civil servant exam, but her mother isn’t too bummed out. If anything she can just study to get into college like the rest of her friends and then get a good job. Sarang’s mom encourages her daughter to just focus on her dreams and to do what she wants, but Sarang can’t afford to have dreams — especially not in the difficult financial situation that her and her mother is in right now. She sheds some tears of frustration and sadness in front of her mother which surprises her mother.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.28.28 PM

Kyung-woo finds Sarang crying inside their school cafeteria. He encourages her to be honest with her mom by having a talk with her like how Sarang did with Eunho. Maybe things will work out better this way (aww, they’re so cute).

Tae-woon helps Eunho out with her part-time jobs. He’s trying to “protect her dreams” by supporting her so she has less stress and can spend time focusing on drawing. So he helps her pass out flyers and then re-stock items at the convenience store. Afterwards they reward themselves with some juice at a coffee shop. Eunho explains to Tae-woon why she stopped drawing. Even though her family situation is a reason, she also stopped because of the intense competition. She wasn’t going to get anywhere so she decided to just give up. No matter how much Tae-woon encourages Eunho to continue her webtoon series, she refuses to. She doesn’t have the confidence.

Some students talk about Issue’s departure from his idol group. They ask Sarang (aka Issue’s biggest fangirl) if she’s heard the news or not yet to which Sarang sadly replies that yes, she has heard. Issue enters the room only to hear the girls talking negatively about him. He acts as if he didn’t hear anything even though inside he’s hurt.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.45.38 PM

He heads outside for some fresh air when Teacher Jung joins him. Teacher Jung cheers him up and encourages him to move forward. Issue may be scared and doubtful right now because he feels as if it’s the end of the world but there is always hope — just like how there was hope for Teacher Jung after he had to quit baseball after an injury. Now he’s doing much better and the same thing will happen to Issue.

Sarang’s mother scolds Sarang for not signing up for a field study, but Sarang makes up excuses as to why she didn’t sign up. But Sarang’s mother can read through her and knows it’s because of money that Sarang didn’t go. That night, they head out to an expensive restaurant to have dinner together. Sarang’s mom is dedicated to giving Sarang all that she wants. She’ll make more money in the future to provide for the both of them so Sarang should stop worrying about her. Everything will be okay. Sarang breaks down into tears upon hearing this from her mother, grateful to have such a loving mother.

Sarang visits Eunho that night at her house. They agree on studying for the college entrance exam together and encourage each other to do their best. Best friends indeed.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.59.46 PM

Officer Soo-ji catches the 3 bullies smoking off campus. She catches them in time before they can even begin and walks away with their cigarettes. Bully leader takes responsibility for what happened, but just when Officer Soo-ji is about to respond back to her a sudden cry about a thief alerts them both. Officer Soo-ji tries to stop the thief at first, but it isn’t until bully leader helps her that the thief is taken down. Seeing the potential in bully leader, Officer Soo-ji offers her an opportunity to work part-time with her as an assistant. Bully leader isn’t opened to the idea, but Officer Soo-ji asks her to consider it.

Eunho receives her paycheck but instead of spending it on food she decides to give her hard-earned money to her brother instead. She encourages him to keep going to job interviews and to keep working hard. All of this will one day pay off.

Vice principal and ex-principal engage in a little not-that-friendly conversation with each other. Meanwhile, Tae-woon’s father aka Director of the school catches Tae-woon and Eunho walking with each other on campus. He then is reminded of what ex-principal said to him in their last meeting: Eunho’s drawing a webtoon series about X which means she personally has to know X herself in order to be able to dedicate a whole webtoon series on it. Tae-woon’s father grows suspicious.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.13.10 PM

Ex-principal browses through Eunho’s webtoon series and attempts to leave a comment asking about how she knows about X, but it’s too difficult for him. The generation gap is too huge between him and his students and he doesn’t know how to make a comment without sounding older so he stops trying, lol. Just then Tae-woon’s dad walks into the ex-principal’s office. Ex-principal is now re-instated as principal.

He announces to the entire school his position as principal again. He also vows to find X within the next week so everyone should just stay put. Whoever is discovered to be X will face several criminal charges and school punishment.

Tae-woon and Eunho have an emergency meeting that day at his hideaway spot. Meanwhile, Hee-chan shares with Principal that he knows where X’s hideaway spot is. Together, all the staff and faculty rush out of the teacher’s office room and follow Hee-chan outside to the warehouse. But just right when they’re about to open the warehouse, X comes running out and catches everyone’s attention. Everyone else but Principal and Hee-chan chase after X while the two decide to check the warehouse. But it’s not what they expected at all.

Inside the warehouse, Principal and Hee-chan find Eunho, Dae-hwi, Tae-woon, and Bo-ra “studying.” AHHHHHHHHHH. Dumbfounded, Principal leaves the warehouse while Hee-chan stays inside for a few seconds longer furious. Someone’s plan backfired. Puahaha.

X manages to escape from the staff and faculty… or least he thinks he did. But Officer Soo-ji isn’t foolish. She finds him hiding under a ramp and not only catches him but also knows who he is. It’s Teacher Shim! (AHHHHHHHHH WTH WOWOWOW. THIS IS THE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER).

Officer Soo-ji interrogates Teacher Shim for more information. He must not have caught X on purpose this whole time since he’s pretending to be X. And plus, he must also know who X is. But Teacher Shim hesitates to spill anything — especially since if he tells her who X is she’ll arrest X and get him in trouble. That’ll be too risky and he doesn’t want his students to be in danger.

Hee-chan has a hard time studying because he’s still angry over what happened earlier that day. Meanwhile, the quartets rejoice over their plan in tricking Hee-chan. Turns out Tae-woon and Dae-hwi worked together in coming up the plan since Tae-woon had been noticing that Hee-chan’s been lurking around his hideaway spot recently. He informed Dae-hwi about this and together they came up with a plan. OOH YEAH. Teamwork baby!

During that time, Bo-ra takes the time to compliment Eunho on her webtoon series. Eunho’s curiosity is piqued and she heads home to take a look at what Bo-ra’s talking about.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.39.13 PM

Turns out that Tae-woon had been taking the time to draw all the scenes that Eunho originally drew but threw out that she thought wasn’t good enough. She’s worked so hard in drawing all of this and he believed that it deserves to be seen. So he drew her original drawings out into a webtoon series. He had also been collecting all her original drawings because they didn’t deserve to be thrown out. Tae-woon hands them back to her in a box. Eunho takes a look at all the drawings that night in her bedroom. Meanwhile, Tae-woon takes a look at her webtoon series that night and notices that he got a comment from Eunho. It’s not so much the comment that he gushes over, but it’s the fact that she put a heart emoji along with her comment that he’s excited over.

He confronts this with Eunho the next morning at school to which she grows embarrassed about. She walks out of the classroom and tries to hide from Tae-woon but it’s of no use. Dae-hwi exposes her to Tae-woon and even when she’s drawing on the rooftop of a school building he manages to find her there too.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 2.51.39 PM

Once Tae-woon finds Eunho he confesses to her once again. He misses her all the time, he wants to stay with her all the time, and he thinks about her all the time.

The drama then takes us on a walk down memory lane, showing scenes of our characters comforting each other and cheering the other person up. While this is happening, we get a voice over from Tae-woon:

They say Hellen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” You should just walk confidently towards your dream. What we find at the end of the road will not be a fancy destination, but beautiful footsteps we made along the way.

Teacher Shim hands students their grade reports. Dae-hwi ends up ranking in first (YESSSS!) while Hee-chan ends up in 5th. Hee-chan’s mother isn’t too happy with the results, but Hee-chan can care less what his mom thinks (ooh someone’s starting to become rebellious).

While walking on campus, Eunho encounters Tae-woon. He jokingly asks her if she misses him and at first blatantly rejects it, but then changes her mind. She stops fighting her feelings and gives in, confessing to Tae-woon that yes, in fact she does miss him (OMG SOMEONE HOLD ME. I WAS NOT READY FOR THIS).

Although Eunho tried to hide her feelings at first, it’s become too hard for her to do it anymore. Tae-woon, excited at Eunho’s confession abruptly grabs her hand and holds it. Their fingers interlock and he pulls her in closer to him.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.03.10 PM

“Starting from today, we’re dating,” he articulates as they stare each other in the eyes. Smiles appear on the both of their faces as they both rejoice in happiness.

My Thoughts:



This episode was a solid one with better pacing and editing which allowed for greater consistency. We’re back on track with the X investigation case and this episode did a great job in providing progress and content with that. I thought we weren’t gonna get anywhere much with it, but I absolutely loved the two plot twists that the drama showed us in episode 12. Just when you think Tae-woon and Eunho are about to get caught as X and X-accomplice, they manage to outsmart everyone every single time. Granted they have to be smart and quick or else they would have already gotten caught but I like how they’re playing this game so creatively and simply. They’re never really afraid of getting caught because they know that they won’t anytime soon. As long as they stay on top of their game and take some precautions here and there they’ll come out on top and that’s what they’ve been doing — prevailing as winners every time.


I’m liking that Tae-woon and Eunho are winners every time and that they now have the support of additional members Bo-ra and Dae-hwi. They’re not alone in this and it was so great and refreshing seeing the 4 of them work together to trick everyone and to save themselves. There are a lot more risks now because there’s 4 of them, Principal is set on finding X (but I doubt he’ll get anywhere much), and there are major consequences in store for our quartets, but I like how we’re getting some fun for a little bit. It’s funny watching them ruin everyone’s plan and outsmart everyone every single time because you’re not really sure what they have up their sleeves next but then when you do see what their plans are you just get so excited because it’s nothing like what you expected. You think when you’ve seen it all you actually haven’t and you just go crazy at seeing how smart and creative they are every time. I’m just dreading for the day when they do get caught and are punished for their behavior. I hope it never comes, but I do think the drama is going to go that route so it makes me concerned not knowing what’s gonna happen to our characters. I don’t even want to think about it.


With the second plot twist, I would have never imagined that Teacher Shim would pretend to act as X in order to save his students. I’m not really sure why I never thought about that though because it makes so much sense. He loves and supports his students and always wants to protect them so of course he’ll do whatever he can in order to ensure their safety. I think that it was just that during that moment of this episode I was so caught up in Tae-woon and Eunho possibly getting caught by Hee-chan, staff, and faculty that I got nervous and didn’t even think about the possibility of Teacher Shim being X. But then things got confusing when Tae-woon and Dae-hwi were both inside the warehouse at the same time because you didn’t know who was running as X. If the drama had made both boys acting as X this entire time but the both of them were in the same room then who was the new person as X? That’s when we find out that Teacher Shim sacrificed himself for his students and while I was definitely shocked upon this reveal (and shocked that Officer Soo-ji finally caught X), I wasn’t surprised given the stance and thoughts that Teacher Shim has regarding his students. These two scenes were brilliantly thought out though (like I was legit on the edge of my seat) and well executed by the characters and production team. Editing was good so that you were interested in what was gonna happen and if Tae-woon and Eunho was going to get caught. And then seeing the quartet inside the storage room and then Teacher Shim revealed as X made things even more worth it. By far my most favorite scene in all of the drama so far. Well played, well played.


The strongest link of this episode yet would be the pacing. Even though the episode started out showing Eunho and Tae-woon on bad terms, they transitioned into an official couple by the end of this episode and usually these type of transitions aren’t well executed but I actually didn’t have a problem with how much things shifted between our lovebirds in this episode. It all made sense to me and because the drama actually showed us scenes of Tae-woon’s sincerity and kindness towards Eunho (such as helping her with her part-time jobs so she could be one step closer to achieving her dreams or finishing the rest of her drawings for her webtoon series), you understand why Eunho would warm back up to Tae-woon and eventually let him back into her life. His actions for her were so subtle but meaningful and together made a huge impact on Eunho. She was afraid of falling for him and tried to suppress and avoid her feelings for him, but eventually she understood that maybe Tae-woon isn’t playing around with her and actually means everything he says or he does. I’m glad that Tae-woon is helping Eunho support her dreams and being a supportive friend, but I’m also hoping for some character development on his side as well. So far, he’s been really focused on Eunho and his life has been revolving around her, but I want him to take some time for himself as well to figure out what his dreams are and what it is in life that he likes or wants to do. Hopefully Eunho will help support him in this process or be the catalyst to get him thinking. Either way, I want our couple to find their dreams and be able to achieve them respectively while supporting each other along the way.


I’m glad that Tae-woon and Eunho are together and can maybe start anew given the difficult situation they were in earlier. Here’s to hoping they can forget about their past mistakes while learn from them and move forward while still doing the same exact thing they’ve been doing to each other the past few months: be best friends and serve as each other’s support network.


School 2017: Episode 11 recap

bts 00

Ahhhh, I don’t know. I don’t even know anymore. So many things are happening and this drama makes my blood boil. LOL. Getting a good episode from this drama comes around once in a blue moon, but when the drama does deliver and we do get that good episode it makes everything worth it.

Unfortunately, today was not that episode.

Note: I apologize for the late recap! Episode 12’s recap will be up tomorrow.

School 2017 episode 7: Dreams, Sparkly but Unnerving

In episode 10, we ended with Tae-woon and Dae-hwi revealing their identities as X to each other. However, the intense scene is interrupted by a school guard who catches the two on campus late at night. They manage to escape from the guard by hiding in a room together. Once out of the guard’s sight, Tae-woon asks Dae-hwi why he’s pretending to act as X. He lists 2 reasons: 1) Hee-chan knows that Tae-woon’s X but he just needs a confirmation for everything 2) Eunho could be in possible danger because of Tae-woon. Dae-hwi takes off the black sweater and stays behind in the room while Tae-woon leaves.

Add Dae-hwi onto the list of people who know about Tae-woon’s hideaway spot. He enters the warehouse with Tae-woon and together they get into another argument. This time, Dae-hwi’s angry at Tae-woon for being so selfish in committing all these pranks/incidents as X and possibly getting Eunho into more trouble. But Tae-woon defends himself by saying that this all started in the first place because of Dae-hwi who decided to team up with Hee-chan. Tae-woon almost swings his fist into Dae-hwi’s face, but he stops himself and walks away (can you two just please stop fighting? Pleeeease? For just once?). Dae-hwi receives a phone call from Hee-chan but doesn’t pick up the call.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 6.51.19 PM

Tae-woon reflects on Dae-hwi’s words that was mentioned in their earlier conversation. Dae-hwi suggest that Tae-woon just turn himself in as X. Hee-chan and Dae-hwi already know he’s X and hiding it would only get Eunho into more trouble.

Tae-woon looks for Hee-chan the next day only to find out that he’s outside talking to Dae-hwi. While he waits outside near the two and listens in on their conversation, Dae-hwi and Hee-chan are talking about Dae-hwi’s identity as X. It doesn’t make any sense to Hee-chan why Dae-hwi would be X, but Dae-hwi explains that maybe he’s doing this after years of putting up with Hee-chan’s abuse and threats. Hee-chan hopes to use the revelation of X as a reason to warn Eunho how dangerous and powerful he can be. He needs to teach her a lesson so she’ll stop.

Dae-hwi leaves Hee-chan only to encounter Tae-woon not too long after. He steps out from hiding and walks past the both of them.

Tae-woon just can’t seem to catch a break. When he’s not arguing with Dae-hwi or Hee-chan, he’s busy being jealous over Eunho. The same guy who confessed to Eunho in the earlier episode returns again this time and asks Eunho out on a movie date. Of course, our Tae-woonie gets jealous and refuses to let her go with him. He even eats the candy that was originally given to her by the guy (omg haha). Tae-woon also asks Eunho about his confession and what her answer to his confession is, but she awkwardly avoids the subject. She’ll tell him someday what her answer is.

Announcements about Bit-na and Bo-ra’s fighting incident as well as the school violence hearing between Eunho and Hee-chan is posted. Students commend Eunho and Bo-ra for their bravery and win, but Bit-na isn’t too happy with the news.

While walking outside together, Eunho, Bo-ra, and Sarang come across Hee-chan. Eunho demands for an apology from him since she won the school violence hearing, but Hee-chan refuses to. He’s going to file a complaint against her. Wow, he just doesn’t know when to stop.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 7.12.11 PM

But his plans are ruined when Hee-chan’s mother tells him to rather just focus on studying instead. She expresses frustration in providing all that she can for Hee-chan to succeed, but not achieving much. That’s when Hee-chan explodes on his mother. He too is tired and he’s frustrated and suffocating inside. He also can’t do this much longer. Hee-chan’s mother watches his son cry in front of her in shock and agony.

Staff and faculty has a meeting in the teacher’s office room at school. Teacher Jang will be punished accordingly for her unfair evaluation against Bo-ra thanks to Teacher Shim’s re-investigation of the Bit-na and Bo-ra case. But this is a lesson that should be learned in the future. Everyone should be fair and unbiased when evaluating students. Teacher Shim then heads on with his day when a man walks into the teacher’s office room. He watches as the man gives his classroom a moving and heart-felt speech about dreams. He ends the class by encouraging his students to achieve their dreams.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 7.20.52 PM

In Tae-woon’s secret hideaway, Eunho gets excited over the increasing views of her webtoon. Although she acted oblivious at first, she knew all along that Tae-woon was the person behind the comments. Hahaha. She thanks him for being her first fan to her webtoon. Aww. She then asks Tae-woon about dreams and if he has any. Although he claims he doesn’t, Eunho sees the potential he has in being an artist since he is a good drawer.

Eunho’s concerned that she won’t become a successful webtoon artist. There are so many other people doing the same thing as her that she can just easily fail and fade into the background. Eunho worries that she won’t succeed and that she’s not doing good enough, but Tae-woon encourages her to keep trying. Maybe there is some hope among all the competition she’s facing.

That night, Eunho checks her webtoon for new comments and views. She receives a new comment from the username “Nice Guy” aka Tae-woon and reads that maybe the lead character of her webtoon (aka her) should try falling in love. Maybe then the character will come to life. Lol.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 7.31.42 PM

It’s Bit-na’s birthday. Nam-joo gets her a scented candle which some classmates comment looks and sounds cheap. Errr. They then continue to be nosy by asking her about her dad being the CEO of a taxi company as well as about her relationship with Dae-hwi. Dae-hwi, who’s sitting next to them, chimes in that yes, he and Nam-joo did break up. Frustrated, Nam-joo confronts Dae-hwi about it later on at school. How dare he hurt her pride and tell everyone the honest truth? Lol. Nam-joo walks away hurt.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.39.22 PM

Eunho finds out from Tae-woon that his dad likes their chicken. Aww, haha. No wonder he’s been getting some for Tae-woon as well. In replacement of ordering delivery, Eunho permits Tae-woon to come over to her house to learn how to fry one chicken. Just one chicken. That’s it. No more delivery orders from him, haha.

Eunho and Tae-woon head out to make delivery orders together (“there are too many weirdos out there”). It’s not until certain girls they deliver to compliment Tae-woon’s looks that Eunho learns to appreciate Tae-woon. Tae-woon teases Eunho for being jealous, but then gets mad at her when she tells him to go date those girls. HAHAHA. The 180 change in his mood is hilarioussss. Tae-woon doesn’t want to date anyone else but Eunho and is helping her deliver chicken because he wants to see her and always be next to her (okay, this is getting a little too cheesy for me. Please, someone stop themmm). He manages to sneak a selfie with Eunho.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.55.14 PM

While driving, Tae-woon’s motorcycle breaks down. He goes to get it fixed and waits with Eunho at the shop. While at the shop, Tae-woon takes a look at the other motorcycles and goes off on a tangent about the different motorcycles there and each component of the motorcycle. It’s obvious he has some sort of passion and interest in motorcycles and Eunho looks at him in admiration and awe as he continues to gush over motorcycles (ooh, I think someone’s falling in loveeee). And also, I’ve never seen Tae-woon get so excited over anything other than Eunho.

That night, they have a heartfelt conversation about Joong-gi and dreams. While Eunho still struggles to ride the bus because of the incident with Joong-gi, Tae-woon has been able to ride his motorcycle even after the incident because of his best friend who’s been the main motivation for him to do so. Since Tae-woon has a huge passion and interest in motorcycles, maybe his dream could be to design motorcycles Eunho suggests. But dreams? The only dream that exists for Tae-woon is Eunho.

Eunho has a delicious and warm dinner with her family. Their dad treats them all to expensive but yummy food. Hopefully they can continue to afford these type of food with more job offerings in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.08.33 PM

The next morning at school, Tae-woon receives a note from Eunho on the desk in his hideaway spot. The note from Eunho encourages Tae-woon to achieve his dreams and to do what it is that he wants. Eunho gifts him a magazine of motorcycles along with the note. Aww, she’s supporting his dreams 🙂

Tae-woon and Dae-hwi come across each other on campus. They almost get into another fight until Teacher Koo stops the both of them in time. The two boys are punished and are responsible for cleaning up a messy classroom together. They object to cleaning together at first, but Teacher Koo gives them no other option. Before leaving the classroom, he has a simple suggestion for them: maybe making up doesn’t sound too bad.

Although it’s a bumpy ride throughout the whole process, the two boys clean the classroom as clean and neat as it can be. Dae-hwi discovers a huge drawing sketchbook owned by Tae-woon when he used to draw, but pretends he didn’t see it when Tae-woon enters the classroom.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.16.50 PM

Dae-hwi and Tae-woon enjoy a drink together while sitting outside. They talk about Eunho for a little bit before being interrupted by a phone call from Hee-chan. Dae-hwi ignores his call though and expresses that he doesn’t regret cutting ties with him. He’s had enough of Hee-chan.

Speaking of Hee-chan, he enters the ex-principal’s office who is still trying to crack down on the X investigation case. He claims that he knows who X is and is willing to give the former principal some details. That following day, the ex-principal visits Tae-woon’s father and asks for a second chance. If he is re-instated to be principal again he’s sure he can find who X is within a week.

After school, Hee-chan’s mother volunteers to give Dae-hwi a ride home like how she used to, but Dae-hwi respectfully declines and chooses to walk home instead. Wow, he really must not want to have to do anything with Hee-chan. Tae-woon notices this change in Dae-hwi’s behavior and decides to approach him later on that day. He ends up taking the same route Dae-hwi usually takes to get home even though his house is all the way on the opposite side. “I’m just gonna go home using this way today!” Lol. Oh Tae-woon.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.35.09 PM

Teacher Shim has a meeting with the leader of the 3 bullies. Although he encourages her to do good in school so she won’t get expelled, Officer Soo-ji who is also in the same room as them tells her to do one or the other. She should either stay in school and excel in it or just rebel properly and leave. This angers the students and she leaves.

Lol, omg poor Teacher Jung. In gym class, Officer Soo-ji does demonstrations of how to practice self-defense against perverts or attackers. Teacher Jung at first gets excited over getting to “touch” Officer Soo-ji, but this happiness doesn’t last too long once he gets thrown around and around by Officer Soo-ji. LOL. All the students watch in amazement but pain at this sight. Officer Soo-ji volunteers bully leader to practice the different methods she showed earlier and to everyone’s surprise, she’s actually quite good at it. She manages to flip Teacher Jung on her first try. Officer Soo-ji sees potential in bully leader, claiming she’s good enough she can be a police officer.

Eunho comes home to an angry mom and conflicted dad and brother (oh nooo). Turns out Dad and Brother got scammed and used money that was originally meant for their security deposit. Mom isn’t happy about this, but they can’t do anything about it now. She calls friends and acquaintances for job opportunities so she can make up for the money that they lost.

Eunho quits her drawing class that her dad had been paying for her to take and takes on more hours for work. Meanwhile, her brother goes and tries to find jobs. All this is too stressful and overwhelming for Eunho she breaks down while outside alone at night.

Eunho packs her belongings that were in Tae-woon’s hideaway spot and lies that she’s going to take a break from drawing. We also see her working at a convenience store as her other part-time job. She’s not the best at it, but she works her hardest and tries her best. But it’s not too long until Tae-woon finds out about Eunho’s new job. He wants her to stop working and instead to focus on drawing and studying, but it’s not that easy for Eunho. She’s not as fortunate as Tae-woon and actually has to work to make money.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.54.04 PM

At first Eunho tries to explain to Tae-woon why she decided to stop drawing, but it’s too difficult for her. Instead, she asks for Tae-woon to leave her alone before leaving the coffee shop (NOOOOO. DON’T SAY THAT EUNHO).

While riding the bus home, Dae-hwi’s mind wanders back to Nam-joo and all the memories they made when they were still a couple. Maybe he hasn’t moved on like how he acts like he does.

Meanwhile, Eunho and Tae-woon can only think about each other. His patience runs out and he heads out to find her. They end up encountering each other at a neighborhood near Eunho’s house where Tae-woon hands her a laptop. If she claims her computer broke which is why she stopped drawing, then maybe everything will be fixed if she had a laptop to draw on.

But things aren’t that simple. Eunho just can’t simply return to drawing like how Tae-woon thinks she can. Things aren’t as easy for people like her. She grows frustrated and embarrassed over his kindness and makes a final decision.

Eunho wants her and Tae-woon to stop talking to each other. She doesn’t want to be affiliated and involved with him anymore. She doesn’t want him to think about her anymore. That’s her final response in regards to his confession.

My Thoughts:

Wow, I’m so mad. How could the drama even think about doing this to us?! AHHH.


Before I comment about the break-up, I’ve realized after 11 episodes that the thing about School 2017 that makes me frustrated is its lack of consistency. It builds the entire episode to lead up to the finale moments of the episode and gives us this huge dramatic finish without actually following up with it in the next episode. School 2017 is like that one friend who says they’ll do something for you, but then actually doesn’t do what they said they would do in the end and instead just leaves you hanging. The drama has constantly left us hanging without actually providing us some substance, content, progress on plots that it had been showing viewers.

For example, in the last episode we see this really huge dramatic and intense moment of Tae-woon and Dae-hwi removing the hoodies from their heads and basically revealing to each other their identities as X. It was such a grand finale moment and the episode was basically dedicated to this scene. But then in this episode, we never got anything out of that. What happened to Tae-woon and Dae-hwi knowing that they’re both X now? Why does the drama spend so much time emphasizing on Dae-hwi and Tae-woon acting both as X and then give us minimal content about it in the next episode? The drama literally just teases viewers with cliffhangers for whatever purposes, but doesn’t actually know what to do with them. If you’re going to spend so much time hyping up the entire episode for the cliffhangers at the end of every episode, then deliver. Make it well worth it. Don’t do it just because you need a reason to keep your viewers interested. Do something with it.

bts 01

Maybe this might just be me, but now that Dae-hwi has also been pretending to be X and he knows Tae-woon is X and vice versa, I want some real action! I want some real drama! Confront the corruption of the school system up and break it apart. The two boys can work together to break the unequal school system so ingrained in every aspect of the school from the administration to the staff and faculty down to even the students. I understand that there are a lot more risks now that Hee-chan has an idea that Tae-woon is X, but the drama spent so much time and still spends time on this plot but it’s all just useless timing. It’s a repetitive cycle where people suspect others on who X is, but you don’t really ever get anywhere. I want Tae-woon and Dae-hwi to work together in an effort to 1) break apart the corrupt school system 2) unconsciously and unknowingly use this identity as X to make amends with each other again.


Also, with Tae-woon and Dae-hwi, I know this is literally the thing we’ve been waiting for the past 6 weeks, but why did it take so long for us to get there? The drama spent so much time covering Dae-hwi and Tae-woon’s hate relationship with each other that in this episode when they started warming up to each other I was happy because that was what I wanted, but the impact just simply wasn’t there. It makes sense why Tae-woon is taking the first steps in approaching Dae-hwi again because he’s understanding that maybe Dae-hwi is really changing and he’s not going to be Hee-chan’s puppet like how he was back then. But what I don’t understand is why it took us 11 episodes to get here — to get to this point. We had so many episodes of the same kind of arguments and fights between the two boys, the pacing of their relationship could have been a lot smoother and the pay-off could have been a lot more meaningful and worthy. But I didn’t feel any of those things in this episode and it’s such a shame because the drama did well giving us angst between the two (a little repetitive but I mean they got the point across), but then now that their relationship has switched the drama didn’t deliver all the way through.

And also, why did it have to take Teacher Koo to make a comment about making up for the two boys to actually consider that? Is it because he’s an adult? Is it because he’s a teacher? Eunho – who means dearly to both boys – have been suggesting this for the past few episodes, but the neither of them never listened to her and then it wasn’t until this episode when Teacher Koo suggested it that they then thought about doing it. Eunho means more to them than Teacher Koo does, but they didn’t follow her words. So why make up now? Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that they’re slowly starting to rebuild their friendship even if that will take some time and some steps to get there which is fine because I’m all about the process and not necessarily the end result, but the impact of seeing the start to this process was lackluster. What prompted the both of them to suddenly change their ways and shift their views about each other so suddenly after months and months of non-stop fighting?


I think it’s so interesting (and ironic) that Eunho was always the one to talk about dreams to Tae-woon and was in the process of achieving hers and was the catalyst encouraging Tae-woon to follow his, but then with just one decision made by her family she had to give up everything she worked so hard for. It’s the most ironic thing in the world and it’s heart-breaking watching her give up on her dream of becoming a webtoon artist because we all know how passionate she is about it and how much she loves it. She faced so many obstacles just to get to this point and now that she has to give it all up involuntarily makes things even worse.

Okay, now on to the “break-up.” Omg.. I don’t even know where to start. I stand by what I said earlier about the drama teasing viewers with dramatic cliffhangers at the end of every episode because I felt like the drama just wanted them to break-up just for the heck of it – not because it actually really serves any purpose in the plot/narrative. And I say this because in this episode we see Tae-woon and Eunho once again confiding in each other and having real deep conversations about life, dreams, and Joong-gi so you obviously witness just how close they’ve become and how much they mean to each other. But then by the end of this episode, you have Eunho wanting to disassociate with Tae-woon and for me, this just seemed to sudden. I think given her situation and her feelings and thoughts, I don’t blame her for feeling that way. I think her argument about Tae-woon getting things easy while less fortunate people like her have to work harder to survive in this world is accurate and relevant. Her feelings and thoughts are totally valid. My issue is with the pacing though because you have the two being all lovey-dovey with each other at the beginning and middle of the episode and then towards the end she didn’t want to have to do anything with him anymore. It was too much of a sudden change and shift especially after all the little moments of the two the drama had showed us that made you understand how and why they got close. Did the drama just give us a sad ending because it had nothing else to work with? It shouldn’t be though because the show actually has some content or substance, it just lacks consistency in focusing on those many plots.


Despite my frustration with the pacing and inconsistency with the show, it’s not the characters who I’m THAT frustrated with. I actually enjoy the angst because to me it makes sense. I understand Eunho’s frustration with Tae-woon because he’s naive and he thinks that everything can be settled and solved so easily. For Tae-woon who grew up rich and privileged, he doesn’t understand the struggles people less fortunate deal with and that’s not necessarily his fault, but I could see why Eunho is frustrated with him. But at the same time, Tae-woon doesn’t know any better and he genuinely wanted to help Eunho achieve her dreams. Just like how she motivated him to achieve his dreams of possibly becoming a designer for motorcycles, he wants to return the favor and do the same for her by providing her his support. So I see where both sides are coming from and I understand why this an issue between the two and how it has come about. I’m glad that this dilemma in class/status is what’s causing a shift in Tae-woon and Eunho’s relationship because 1) this is a theme/motif consistent throughout the drama so it’s built into the narrative and continually emphasized upon 2) Eunho and Tae-woon aren’t growing apart because of other small irrelevant issues like jealousy, Dae-hwi, interjection of other characters, etc.

bts 09

BUT the thing that I didn’t understand though is her reaction to his support/help. The drama’s going to give us these cute, bubbly, and raw moments between the two this entire time and then all of a sudden have the two break apart. Like why? Maybe Eunho was caught up in the moment and is so stressful and overwhelmed that she just needed some time alone so maybe that’s why she said such hurtful words, but I don’t understand why she wants to stop seeing him. He’s been your best friend the past few months. He’s been the one you spent so much time with and shared your thoughts, dreams, and feelings with. He’s the one you abandoned your original best friend for because you enjoyed spending time with him and maybe found a part of home in every moment or time you spent together. So why do you want to break up with him after all this time? If the drama wanted to give us angst and a break-up between the two love birds, it should have been more logical. If the drama had shown us Eunho reflecting on Tae-woon’s behavior and showed her conflicted over receiving his help and support the past few episodes, then maybe I could see why she would want to break up with him. But we didn’t get any of that at all and we actually got the opposite where the two were always together and on good terms so this break-up just came out of no where for me.

Like I’ve been emphasizing, the drama gives us moments just for the heck of it without explaining why it is or without actually doing anything about it. It builds its entire episode around the finale moment of every episode and then proceeds with the next episode as if nothing happens. I’m definitely sad that the two are “breaking up” and maybe it’s even more hurtful because they weren’t exactly an official couple yet so they parted before they could even start, but the drama just wanted them to break apart just for the heck of it, not because it actually has some use in the overall narrative and plot. Such a disappointment and definitely very sad.


I know it might seem like I dislike the drama, but that’s not true. I enjoy it. I think it’s fun, quirky, bubbly, and cute with some dose of angst and sadness in there. I like our characters and I definitely enjoy the moments between our characters especially Eunho and Tae-woon. But there are many plot holes with this drama that I just can’t seem to avoid and ignore no matter how many times I try to overlook it so I just feel the need to point them out. I will still finish this drama because it’s not that bad, but I’m also hoping for a lot more improvement in many different aspects.

Come on School 2017, don’t fail me now.


School 2017: Episode 10 recap

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 5.36.39 PM

Ahh, it seems like we’re getting back on track. The X investigation case resumes in this episode and we’re one step closer to finding out who might discover who X is. Along with progress on the X case, we also get character growth and development making this episode a heart-warming and satisfying watch.

School 2017 episode 10: How to Endure the Weight

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 1.55.04 PM

In the last episode, we left off with Tae-woon and Dae-hwi talking to each other. Tae-woon warns Dae-hwi to not follow through with Hee-chan’s request of getting rid of Eunho or else he’ll kill him. While Tae-woon walks away, Dae-hwi gets a phone call from Hee-chan but refrains from answering the phone call.

Teacher Shim, Eunho, and Hee-chan all get together for a meeting. Since Teacher Shim’s investigating the incident that happened between them, he wants some details. But Hee-chan refuses to discuss anything and would rather attend his private lessons than be in the same room with Eunho and Teacher Shim. Teacher Shim won’t let him go so easily.

Hee-chan and Dae-hwi are studying together when Hee-chan brings up Eunho once again. He wants Dae-hwi to do something about her just like how he did with Bo-ra the school year before, but Dae-hwi is still hesitant on doing so. The drama then takes us back to the year before after the fighting incident that had occurred between Bo-ra and Hee-chan. Turns out that Hee-chan got Dae-hwi involved in the whole mess by making him give her some money to stop her from revealing everything. Tae-woon witnesses this exchange between the two of them and realizes what’s happening. He’s disappointed in Dae-hwi for doing such a thing for Hee-chan and walks away. Back in the present, Hee-chan bribes Dae-hwi with a membership to summer lecture classes that can help him get into Seoyul University (the university of his choice) to persuade him to follow through with the request. What is Dae-hwi going to do?

Hee-chan’s mother visits Eunho’s parents and brother at their house. She wants an apology from Eunho. If Eunho apologizes, then she’ll forget everything and this will all stop. But Eunho doesn’t plan on giving up. She walks in to the meeting and boldly states that she’s confident she can win over Hee-chan in this case. She and her family then ask for Hee-chan’s mother to leave. Haha, gotta love Eunho and her fierce family!

Dae-hwi drops ice cream off at Eunho’s place. What was just supposed to be a quick visit turns into a brief conversation. The two friends check in with each other. Eunho shares her sentiments about the whole dispute with Hee-chan while Dae-hwi talks about his break-up with Nam-joo. Eunho then asks Dae-hwi about Bo-ra. What could have possibly happened to her and Hee-chan that made her not want to talk and just remain silent about everything? Dae-hwi himself remains silent on this question.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.28.21 PM

Tae-woon calls Eunho’s phone but doesn’t receive an answer because she’s too busy talking to Dae-hwi. Paranoid, he heads over to her place and finds the two talking. Dae-hwi leaves upon the arrival of Tae-woon while Eunho and Tae-woon stay behind and play around with each other (omg they’re so cute!!).

While talking to Tae-woon, Eunho wonders if she should just give up and apologize to Hee-chan. If she does then all of this will be over, there’ll be less stress on her family, and they’ll all be able to move on. Tae-woon won’t give up though even if Eunho does. He’ll do whatever he can to protect her and to make sure she doesn’t lose. Plus, this side of Eunho isn’t what he’s used to; what happened to the strong and confident girl that he liked? Haha. Tae-woon encourages Eunho to be strong in the midst of all this (AWWWWW IF THIS ISN’T LOVE THEN IDK WHAT IS).

The next day at school Eunho and Bo-ra have a small talk in the hallway. Bo-ra suggests that Eunho should just consider giving up but Eunho won’t. She’s not going to. If Bo-ra also wants to stand up for justice and do the right thing, she should help Eunho.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.44.40 PM

Teacher Shim waits outside of a coffee shop where Bo-ra works (omg Suran’s ‘Wine’ is playing which was produced by my Suga bby!!). She finds him waiting outside for her and asks him why he’s here. Teacher Shim tries to persuade Bo-ra to confide in him and tell him the details of what she witnessed the day of the incident between Hee-chan and Eunho, but she still refuses to. She doesn’t trust teachers. Bo-ra walks away and resumes to working.

Tae-woon and Eunho try to come up with phrases that she can put on a poster to hang up on on the window of the teacher’s office room. While Eunho struggles to come up with slogans, Tae-woon just relaxes. He draws on the poster a raging Eunho while Eunho returns to writing on the poster. Haha. Gotta love these two.

The two lovebirds finish the poster and hang it up on the teacher’s office room window for everyone to see. Teachers and students sign the poster in solidarity with and support of Eunho. Everything is going well until Tae-woon notices a sticky note that writes, “I’ve liked you for a while. Be strong.” Tae-woon storms into the classroom to find the author behind the note. HAHAHA.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 2.58.00 PM

Tae-woon finds Eunho talking to the guy who wrote the note. He grows jealous at the sight of them two talking and tries to stop them from talking any further. Eunho tries to push him away, but Tae-woon won’t stop. He doesn’t want anyone to talking to his Eunho. Lol. Meanwhile the guy just stands there in confusion, not knowing what to do or who to believe.

Tae-woon drops Eunho home that night. He’s worried that other guys will start talking to Eunho and confessing to her. He even uses phrases that Eunho’s used before to demonstrate his point (“my presence is crazy big”). Eunho smiles at the thought of this and points out that Tae-woon has a good memory. He brushes her away and watches her head home safely.

Nam-joo asks Dae-hwi to talk again. She wants to know why he ever dated her in the first place to which he claims that he dated her because he liked her but that his feelings started to fade when he knew she was lying. It was only because she was trying so hard to keep their relationship alive that he didn’t have the courage to break up with her after a while.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 3.08.53 PM

While on campus, Officer Soo-ji notices a brief but intense encounter between Bo-ra and Teacher Jang. She brings this to Teacher Shim’s attention and together the two follow-up with Teacher Jang to ask about this. Why does Bo-ra seem so uncomfortable around her? Did something happen between the two of them that caused Bo-ra to act like this? Officer Soo-ji even raises questions about the fighting incident between Bit-na and Bo-ra and what Teacher Jang really saw that day as she was the first teacher to have arrived at the scene. But Teacher Jang doesn’t reveal anything and remains indifferent. She didn’t see everything on the day of the incident and plus, not every student likes their teacher. This shouldn’t be a big deal.

Teacher Shim gets to work when he finds out that documents that get deleted actually don’t disappear if they’re not past 2 years old. Maybe he can find notes written about Bo-ra by teachers that can be used to help protect and save her. But while looking up the deleted documents, he comes across something else instead. He finds a document written by Teacher Jang with details about Hee-chan’s assault incident against Bo-ra last year.

Teacher Shim and Officer Soo-ji brings this to Teacher Jang’s attention and interrogate her, but she finds no fault in what she did. They find it mysterious that she went from supporting Bo-ra at first to placing her at fault in regards to the assault incident. This would also explain why Bo-ra has trouble trusting her and other teachers. Teacher Shim is furious and he’s going to do whatever he can to find the truth regarding Bit-na’s incident and Hee-chan’s assault incident with Bo-ra.

Eunho waits outside of Bo-ra’s workplace to talk to her. She wants to become friends with Bo-ra so that Bo-ra has a support system and someone to lean on, but Bo-ra has a hard time trusting her. She doesn’t believe in that stuff anymore especially after all that’s happened to her. She rejects the idea and walks out in the rain only to later run into Tae-woon who hands her the umbrella he was using for himself. He walks away in the rain.

Even at school things don’t seem to change. Eunho joins Bo-ra for a can of soda in their school cafeteria in an attempt to befriend her while Bo-ra hands Tae-woon back his umbrella.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 3.33.18 PM

Later on that day, Bo-ra run into Dae-hwi while walking across campus. She walks past him without saying a word, but then faints a few seconds after. Dae-hwi takes her to the hospital and discovers that Bo-ra had fainted due to extreme stress and had also been taking antidepressants for the past year.

Bo-ra recovers and returns to school. While looking at all the names and messages of support on her poster, Eunho finds Bo-ra’s name! She discovers Bo-ra walking through the school not too long after and catches up with Bo-ra to express her gratitude for Bo-ra’s support. It means a lot to Eunho to see Bo-ra’s name on the poster.

Hee-chan is frustrated with Dae-hwi for the lack of care and action he’s been taking to get rid of Eunho. Maybe he should just do everything himself. He’ll get rid of both Bo-ra and Eunho. But Dae-hwi grows fearful. He’s afraid that the monster that Hee-chan is right now is what he could possibly turn into if he continues to do all the horrible things that Hee-chan asks him to do. He doesn’t want to be like that.

While in the car with his mother, Hee-chan finds out that the director of the school plans on transferring or expelling Eunho. Since Tae-woon’s been spending time with her all he’s gotten into has been trouble.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 3.45.56 PM

While at school, Hee-chan discovers the former principal’s office. He enters the office only to find clues and hints as to who X is all over the walls on the office. After looking through all the clues and possible culprits, he suspects Dae-hwi as the person behind X. The latest thing X did was expose the former principal’s plans with the math competition and the person who benefitted from that was Dae-hwi so he must have been behind that incident.

Hee-chan has another request for Dae-hwi. This time, he wants Dae-hwi to find who out who X is for him.

Hee-chan asks Eunho about her webtoon series which is based off of the X investigation case. Although she claims it’s fictional, Hee-chan thinks there could be some truth behind it. He knows that Eunho isn’t X, but there’s still a possibility that she’s the accomplice of X. After thinking through all his encounters with Tae-woon and just how protective he was of Eunho or how they both got punished for entering the teacher’s office room the night Dae-hwi was X, he grows suspicious. Maybe Tae-woon is X?

While passing through at school, Hee-chan stops Tae-woon to ask him about X. He brings up his idea of how Tae-woon could possibly be X, but Tae-woon isn’t fazed. So what if he’s X? What is Hee-chan going to do about it? (OOOOH YOU TELL HIM TAE-WOON. YOU TELL HIM). Tae-woon walks away carelessly.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.02.13 PM

Eunho and Tae-woon agree to be cautious around Hee-chan. Especially now that he’s so determined on solving the X investigation case, they should be careful around him. This might mean spending less time together to get rid of any suspicions and doubts people might have of Eunho and Tae-woon, but it’ll be okay. It’ll only be for a short while (I HOPE)

(*update: they actually don’t stop spending time with each other)

It’s the day of the school violence hearing for Eunho and Hee-chan’s fighting incident. Just as the vice principal is about to announce Eunho’s punishment, Tae-woon and Bo-ra both walk into the hearing to disclose their accounts of what they saw that day of the incident. At first the committee members doubt Bo-ra’s witness account, but they change their minds once she shows them a video she recorded the day of the incident of Hee-chan throwing Eunho onto the ground. All the staff and committee members are in shock, but Teacher Shim is excited. He uses this opportunity to announce that he’ll like to re-open the Bit-na and Bo-ra case in an effort to find out the truth between what happened during that incident as well.

Tae-woon shares with Eunho how he was able to persuade Bo-ra to side with them. By revealing his identity as X to Bo-ra, he demonstrated to her how sincere and serious he was about protecting her. If he failed to protect her, she can turn him in to the administration. Of course, things worked out for the better because they were able to prove Eunho’s innocence. Tae-woon smiles at Eunho while saying this which causes her to grow nervous. “Don’t smile,” she complains while she tries to hide from Tae-woon. HEHEHE. Why don’t you want him to smile Eunho? Hehe.

Bo-ra files a report to provide her account on what really happened between her and Bit-na on the day they fought. With the support of Tae-woon and Eunho who stand next to her as she files the report, she gathers the courage to finish it.

Hee-chan grows furious at Bo-ra. How dare she file a report? What is this going to change anyways? Still the horrible and violent person he is, he grabs Bo-ra’s shoulders and shakes her violently, but then is stopped by Dae-hwi who throws a punch at Hee-chan’s face (YAAAAS DAE-HWI TO THE RESCUE). Dae-hwi punches Hee-chan in the face and throws at him the membership card Hee-chan had given to him earlier in the episode.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.28.59 PM

Dae-hwi takes Bo-ra out to a coffee shop where they have an honest and heartfelt conversation. He apologizes for hurting Bo-ra last year to which Bo-ra forgives him. She understood he was in a difficult position and had no other choice but to do it. They both end on good terms with each other.

Bo-ra is not the same person she was before. She’s now much stronger, confident, and bold. Even when confronted by Bit-na, she’s not afraid. She also confronts two classmates about the dating rumors they spread last year about her and Hee-chan. Everyone watches her in admiration and amazement, praising her for her confidence and audacity. Eunho and Tae-woon watch her in the hallway like proud parents. It was because of them two that Bo-ra was able to finally start believing in herself again after so many years of betrayal by others.

Hee-chan updates Dae-hwi on the X investigation case. He informs Dae-hwi that he’s going to meet with X that night at 10PM after having sent X a text message to meet. Dae-hwi is shocked upon hearing this. Meanwhile, Tae-woon waits for Eunho to head home before going to meet Hee-chan.

Hee-chan’s plan backfires on him though. Instead of meeting Tae-woon who he had suspected was X, it’s Dae-hwi that he meets that night at 10PM (dressed in the large black sweater). Having forgotten that he was recording the entire time, Dae-hwi threatens Hee-chan. What if he told everyone that Hee-chan was the one forcing him to commit all these incidents as X this whole time? What would everyone think about him now? Hee-chan walks away in fear and confusion.

The true X is waiting outside on a bench. He heads to the music room after receiving an updated text message to meet there instead. While walking to the room, Tae-woon comes across Dae-hwi. They’re dressed in identical black sweaters and both have the hoodies covering their heads and faces.

It’s not unti Dae-hwi removes his hood that Tae-woon does the same. The two X’s stare at each other in intensity.

My Thoughts:

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.43.00 PM

OMG am I the only one who’s worried that someone might actually be spying on them or watching them? Or that someone’s on campus and saw the two boys revealing their identities to each other? Don’t the two boys know better than to reveal their faces on school grounds, especially dressed as X?! In the past, someone was always at school late at night and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone saw Tae-woon and Dae-hwi outing themselves as X that late at night on school. PLEASE BE MORE CAREFUL YOU TWO X’s.

So we know that Tae-woon is the original X, but that Dae-hwi had also been acting as X to do certain things like steal the answers to the math competition or to prevent Hee-chan from finding out who the real X is. I think this is so interesting because I had originally expected the show to make one of the two male leads X and although that is technically what the show did, the drama is also starting to show both Tae-woon and Dae-hwi as X so the both of them could be X from here on out which would make for an interesting twist. While I absolutely despise and hate Hee-chan, I do give him props for actually putting some thought into the X case and investigating it. He was intelligent to have figured out the relationship between Tae-woon and Eunho and how the two were not just “friends” (aka love birds), but also partners in crime committing these incidents together which made for a refreshing change because everyone this entire time was getting no where or were just kind of making wild guesses here and there without actually investigating the case. It might be too much to ask for, but maybe now that Tae-woon and Dae-hwi know each other’s true identities they can team up to be the X team and rebel together against the corruption of the school. Eunho can also be there to help them carry out their plans, but also be there to break up any fights that the boys might have with each other along the way (she’s had enough of them fighting and I am too). I’m just curious as to when the journey to bromance is going to start. That’s just what I want to know. Hopefully it’ll start now that Dae-hwi and Tae-woon both know that they’re X.


Aside from the fact that I’m glad we’re back to focusing on the X case, this episode overall was a heartwarming one. Bo-ra finally got the support and justice she seeked and I’m glad that she ultimately prevailed as the winner in the end. Of course, there are still many more challenges and obstacles that she’s going to face in the future and this is just merely the beginning of a new start for her but it was so nice to see this change in her life. She went from being the silent, quiet, and indifferent young lady to a confident, bold, and daring student by the end of the episode. It was great seeing this transition instead of the drama just merely giving it to us and I liked how the drama spend an adequate amount of time setting up this change for us. It spent a few episodes demonstrating her hesitance and fear in speaking up and advocating for herself or others so that when this episode showed her finally mustering up the courage to do something about the injustice that was hurting her it made sense. She’s been hurt and betrayed by so many people over the years that she doesn’t trust anyone anymore so it was satisfying to see her slowly learn to open up again. This character growth was well-delivered and logical and especially after all the stuff that she’s been through, Bo-ra deserves the ending she got. She deserves caring and loving friends who support her as well as a new start away from the toxic people who had hurt her and taken advantage of her. She’s finally at peace with herself and her life and I hope it stays this way forever.


I do think the whole Nam-joo and Dae-hwi love line is a little bit too much. The drama should just stop with this sub-plot and stop dragging it out for any longer than it needs to be. It had been showing us the same things of the ex-lovers so many times now that when they were talking in this episode, I felt nothing while watching them talk. I had no sympathy for them and instead I questioned why the drama was still milking scenes of them together. It’s confusing because the drama didn’t give us that many scenes of them together as a couple in the first place so to now present us with constant scenes of the two arguing after breaking up made no sense. Their break-up would have been a lot more impactful had the drama actually placed emphasis on their relationship and then showed us the actions leading up to the break-up, but because the drama failed to do that Dae-hwi and Nam-joo post-breakup has no effect on me now. At first it was sad, but now the drama should just stop with their post-breakup drama. Dae-hwi and Nam-joo have broken up and they need to either talk things out to fix their issues or just stop talking once for and all. There are other sub-plots or characters that are more deserving of time in this drama – like Tae-woon and Eunho.


Speaking of Tae-woon and Eunho, while I still do very much appreciate and enjoy all their interactions together, I would also like for Tae-woon to maybe just chill and calm down a little bit. Some of his actions are borderline creepy (like visiting Eunho’s place just because she didn’t pick up his phone call) or disrespectful (when he was yelling at the guy who wrote the confession note to Eunho). Like I know you’re in love with Eunho Tae-woon and you’re afraid that some other guy might steal her, but don’t worry. Eunho likes you too so all you need to do is just focus on making yourself more attractive to Eunho and you’ll be fine. There’s no competition.


The other thing about Tae-woon and Eunho that I enjoy beyond just their lovey dovey interactions and moments is the impact that they have on other people TOGETHER. We’ve seen the two do things individually that have helped and saved the lives of others so to see them in this episode work together side by side to help others – in this case Bo-ra – was so satisfying and refreshing to see. They truly were made for each other not just romantically but also in the ways that they use their strengths to balance each other out and then work together to support others. While Tae-woon primarily helped Bo-ra to save Eunho, he did play a role in Bo-ra’s character growth while Eunho herself played a direct role in Bo-ra’s life. It just goes to show that Tae-woon and Eunho are just as strong together as they are individually and that in the end, they don’t need a black sweater or capes to prove that they’re heroes – they just need to be themselves.


School 2017: episode 9 recap


In between all the wild ride of emotions and feelings that I get from watching this show, I learn to appreciate both the negative and positive emotions. Yes, some things about this show frustrates me to no end, but there are also other things like Tae-woon and Eunho’s budding relationship that makes me all giddy and happy. I guess there are some things worth watching on this show.

*NEW OST tracks:

School 2017 episode 9: The Weight Rumors Carry

The episode begins with Tae-woon and Eunho hiding under a tree from the rain. Tae-woon protects Eunho by placing his backpack over her head, but releases it as he leans closer in towards her for a kiss. Eunho interrupts him, warning him to stop playing around with her to which Tae-woon responds that he isn’t. He’s genuine about his feelings for her (AHHHHHHH! I’M TOTALLY NOT SCREAMING RIGHT NOW). Eunho stops Tae-woon from moving in any closer to her and runs away, leaving Tae-woon behind.

Tae-woon asks friend Byung-goo for some dating advice. He pretends to ask for “a friend” (aka himself) about what his friend should do now that he’s confessed to his crush. Byung-goo responds that things will get awkward between them so he should try to avoid running into his crush. Tae-woon takes into account everything his friend tells him, but then becomes angry when Byung-goo’s asks Tae-woon, “Why would your friend ask you for dating advice? You can barely handle your own love life.” HAHAHAH. Omg. I can feel the burn all the way from over here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.50.07 PM

Eunho ponders over the “almost-kiss” with Tae-woon later on that night in her bedroom. She questions whether Tae-woon actually meant what he said in regards to his feelings for her or if he was just lying. Eunho’s brother comes into her room – at first asking for money, but then staying once he notices her odd behavior. By the time he leaves the room, he’s figured out what’s happened to Eunho and starts shouting, “Mom! Eunho’s in a relationship!” Haha. Gotta love their sibling relationship.

The next morning at school, Tae-woon and Eunho both head out onto campus early in hopes of avoiding the other. But they end up meeting instead because they both came to school early. HAHAHA. It’s awkward between the two of them and no matter what they do or which way they walk, they end up crossing paths (it’s fate guys, just accept it).

The two finally separate ways again. While walking, Eunho finds a diary on the ground that belongs to Bo-ra.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.05.03 PM

In a meeting with Teacher Shim, Bo-ra conveys that she’s planning on dropping out of school so there’s nothing he can do to protect her. But Teacher Shim won’t give up easily and while she takes drop-out classes, he’ll do everything in his power to save her. Later on in class, Bo-ra receives her diary back from Eunho. Eunho gives Bo-ra some words of encouragement and relays to her that Bo-ra can go to her if she needs any help or support with anything.

Tae-woon and Eunho can’t stop thinking about each other. Tae-woon is still just in love with Eunho as he had been, thinking about her while he rests in his secret hideaway. Meanwhile, Eunho can’t seem to sleep at all. Her mind keeps tracing back to Tae-woon and all the times they spent together. She grows frustrated over not being able to refrain herself from thinking about him and from not knowing what her feelings for him are.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.14.46 PM

Eunho and Sarang finally hang out again after weeks of not hanging out with each other. Eunho explains that she’s just been busy and so many things have been happening to her. Sarang then guesses that that one of those things is Tae-woon to which Eunho grows surprised. How did Sarang know?! But it’s so obvious with the way Tae-woon follows Eunho around and stares at her at every chance he can get. Haha, aww. Sarang accuses Tae-woon of bothering Eunho, but Eunho just calms Sarang down. No, there’s no need for Sarang to beat Tae-woon up. Haha.

Tae-woon ends the awkwardness between him and Eunho by addressing the issue with Eunho. Regardless of what she thinks or feels, he’s going to keep doing what he wants so she should do the same. They leave it at that.

There’s 10 more days until final exams. All the students groan in dissatisfaction and pain upon hearing this.

Rumors that Hee-chan and Bo-ra used to date spread throughout the school. Hee-chan denies it in front of everyone while Bo-ra remains silent about these rumors.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.25.47 PM

Tae-woon encourages Eunho to continue with her webtoon series. She hasn’t been keeping up with drawing the past few weeks so she should probably get started again. In an effort to reach a wider audience, Tae-woon offers to help Eunho out – specifically with the character X of her webtoon series.

Whether it’s next to her or behind her, Tae-woon just can’t seem to keep some distance between him and Eunho. He’s stuck to her like glue and he knows it. Eunho requests for some space between them, but Tae-woon doesn’t budge. It’s not until she pushes his chair away from her that he’s the furthest away from her yet.

While drawing her webtoon series that night in her bedroom, Eunho conveys her honest thoughts about Tae-woon’s confession. It’s not that she doesn’t want to understand and accept Tae-woon’s feelings, it’s just that she doesn’t know how as this is the first time someone has ever confessed to her (omg I’m cryinggg). Tae-woon on the other hand goes back to commenting on Eunho’s webtoon series as he had been doing. While on his laptop, his father enters his room and hands him some chicken to eat before walking out.

The pressure to succeed and rank in first at school is too much for Hee-chan. As if he hasn’t had enough lectures from his mom, he receives yet another one, being told to do well or else his chances of getting into Seoyul University is ruined. Hee-chan has a breakdown that night while studying.

Nam-joo can’t stand the silence between her and Dae-hwi so she asks for a talk. While outside with just the two of them, she blows up. Why didn’t he tell her she knew he was lying? Why did he have to break up with her on their 200th day anniversary? Dae-hwi explains himself and his side of the story, but it’s no use. The both of them are too mad and upset with each other to think properly and to forgive the other. Things just end up worse between the two ex-lovers.

The drama then takes us back to the days leading up to Nam-joo and Dae-hwi’s 200th day anniversary and all those moments when Dae-hwi discovered that Nam-joo was lying. He had been waiting for her to be honest with him and to come out clean, but despite all the opportunities he gave her she never did. We now have a better understanding of why Dae-hwi decided to break up with her and how he came about to doing so.

While eating with Kyung-woo, Sarang overhears some students talk about her beloved celebrity crush Issue. She defends him, refuting rumors that he’s going to get kicked out of his idol group. But the rumors are true to some extent. Issue shares with Sarang that he’s going to withdraw from the idol group, but it’s not because he’s getting kicked out — he’s just leaving first. Kyung-woo suggests Issue to join him in forming a band together (OOOOOH GREAT IDEA!!), but before he can even speak a word, Sarang stops him and walks away with Issue.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.51.18 PM

Ex-principal tries to bribe students into revealing who X is to him by giving them snacks and drinks in return. Some students give their guesses, but some others are there just for the snacks. Haha. I would be one of those students there just for the snacks.

While in class, a roommate checks up on Nam-joo to ask her about her dad’s taxi company. Nam-joo struggles to speak up and answer the classmates’s question so Dae-hwi steps in for her to answer her classmate’s question. A situation that could have gone horribly wrong is saved.

Hee-chan and Bo-ra have a private talk outside. He’s concerned that his mother and other students might find out that the two used to date, but Bo-ra reassures her that no one knows. But since Eunho did find Bo-ra’s diary not too long ago which consisted of entries written by both Hee-chan and Bo-ra, there’s a possibility that she might know about the dating history between the two. Hee-chan goes to search for Eunho.

Hee-chan finds Eunho sitting on some stairs drawing. He confronts the issue about the dating rumors with her to which she answers that she didn’t read Bo-ra’s diary nor did she spread any rumors. But Hee-chan has a hard time believing her and ends up throwing her down onto the ground. Tae-woon witnesses this and grows enraged. He attempts to fight Hee-chan, but Eunho holds him back from doing so.

Tae-woon scolds Eunho for injuring herself. Why did she leave his side? He told her to not cause any trouble and to stay with him. Eunho ends up explaining to Tae-woon why Hee-chan could have possibly attacked her, mentioning Bo-ra’s diary that she found that made her a possible culprit behind spreading rumors. But Eunho didn’t spread any rumors though and this makes Tae-woon even more furious. He leaves the warehouse to get revenge, but Eunho stops him. He should learn to control his temper better.

Hee-chan’s mother and Eunho’s mother have a meeting at school with staff and faculty. Hee-chan’s mother demands for a meeting with the school violence commission.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.05.07 PM

Eunho is not putting up with any of Hee-chan’s threats or behavior. While in the classroom, she demands for an apology from Hee-chan in front of everyone for how he attacked her. This captures everyone’s attention and Hee-chan himself once again almost attacks Eunho. But he is stopped by Dae-hwi who requests to have a talk outside. Tae-woon enters the classroom in the midst of all this, but doesn’t do anything about it. He just simply goes back to napping at his desk.

Later on that day, Tae-woon warns Hee-chan to never touch Eunho again or this time he’ll really be dead (OMG THIS IS SO HAWT). Once he finishes talking to Hee-chan, he walks away only to find Sarang and Eunho waiting outside in the hallway not too far from where he was talking to Hee-chan. Eunho and Tae-woon exchange small grins with each other before Tae-woon comments, to her, “See? I wasn’t playing around.” Omg she got herself a bodyguard now, hehe.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.14.03 PM

Hee-chan takes Bo-ra to a secluded area on campus to demand for her diary. He’s afraid people might know about it or read it. But Bo-ra refuses to and when she gives him her final answer, he grabs her by the neck and prepares to hit her in the face. The drama then takes us back to when they did use to date and the moment when Hee-chan almost hit her. He’s never changed all this time. He’s still the abusive and ugly person he’s always been. Luckily, Tae-woon arrives in time to save Bo-ra and to stop Hee-chan from striking her.

Hee-chan tries to find the diary that night at school, but fails to discover anything. While walking back home, he notices someone in the bushes watching him. Petrified, he hurries home.

Teacher Shim, Officer Soo-ji, and Eunho all try to get Bo-ra to talk about what she saw that day between Eunho and Hee-chan. But Bo-ra refuses to speak and ends up not revealing the details of what she saw. Not even Dae-hwi can persuade Bo-ra to talk. She struggles to trust him, especially since he’s close to Hee-chan and based on all the painful things he’s done to her in the past.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.26.58 PM

Officer Soo-ji and Teacher Shim have a talk about the students. Teacher Shim believes that since they’re young, they can just make up after fights and arguments and everything will be alright. But Officer Soo-ji begs to differ. They’re not young and they’re not as innocent as Teacher Shim thinks they are. The conversation ends when Teacher Jung enters the room to ask Officer Soo-ji to get food with him. Haha.

Through Teacher Jung, Officer Soo-ji gets a better understanding of how difficult, exhausting, and demanding Teacher Shim’s position as a guidance counselor can be. As he describes all the things Teacher Shim has to do and put up with, her appreciation for Teacher Shim grows.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.35.16 PM

Nam-joo pleads Dae-hwi to give her another chance. She explains to him why she kept on lying to him in hopes that his view about her will change so she can win him back, but Dae-hwi doesn’t plan on giving her another chance. Yes, he liked her, but his feelings for her are different now. Things have changed.

Hee-chan and Dae-hwi have a private talk outside the classroom. He requests for him to “take care of” Eunho (aka finish her) before she spreads any rumors or does anything damaging to them both. But Dae-hwi doesn’t sit comfortably with this request and refuses to do so. But it’s not until Hee-chan raises doubts about Dae-hwi’s future that Dae-hwi grows fearful. If news about what happened between Hee-chan and Bo-ra last school year gets released which Dae-hwi was involved with, then it’ll be over for Dae-hwi. Tae-woon watches and listens in on their conversation not too far away.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.42.33 PM

Later on that day he approaches Dae-hwi to talk to him. Dae-hwi simply tells Tae-woon to get out of his life, but Tae-woon refuses to. He exposes Dae-hwi, telling him that he’s not as innocent and kind as he and everyone else thinks he is. Dae-hwi stares back at Tae-woon while the intensity between the two of them grows.

My Thoughts:


Ahhhhhh. I have such conflicting thoughts. While I appreciate that the drama is giving us context on some of our minor characters and actually did a decent job in doing this, it took away time from the overall plot of finding X and only caused for more unnecessary drama and sub-plots than needed. The drama isn’t as good at handling so many cases, but it keeps adding in more than it can handle and just doesn’t know how to stop which is why I feel conflicted.

If Hee-chan was one of our main characters this episode would have been great. It’s not so much his character itself that I’m praising, but rather more of the way that the drama gave us context on his life, his struggles and worries, his actual personality when at school versus when with Bo-ra, and much more. This episode was dedicated to him and spent a good time introducing more of him to us than it did in the earlier episodes which is why I say that if this drama was focused on Hee-chan it would have made for a great episode. Now we know how much of a douchebag he really is (on top of all of the threats he made to Dae-hwi or ways he treats Dae-hwi) and just how insecure he is about himself, his academics, his life, and even his love life. With that being said, in no way do I have a single ounce of sympathy for him and no matter what the drama decides to do or to pull on us to put Hee-chan in a better light (if it will ever go that route in which I hope it doesn’t), there’s nothing Hee-chan can do to make me think about him differently. He’s just a horrible, violent, and abusive person who has no saving grace. Him threatening Dae-hwi and taking advantage of Dae-hwi for help on his exams was just the tip of the iceberg; now we really know what he’s like and what’s beyond just his concerns of being ranked first and yikes, he is much much worse than we thought he was.


Because this episode was so heavily focused on Hee-chan and Bo-ra, we weren’t as focused on the X investigation case. The drama so far has been more primarily geared towards focusing on this plot than our characters and so for this episode to have been about about our characters, it confuses me. And then to add onto this confusion, Hee-chan and Eunho are now in this dispute and the whole school violence commission is involved. I like how the drama weaves everything together in a way that makes sense; Hee-chan and Bo-ra’s relationship issues explains why Bo-ra chose not to reveal details of the fight between Hee-chan and Eunho to anyone but it’s frustrating to watch because then this overpowers the plot of the X investigation case. There was barely anything about finding X in this episode other than the one scene where the ex-principal tried to bribe students with snacks and drinks to gain answers, but there wasn’t much time other than that and it’s disappointing. The drama should do a better job of placing emphasis on both plot and characters and weaving that together or it just focuses on one or the other.

Poor Bo-ra just can’t seem to get a break from the school. First with the bullies, then Bit-na, and then now Hee-chan. She’s such a pitiful character and you want her to stand up for herself or for someone to save her, but there are no heroes at her school that can do that. As much as you want her to be strong and to voice her thoughts and opinions, there’s not much she can do because she doesn’t have the power to say anything. So in a way, it makes sense as to why she’s choosing to remain silent and quiet about these issues that impact her so negatively.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.08.50 PM

I knew there was something off about this episode when you get more scenes of hate between Tae-woon and Hee-chan than between Tae-woon and Dae-hwi. It was only until the very end of the episode when the drama gave us the love-hate relationship between the two male leads again and not that I liked it because I actually don’t, but I was getting tired of the unnecessary drama between Tae-woon and Hee-chan. Hee-chan’s storyline in itself is unnecessary and shouldn’t have been added into this drama (it also came out of no where so I wasn’t expecting to see more of him in this drama than what the drama gave us) so I’m glad that the episode gave us some time of a sub-plot that was in the drama from the very beginning. Now if only the drama would keep focusing on or actually solve certain plots before adding onto others, that’d be great.


Rants aside, I’m loving the way that Kim Jung-hyun is portraying Tae-woon as the smitten and tough guy head-over-heels for Eunho. He’s doing such a great job at it and he has great comedic timing as well. He’s so good and I’m absolutely loving every scene he has with Eunho or those conversations he has with Byung-goo where he’s asking for dating advice. It’s the cutest thing in the entire world and is one aspect of the show that I heavily enjoy and will always enjoy. It’s such a great contrast from all the drama and fighting and angst that goes in the drama so I’m glad the drama has been giving us Tae-woon and Eunho moments. Of course, maybe he should be patient and listen to Eunho and respect her feelings as well (disregarding her feelings and doing what he wants to do with her is a big no-no) so hopefully he’ll listen to her from now on and take into consideration what she says about him especially since he’s so in love with her. It’s obvious that Eunho has a big influence in his life and hopefully she’ll motivate him to change some aspects about himself for the better. Tae-woon is willing to do anything to protect her regardless of who or what it is that he’s dealing with and if that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.


School 2017: episode 8 recap

bts 00

Wow, this episode was wonderful. Everything about it was great. Whereas before the drama might have struggled a bit in being consistent and stable, episode 8 was the total opposite. Everything makes sense and all our characters get their own few moments to shine, but it’s especially Dae-hwi who stands out the most.

School 2017 episode 8: After the Lie

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 4.50.31 PM

Episode 8 begins where we left off in the last episode. Tae-woon visits the teacher’s office room to inform Teacher Koo that he was the person who broke into the teacher’s office room the other night. When asked why, he reveals that it was because he thought he had saw X enter the room, but failed to see his face before X ran away. Teacher Koo grows confused, not knowing whether to believe Tae-woon or Eunho’s side of the story but it doesn’t matter. Sooner or later he’ll find out what actually happened that night. Tae-woon will get another punishment for having broken into the teacher’s office room. They leave it at that.

Teacher Shim grows disappointed at Officer Soo-ji for having revealed everything to Teacher Koo. He trusted her to not say anything to anyone about what he heard the night of the accident. Officer Soo-ji defends her by saying that a job is a job in the end and it’s not their responsibility to protect or cover for the students. Instead, they should be teaching the students a lesson by reporting their wrongdoings and punishing them for their misbehavior. But Teacher Shim doesn’t agree and he advocates for the students. Officer Soo-ji leaves the room in anger and disappointment.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 5.00.34 PM

Back in the secret hideaway spot, Eunho suggests that they let Dae-hwi in on what happened the night of the incident, but Tae-woon isn’t so opened to this idea. Eunho then accuses Tae-woon of confessing so as to help cover up for Dae-hwi who was X that night, but Tae-woon disagrees. He didn’t do it to save Dae-hwi. He walks out and slams the door behind him.

Dae-hwi takes a small break at studying to look over his student records, specifically at the merit-demerit section. Dissatisfied, he crumbles up his student records and sigh in stress.

Tae-woon walks to his desk and sits down for another day of class. But today is different as he notices a note on his desk given to him by Eunho. It’s a drawing of X accompanied by a little apology. Of course our Tae-woon gets all giddy and smiley and he’s no longer the angry upset person he was anymore (ohhh the things that love does to youuu).

Tae-woon and Eunho join each other for a bottle of lemonade outside. While Tae-woon dreads being punished for the incident, Eunho worries about Dae-hwi. Will he be okay? What will happen to him? Tae-woon gets jealous and tells Eunho to stop worrying about Dae-hwi. It’s not like he’s the one getting punished.

An announcement about Tae-woon and Eunho’s punishment is displayed at school. Upon seeing the flyer, Sarang grows sad at not knowing what’s even happening with her best friend anymore. Meanwhile, Tae-woon and Eunho also take their chance to glance at the flyer.

Back outside, Eunho agonizes over her student records. If she receives anymore demerit points then she really won’t be able to go to college. Tae-woon argues that they should just report the truth to the teachers and tell them about how it was Dae-hwi who was X the night of the incident. But Eunho refuses to.

Tae-woon walks away and coincidentally meets Dae-hwi and Hee-chan together on campus. Once Hee-chan leaves the two alone, Tae-woon threatens Dae-hwi to report himself. If he also cares about Eunho – who’s been stressing out over this incident – he’ll go in and report what actually happened that night. Before walking away Dae-hwi reassures Tae-woon that he will tell the truth to the teachers. He’s not afraid at all.

Later on that day, Nam-joo tries to cheer her boyfriend up who she notices is obviously stressed out over the situation.

That night, Dae-hwi searches for his money that he recalled was at his desk. But he can’t seem to find it no matter where he searches. It’s not until his mother enters the room that she notifies him that she had used some of his money for an emergency. Dae-hwi breaks down in front of his mother. No matter how hard he works it’ll never be enough.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 5.27.25 PM

Dae-hwi’s ready to turn himself in. He stands nervously in front of the teacher’s office room, but Teacher Shim interrupts him and asks for some of his time. Together they enter the room and Teacher Shim updates Dae-hwi on a scholarship that he could possibly earn. All Dae-hwi will have to do is fill out the application. Before leaving, Teacher Shim checks up on Dae-hwi, noticing his recent odd behavior but Dae-hwi pretends to be fine and reiterates that he really hopes he’ll make it into Seoyul University. He also notices a document opened on Teacher Shim’s computer outlining Tae-woon and Eunho’s punishment agenda.

Tae-woon gets ready to head outside, but is stopped by his father. His father slaps him in the face and warns him to stop causing trouble. Whether it’s because of Eunho or whatever reason, he should stop. No matter what he does, Tae-woon’s father will always find a way to save and protect Tae-woon so he should stop.

Tae-woon heads to the rooftop of the building that he always visits. He recalls memories of when he, Joongi-gi, and Dae-hwi used to hang out on the same exact rooftop. A slight smile appears on his face upon remembering this memory, but the smile fades once he wakes back up to reality. He turns around only to find Dae-hwi standing across from him (OMG WHAT IS HE DOING THERE??!). The awkward silence is broken when Dae-hwi voices for Tae-woon – who almost slips off the edge of the rooftop – to becareful (my fragile hearttt ;___;). Tae-woon turns around to face Dae-hwi again and tells him that what he is doing is more dangerous. Cheating and lying is what is dangerous, but Dae-hwi doesn’t care. He’s been able to get to his position from doing those things and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Dae-hwi walks away in tears.

But the guilt is too much for Dae-hwi. Especially after being asked by Tae-woon how Joong-gi would feel about all of this, Dae-hwi decides that he’s had enough. He marches into the teacher’s office room the next morning and confesses to Teacher Koo the truth. He was the one who broke into the teacher’s office room to steal the answers to the math competition.

Dae-hwi is interrogated by the VP, Teacher Koo, Teacher Jang, Teacher Shim, and Officer Soo-ji. The principal – who’s on administrative leave – is also present, but is of no importance. Just when the Vice Principal is about to announce Dae-hwi’s punishment, Dae-hwi makes a request: cancel Tae-woon and Eunho’s disciplinary action. They didn’t do anything wrong because they weren’t the ones who broke into the teacher’s office.

Eunho (and Tae-woon) wait outside of the hall where Dae-hwi’s being interrogated. She asks him on how the interrogation went and wonders whether Dae-hwi knows whether or not she and Tae-woon lied in order to protect him.

News about Dae-hwi’s punishment spreads throughout the school. He is punished to 7 days of chores (again).

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.01.00 PM

Teacher Shim and Officer Soo-ji go for a walk on campus. She checks up on the “lie” that he had told her on the day of the incident.. ya know the one about him confessing to her that he likes her. But Teacher Shim grows nervous and says that it might not actually be a lie anymore. Awww *squeals*.

Nam-joo checks up on her boyfriend and asks for details. What happened to him? Did he really break into the teacher’s office room? Dae-hwi tells Nam-joo the truth. Yes, he did break into the teacher’s office to obtain the answers to the math competition because he was too stressed out from just studying and needed to do whatever he could to place. Dae-hwi shares that this caused him a lot of stress but he had to do what he had to do.

Eunho can worry a little less now that Dae-hwi admitted to his wrongdoing. She’s excited over the increase of comments on her webtoon series, but notices that they’re all similar to one another: they’re short and straight-forward. Tae-woon takes notes of the type of comments Eunho wants. Hahaha.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.07.34 PM

The next day at school, Tae-woon asks his friend for some advice on how to write nice, long, and witty comments. His friend gives him some suggestions, but contrary to what he claimed, his friend’s ideas are not so long or witty. Hahaha. This is so funny. I love their friendship.

Sarang is walking home from school but is accompanied by Kyung-woo who joins her. She tries to be as discreet as possible about her dissatisfaction with how things are going with Eunho, but Kyung-woo figures it out. He recommends that Sarang talk to Eunho about her honest thoughts and feelings and how much she misses her best friend. They then go eat noodles together at a convenience store (ooh, new possible couple?).

Bit-na’s mother visits the school along with lawyers to request for a disciplinary hearing. She disapproves of how her daughter was forced to write an apology when she wasn’t the one who had started the fight with Bo-ra. Furthermore she’s worried that this might appear on her daughter’s student evaluation which will affect her daughter’s chances of getting into college. The staff stress out over the situation.

Teacher Shim tries to talk Bo-ra one more time into revealing details about the fight and reassures her that he’ll protect her. But Bo-ra doesn’t reveal anything partly due to trust issues she had with former teacher Teacher Jang who had also promised to protect Bo-ra the year before. She walks out of the room apologizing.

Bo-ra is warned by the 3 bullies to be careful during the hearing. They warn her not to mention their names or else she’ll get into more trouble.

During the disciplinary hearing, Bo-ra admits to being the one to start the fight with Bit-na. Teacher Shim looks at her in disbelief knowing fully well that Bo-ra is lying, but everyone else in the room doesn’t speculate. The hearing comes to a close. Bo-ra is subject to a week of suspension.

Dae-hwi fixes Eunho’s bike and as a token of appreciation for each other, they’ll go out and get some Korean shaved ice together. Tae-woon walks in on the two talking to each other and grows jealous (omg his jealous face is the absolute cutest and funniest). He tells her to not get patbingsoo with Dae-hwi before walking away in jealousy. He recalls all the moments he’s seen her with Dae-hwi as well as the time when she tied her hair up and warns himself to snap out of it. “Snap out of it Tae-woon, snap out of it!” Hahaha.

Later on that day in class after school has ended, Tae-woon and Eunho are sitting in their classroom doing their own things. Eunho gets ready to leave the classroom when Tae-woon stops her and pulls her in towards him. He takes a good look at her face before letting her go and walking out the classroom (omg what was that for Tae-woon??).

Teacher Shim nervously rehearses how he’s going to ask Officer Soo-ji on a movie date. But before he can even offer the idea, Teacher Jung swoops in from out of no where and asks Officer Soo-ji out on a movie date first (someone got cockblocked). HAHAHA. Omg this is hilarious. On another day, Teacher Shim manages to gather a group of students for a hang-out. He invites Officer Soo-ji and together they head out to Subway to eat. Teacher Jung invites himself and also joins them at the restaurant. Lolol.

After eating, they all separate to go home. Dae-hwi, Nam-joo, Tae-woon, and Eunho are all walking together in the same direction when they notice a man yelling at an employee to do his job properly. They stop to watch this, but Eunho notices something different about the man getting yelled at. It’s her father! Tae-woon manages to get the boss to leave while Eunho checks up on her father.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.46.56 PM

Turns out that Dad had been coming home late every night not because of drinking but because he had been working. He’s been working late into the night so he can have extra money to pay for Eunho’s preparatory classes. Dad and Eunho share some smiles and tears of joy with each other as she expresses her gratitude for her dad. Aww, this makes my heart warm.

Dae-hwi can’t help but gush about Eunho to Nam-joo as he walks her home. He admires the way Eunho stood up for her father. It was really cool and nice of her to do something like that. It’s even cooler that she wasn’t embarrassed by her father – something totally different from how he used to feel about his mother growing up. Dae-hwi drops Nam-joo off in a neighborhood that he assumes she’s living in and notices how nice it looks, but it’s not until he disappears that Nam-joo takes the actual route to get home.

Teacher Shim nervously paces back and forth with two cans of soda in his hand. He watches Officer Soo-ji walking not too far away and prepares himself to ask her to join him for a drink. But along the way he comes across Tae-woon and ends up giving him the other can of soda. Together they sit down and share feelings and thoughts of what it’s like to have a crush on someone, saying such things like “wanting to see them even if it’s just briefly” or “wanting to share a can of soda together.” Teacher Koo interrupts them by adding in his own comments as well. Haha.

Tae-woon sure does loving teasing Eunho. She delivers chicken to his house for about maybe 10 times because he’s in love with her and wants to use any chance he can get to see her, even if that means making her bike to his house 10 times to deliver chicken that he won’t eat. While he’s having a fun time with the teasing, Eunho grows frustrated and mad. Does he hate her? Is that why he’s doing this to her? Tae-woon flinches at the question of whether he hates her or not. Hahaha. Omg no Eunho, it’s the total opposite girl!

It’s been 200 days since Nam-joo and Dae-hwi has been dating. She waits at a coffee shop for him to celebrate, but he doesn’t show up. Devastated, she walks home only to find Dae-hwi waiting with some flowers and a gift in front of her house.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.14.43 PM

The two bursts in tears upon seeing each other. Dae-hwi is frustrated at how consistent Nam-joo has been in lying to him. He walks away without uttering another word and recalls all the memories the two made in their 200-day relationship. We also find out that Dae-hwi knows Nam-joo is not the daughter of the CEO of the taxi company her father works at like how she had claimed. They ignore each other when they see each other at school and don’t say a word to each other either.

In a voice over, we hear Eunho talking saying,

We all lie.. to protect something or to hide something. And we have to be responsible for the consequences of our lies.

Sometimes there’s even greater truth within their lies that they couldn’t realize in advance. That’s what in their lies sometimes.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.25.33 PM

The next day at school, Eunho and Tae-woon are walking together on campus. She wonders why X would lie after saving her. Tae-woon replies that it’s because he wasn’t aware of his feelings.. (feelings for who??). But before Tae-woon can continue on with what he was saying, it suddenly starts to rain.

Tae-woon and Eunho run to hide under a tree where Tae-woon covers her head with his backpack. She smiles at him upon his action, but he tells her to stop smiling. “Don’t smile,” he voices. “It makes my heart beat.” AHHHHHHHH. I’M TOTALLY NOT SCREAMING RIGHT NOW.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.26.37 PM

He slowly puts his backpack down and leans closer towards Eunho for a kiss. They stare at each other while the space between the two grow smaller and smaller.

My Thoughts:

NOOOOOOOO. Why would you stop and leave us there? WHYYYYY. YOU ARE SO CRUEL SCHOOL 2017. Now I have to wait another week to see if they actually kiss or not? *pouts*

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.32.27 PM

I actually don’t think they’re going to kiss – yet. This would make for such a romantic kiss and is the ideal situation and environment for one, but I have to remind myself that they’re still on school grounds so they might not or if they do, they will most likely get caught and punished once again for their action. But I still do want a kiss between Tae-woon and Eunho even though I know they shouldn’t because everything leading up to this moment has been perfect. Even if they don’t necessarily kiss right now, Tae-woon did end up confessing to Eunho so maybe she might get the hint that contrary to what she thinks, Tae-woon likes her – not hate her. I predict that the next few episodes are gonna be of Eunho questioning Tae-woon’s confession and whether or not he was actually genuine with what he said or if he was just teasing her once again. The next few episodes shall be fun with Tae-woon and Eunho’s relationship and I can see a lot more squealing happening. My voice will be gone by the end this drama ends.

bts 08

This episode was probably one of the better episodes, if not the best episode yet in my opinion. Everything in this episode was well-paced, logical, made sense, was not thrown at us from out of no where, and once again touched all the right spots in terms of angst and pain. This episode was depressing, but also had its moments of warmth and love which I think made it out to be a well balanced episode. We had angst and pain in almost every relationship starting from Tae-woon and Dae-hwi to Dae-hwi and Nam-joo to Teacher Shim and Bo-ra. But in between all of this were also really heart-warming scenes such as with Eunho and her father to Sarang and Kyung-woo or comedic moments of jealous Tae-woon with his crush Eunho. The best thing about this episode (and the last episode) was that it was able to weave everything together perfectly to summarize the one message that it had been emphasizing all along: everyone lies. Most of our characters – from Tae-woon to Eunho to Dae-hwi to Nam-joo and even Teacher Shim – all told lies, but did so because like Eunho said to protect someone or to hide something. Episode 8 did a wonderful job in tying everything together and wrapping everything up that by the end of this episode when Eunho was talking about lies, it made total sense because yes, everyone did lie and everyone faced the consequences for their decisions to lie.

We’re finally starting to get glimpses of progress for Dae-hwi and Tae-woon’s love/hate relationship for each other. It killed me when Dae-hwi expressed concern for Tae-woon who almost slipped off the edge of the rooftop because if anything that just demonstrates that he still cares for Tae-woon despite what he shows externally or despite all the arguments he has with Tae-woon. For him to just utter the simple and short words “it’s dangerous” was so bittersweet. You want him to make up with Tae-woon and you want both boys to go back to how they used to be and they’re taking small steps to get there, but at the same time they’re afraid to be the first ones to give in so they just pretend to hate each other. There’s so much potential to return to being friends again or at least on a good note with each other, but Dae-hwi nor Tae-woon know how to be the first ones to do that. They can only throw hate and cruel comments at each other because that’s what their mind says, but it’s obvious that their hearts convey otherwise.

bts 07

Episode 8 has to be Dae-hwi’s episode. It was his turn to shine and it was his moment to be in the spotlight. This episode was heavily Dae-hwi focused and I’m glad that the drama finally decided to spend some more time on his character because he’s such an interesting, pitiful, and kind character and someone I want to know more about. He goes through a lot both at school and at home and is surrounded by toxicity where ever he goes. He works his hardest, but often times finds that his effort and hard work doesn’t get him anywhere which is why I sympathize for him when he breaks down or why I understand when he resorts to cheating – such as how he did when he broke into the teacher’s office room to steal the answers to the math competition. I’m glad that he turned himself in though. That despite being the #1 ranked student and having cheated and done something he should have never done, he knows better than to keep lying and cheating which other students at the school should also learn to do. Especially since he doesn’t have his parents to rely on or isn’t the wealthiest student at the school, he has to own up to his words and actions but it’s this honesty and integrity that makes him such a good and interesting person and episode 8 really highlighted these aspects about him. After watching this episode, I also have a lot more reasons to care for him now. Not that I didn’t before, but I felt like the drama was forcing us to care about him in the prior episodes by giving us small hints about his stressful and demanding life, but with this episode, seeing him turn himself in and then be honest with not only himself but Tae-woon, Teacher Koo, Teacher Shim, as well as Nam-joo, he’s someone that I’m fully rooting for now.

bts 01

A part of me feels conflicted between the whole ‘we must punish the students to prepare them for the harsh reality of the world’ vs. ‘they’re already living in a corrupt society, we must protect them from the harsh world’ debate. I can understand both sides of the argument and I want to side with Teacher Shim on this one, but at the same time Teacher Koo and Officer Soo-ji do bring up good points about punishing the students to help them prepare for a much harsher and cruel world out there that the students just don’t know about yet. There’s a bit of naivety with Teacher Shim’s thoughts on wanting to protect and save the students from the harsh and cruel reality that is society because the students will eventually have to face the world after high school and college so the teachers and staff at the high school want to best prepare the students for this daunting task. But maybe it’s the approach that the school takes in doing this that I feel a bit iffy with. Getting the students to call one another out for merit points should not be the way to prepare students for the real world. Placing so much emphasis on ranks and merit points to the point where students fight one another and get punished is not the way to helping the students. The teachers themselves are also perpetuating the corrupt system evident at the school that hurts the students more so than help them. It’s as if they’re just punishing the students for whatever purpose and not necessarily doing it because they want to help the students. If the teachers and staff at the school really want to support the students be prepared for the real world, they gotta come up with different methods and approaches instead of acting on these systems and thoughts that only hurts the students more so than help them.

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I’m glad that in between the intensity and build-up of the X investigation, we’re also getting more comedic moments and romantic relationships (Teacher Shim and Officer Soo-ji are too cute). It’s good to not always be so caught up with the case and to instead have those few minutes where you’re sitting relaxed on your seat and not gripping your hair because you realize that Tae-woon or Eunho can be caught at any moment (though I am wondering how much more they can be punished than they already are). I’m liking the mood and tone that episode 8 presented to us and I’m hoping that the drama will keep staying this way until the very end. Everything about this episode was great and cute and touching and bittersweet – just like how it should be.


School 2017: Episode 7 recap

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Wow, the stakes just keep getting higher and higher. Staff and faculty are now catching onto hints and the investigation for who X is getting more intense. I was hoping for a little bit more fun and adventures with more pranks done by X, but with the investigation getting more intense and suspenseful itself, I think I can deal with this for now.

School 2017 episode 3: Everyone Lies

At the end of the last episode, a video of Tae-woon receiving special treatment by the principal in regards to the upcoming math competition was leaked to the entire classroom. As he walks out into the hallway with Eunho trailing behind him, students can’t help but stare at him and criticize him for his behavior, but Tae-woon remains unconcerned.

Outside of the building, Eunho stops Tae-woon to speak about the video. What happened? What went down? How did he know what to do? Tae-woon explains to Eunho the details leading up to the incident and admits to committing the incident so he wouldn’t have to enter the competition. Now he has a legitimate reason to opt out. Haha, smarrrrt. When asked about what he’s going to do about the students who are all upset with him, he just shrugs. They can mind their own business (haha, gotta love his attitude).

The faculty and staff have a meeting to discuss what to do about the situation. Teacher Koo and Shim suggests apologizing to the students, but the principal quickly declines that suggestion. There’s no way he’s going to apologize. The meeting is interrupted upon news of the director and members from the School of Education arriving at the school.

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The meeting with the School of Education members is an intense one. The director tries to divert their attention by promising to achieve good results, but the members don’t believe in his words. His school has already received many reports for the harsh and bad things the school has done to the students. He and his staff needs to make sure they’re helping the students, not hurting them.

Tae-woon is brought into the principal’s office to meet with the principal, vice principal, Teacher Koo, and his dad the director. He’s going to receive punishment for what happened to appease the anger of the students, but so will the principal who was involved with the scandal. They conclude that the math competition will still be held, but in an honest and open manner this time.

A public announcement is made about Tae-woon and Principal’s punishment. A flyer indicating the details of the punishment is published at school and quickly gains attention from the students. Tae-woon pretends to be upset by it and by everyone’s reaction while the rest of the students are genuinely upset with how much leisure he’s given with his punishment. One student in particular exclaims that she hopes X will punish him properly. Ha, the irony.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 5.30.57 PM

It’s the return of the 4 students. The drama finally reveals their faces to us. One of the students is none other than Bit-na while the other two are classmates Hak-joong and Jung-Il. The last student is Hee-chan who reassures the other 3 that they will catch X before he catches them and their corrupt behavior and that he will make sure to put Dae-hwi in his place before Dae-hwi can expose anything. Hmm, interesting.

Eunho visits Tae-woon’s hideaway spot as if it’s hers now (haha gotta love her). Curious, she asks him why he’s X. Tae-woon confesses to committing the pranks as X at first just for fun, but after a while began to continue doing them because he realized that they could actually be helpful. He continued to be X to help Eunho (okay, he just basically confessed to her and if this isn’t the smoothest but most indirect confession ever then idk what is). 

The next day at school, Teacher Shim announces to the class details about the new math competition. Additionally, everyone else is still clearly upset that Tae-woon is only getting a week worth of punishments all because he’s the director’s son. But Eunho begs to differ; he must have had a reason for doing what he did.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 5.43.41 PM

Tae-woon and Eunho have a heartfelt conversation about dreams and goals in life. Upon seeing that only one person had read her webtoon series so far, Eunho grows discouraged, but Tae-woon tries to cheer her up. That’s when she shares that her dream in life is to find a job that will allow her to draw forever since drawing is what makes her the happiest. As for Tae-woon.. well, he doesn’t have a dream. A flashback to a memory with him drawing a motorcycle for Joong-gi at a coffee shop crosses his mind for a moment, but he brings himself back to reality. The conversation ends up with Tae-woon literally talking about his dreams: a dream where he teased Eunho many times. OMG. HAHAHA. Why is he like thisssss. But Eunho just shrugs it off and disregards what he said. Haha.

Turns out that Dae-hwi placed first in the math competition – as expected. While walking outside, he comes across an angry Tae-woon pulling out weeds on the school campus at part of his week long punishment. They stop to have a talk with each other that is full of taunting and threats like usual. Thankfully Eunho barges in to stop them both from arguing and from another possible fight from erupting. Dae-hwi leaves while Eunho stays behind to tease Tae-woon for pulling out weeds as a punishment. Omg they’re tooo cute. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 5.55.33 PM

Eunho asks Tae-woon for more information on his relationship with Dae-hwi, but he doesn’t reveal too much to her. In fact, he has nothing to say. Eunho notes that from her observations of them both, it doesn’t seem so much as if they’re fighting with each other but more so that they’re giving each other their attention because they’re both hurting. Oof, spot on. That’s so accurate. Tae-woon pretends to not know what Eunho is talking about and goes back to minding his own business.

Dae-hwi encounters Hee-chan while walking through campus. Hee-chan congratulates Dae-hwi for getting first in the competition, but the conversation turns sour. Hee-chan’s willing to give Dae-hwi whatever he wants or needs so that he can place first in finals over Dae-hwi for once. Dae-hwi doesn’t feel too comfortable by this bribe though and ends the conversation by saying that he’ll consider this request.

Rumor that X is someone in Teacher Shim’s classroom spreads throughout the school. Teacher Shim gets called into the principal’s office to discuss it with the principal. The only student evaluations that were posted at the school were all from Teacher Shim’s classroom. But Teacher Shim quickly denies the accusations and adds that they can’t reach a conclusion since there’s no definite proof of X being a student in his classroom. Hmm, could there be a possibility that Teacher Shim is also X?

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.13.03 PM

Back in the classroom, all the students take a guess at who X is. They throw jabs at one another and accuse one another of possibly being X. While they all throw out names, none of them even consider about Tae-woon possibly being X. Puahaha.

Eunho and Sarang are outside sitting on a bench. They bring up the topic of X and who he could possibly be and while Sarang speculates that the culprit is most likely Dae-hwi, Eunho keeps her mouth shut. She lies that she doesn’t know who X is and walks away to catch up with Tae-woon who’s seen walking past them.

Back at the secret spot, Eunho panics that the students have figured out that X is someone in the classroom. She didn’t expect them to think this far. Tae-woon agrees, but he’s not too worried. If he gets caught, so will Eunho who he will claim as his accomplice (but really, we know he’ll never do that. He’s just teasing her lol). As the 2 walk together on campus, Dae-hwi witnesses them not too far away. He has his own speculations as well and thinks that maybe Eunho could be X. Since she’s now a lot closer to Tae-woon, maybe she could have been the one to expose him.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.20.35 PM

Tae-woon drops Eunho off home since her bike is broken once again (haha, he should just take her home from now on). As they bid farewell (that involves skinship I might say), Eunho’s brother comes out right in time to see them giving each other headlocks. He at first seems intimidating, checking out Tae-woon’s motorcycle and body to see if he approves of him. But then he breaks the ice by asking Tae-woon the real question, “Don’t you care about looks?” OMG HAHAHA. Eunho’s brother is hilarious. Eunho rushes her brother back into the house as she says bye to Tae-woon.

Back inside the house, Eunho and her family comes home to a drunk dad. Later on that night, Eunho’s brother heads out to the kitchen to find his dad putting on painkiller patches on his back. He worries about his dad, wondering how hard his dad’s been working that he’s putting patches on his back. Aww.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.29.14 PM

The next day at school, Eunho catches up to have a talk with Dae-hwi. He asks her if she believes X is someone from their classroom to which Eunho just kind of shrugs it off. She pretends as if she doesn’t know anything. They then listen to music together sharing Dae-hwi’s earphones. The moment is interrupted though by Nam-joo and Tae-woon who watch them in jealousy not too far away. Dae-hwi leaves once Tae-woon approaches the both of them. Once alone, Tae-woon asks Eunho, “What’s your favorite flower?” Ahhhh, don’t tell me he’s gonna get flowers for her. He returns to the classroom though before she could even answer. Aww, someone’s jealoussss. Hehe.

The jealousy seems to be getting the worst of Tae-woon though as later on in his secret hideaway, he blasts music through his speakers while Eunho is busy drawing at his desk. He walks back and forth in anger holding the speaker in his hands saying, “This is how I listen to my music! I don’t use earphones like a wimp!” HAHAHA. OMG. THIS SCENE IS ABSOLUTELY GOLD. Someone’s clearly jealous that they can’t share the same earphones with Eunho to listen to music.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 6.39.19 PM

The principal of the school is fired and his loses his job as principal. News about this spreads throughout the school. While Tae-woon smirks at the sound of this news, the principal himself isn’t so happy. He packs up his stuff in his office and receives a cruel farewell by the vice principal who is now deemed responsible for overlooking the school. Ha, seems like the vice principal’s been waiting for this day for a very long time.

As the principal walks to his new small office on the other side of campus, he comes across Teacher Shim and Eunho. Teacher Shim pretends to sympathize for the former principal, but Eunho doesn’t. Not after everything he’s put her through.

Dae-hwi and girlfriend Nam-joo are studying together at a coffee shop. She decides to spend some time with classmate and friend Bit-na since Dae-hwi is too busy studying. As they shop, she struggles to buy anything and to enter a VIP lounge exclusively meant for VIP members. She doesn’t have the finances nor is she a VIP member as she had claimed. Nam-joo leaves the shopping mall stressed and returns home that night.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.05.37 PM

She grows agitated at her father who keeps doing stuff for her and buying her things she doesn’t need or want. She yells at him and shouts in frustration. Why didn’t he work harder like other parents did to provide for their kids? Are they beggars? Why is he so humiliating? Eunho’s father who had just delivered some chicken at an apartment complex nearby witnesses this argument and approaches Nam-joo’s dad. He tries to cheer him up and reassure him that all kids are like this.

Bit-na grows angry over having lost her pen that she spent quite a fortune on. She picks a fight with Bo-ra and assumes that Bo-ra had stolen her pen since Bo-ra had also “stolen” her notes last time. As they get into a fight, members from the School of Education, the Director, and staff visiting the school witness the fight. Bo-ra and Bit-na are called into the teacher’s office room.

Teacher Shim tries to make sense of the situation by talking to the two, but fails to understand what happened. He asks Teacher Jang who was there when the fight broke out for details, but she doesn’t have much to say since she didn’t see the entire thing. With not much, Teacher Shim tells the two girls to just head back to the classroom and to not start another fight.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.18.04 PM

Bo-ra speaks to Teacher Jang outside of the building and reveals that unlike before, she’ll never ask Teacher Jang for help or support anymore. Now she knows better.

In a meeting with Teacher Shim, Bo-ra is notified about a school violence hearing that she’ll have to attend since the fight between her and Bit-na was reported. But Bo-ra gives in and concludes that she’ll act as the perpetrator just so she won’t have to attend the hearing. It’ll be useless anyways since she doesn’t have the money for a lawyer or for support. Bit-na will obviously be the winner in this situation.

Teacher Shim blames himself for all the incidents that’s been happening to his students. He’s joined by Officer Soo-ji who sits with him on the bench outside on campus. As he goes on to explain why he feels like it’s his fault for all these fights, he accidentally reveals what he heard that night when two students were hiding in the teacher’s office room (Eunho and Tae-woon). He ends up revealing to Officer Soo-ji what he heard that night which leads her to suspect Eunho as one of the students who was hiding in the room that night. But Teacher Shim has faith in Eunho and doesn’t believe Eunho would help X, especially since she tried so hard to prove her innocence. But maybe – maybe she helped out X because she had no other choice.

Tae-woon and Eunho spend some time together again in his secret hideaway. She grows excited over having received a comment on her webtoon series (I’m thinking it’s probably from Tae-woon). As she prepares to reply back to the comment, she ties up her hair into a ponytail. Tae-woon – who walks to the desk where Eunho’s sitting to search for something – leans down near her only to glance at her neck. He immediately takes her hair-tie off and releases her hair back down. That neck is too dangerous. Hahaha. He ruffles her hair and adds that she looks prettier that way. Hahaha. Tae-woon is too adorable.

Officer Soo-ji gets called into a short meeting with her boss. He tells her to hurry up and find X before the director decides to run an official investigation on who X is. He hopes that asking her to do this won’t be too difficult and won’t remind her of her past. Hmm, I wonder if there’s more to Officer Soo-ji than we originally thought?

Officer Soo-ji goes to Teacher Koo for some advice on how to question students appropriately. Meanwhile that night Tae-woon has a meeting with his father on what to do when he gets called in for his punishment. While his dad goes on and on about what to do, Tae-woon can only think about Eunho’s neck… and how nice it is when she has her hair up. Omg. HAHAHHA. He’s so in love with her.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.44.06 PM

Eunho is called into a meeting with Officer Soo-ji and Teacher Koo the next day at school (ahh, so this is why she had asked Teacher Koo for some advice and tips). They pressure her into revealing who she was with that night in the teacher’s office room, but Eunho refuses to answer their questions. Even if that means getting expelled from the school, she won’t tell them who she was with.

Tae-woon paces back and forth nervously outside of the room as he waits for Eunho. The meeting comes to a close and the 3 of them leave the room. Eunho updates Tae-woon on the meeting and is worried that Officer Soo-ji and Teacher Koo might be onto something. They know that she was in the teacher’s office room that night so now all that’s left is to find who else was with her that night. Tae-woon scolds Eunho for not telling them who she was with; she should have said someone’s name at least. He tells her he’ll take care of the situation before walking away.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.52.46 PM

The next day at school, Tae-woon marches into the teacher’s office room. He approaches Teacher Koo and confesses to being the student who broke into the teacher’s office room that night. Upon hearing the confession, everyone in the room stares at Tae-woon in disbelief and shock, including Eunho and Dae-hwi who are also in the room.

My Thoughts:


WOOOOW TAE-WOON? MORE LIKE TAE-SWOON. He was just absolutely adorable in this episode, from all the comedic moments of being smitten with Eunho to standing up for her to prevent her from getting into more trouble. Of course I’m curious now that he’s turning himself in to sacrifice himself for Eunho (and Dae-hwi) and what the staff and faculty will do. He’s already in some how water as it is, but to come forth and out himself even more doesn’t sound all too good for me. I had mentioned that I would like to see Tae-woon use his power of status as the director’s son to help and support Eunho and while I’m glad that he’s been doing that – whether as X or Tae-woon – I also don’t want him to overdo it. It seems like he’s abusing his position at this point and could actually really get himself (+ Eunho) into some real trouble. But I understand he lovesss Eunho and wants to protect her so he’s willing to do whatever he can to save her. Just how much more can the staff and faculty punish Tae-woon than he already is?


We didn’t get too much Dae-hwi vs. Tae-woon in this episode and if we did, it was to demonstrate Tae-woon’s jealousy which I enjoyed. I had been getting exhausted of their fights that was going in circles and wasn’t getting anywhere, but I really enjoyed the conversation that Eunho had with Tae-woon about the two boys. Her conversation of how the two aren’t necessarily fighting, but rather giving each other their attention because they’re both hurting was so accurate because it’s the truth. You can tell that Dae-hwi and Tae-woon are hurt from both 1) the accident itself 2) the aftermath of the accident and how everything was handled which ruined their friendship. I feel like a part of them want to address the issues to get themselves out of this pain, but at the same time are too afraid to give in and be the first to bring it up so they just go back and forth in this cycle of arguing and fighting that leads them no where. I’m wondering when the boys will make up and how the drama is planning to do that. I just hope that it’s not too far away because I really want to see them make up and then watch them be friends for a little bit.

While I don’t like how the drama has been introducing new sub-plots this late into the show, I am enjoying the parent-children relationships and issues that are now just starting to be highlighted. Maybe it’s because I could relate to Nam-joo’s embarrassment of her father as a young child who has now grown to appreciating every single thing my parents have done for me that I find this sub-plot touching and heart-warming. These parent-children issues are also so refreshing because it’s such a nice change from the school atmosphere and from the X case that takes up the bulk of the episode. Seeing Nam-joo grow frustrated at her father who’s just trying his best to provide for his family was so painful. The father didn’t do anything wrong and just wanted to show his love for his child, but yet it was his fault and it’s something that he shouldn’t do. It’s the saddest and most confusing feeling in the world and I like how the drama is exploring this dynamic because I think it’s relevant and is a challenge that families goes through. It’s reality for many.


What I don’t understand about this episode was if the drama was going to hype up the math competition so much, why didn’t they actually show any scenes or hints about it? In this episode, we just got the impression that the competition took place and that Dae-hwi placed first. The drama spent the last 2 episodes building up so much momentum and controversy around this math competition where it impacted everybody and then in this episode we saw nothing about it. It was anti-climatic and goes against everything that the drama had been showing us of Dae-hwi studying endlessly for this math competition despite knowing what his chances of placing were. The drama fell flat with this sub-plot (just like it’s done with many others already). It’s a disappointment.


The drama had been steadily just focusing on one or two sub-plots the past few episodes, but it seems like within this episode it’s starting to overdo itself again by either focusing on other sub-plots or bringing up new ones (such as with Officer Soo-ji and how her job as an officer investigating the ‘X’ case reminds her of her past). This is a huge weakness of the show and I would like for it to go back to how it used to be and just focus on our main characters or give us details that will allow for progress with the investigation of X. While the faculty is making small steps with the X investigation as seen within this episode, these are teeny tiny steps and it seems to be dragging.


I’m also not so fond of the way the show has been handling the other characters or sub-plots as well. What happened to Eunho’s competition and opportunities of getting into Hanguk University? I don’t think the drama ever addressed whether she got in or not or placed in the competition. What about Kyung-woo and the possible details he could be hiding? Or worse yet, what about Issue who appeared in 2 episodes for a few seconds and that was it? It seems like to me the drama might be confused with the direction it’s going or what it’s doing and I need it to figure out those things soon. The drama understands that the overall plot is about X and has been doing a decent job on focusing on this plot, but in between all of this is a huge pile of mess with unnecessary drama and fights and more Bit-na controversies than needed or wanted. I no doubt do think that the drama is getting more intense and interesting now as more clues pointing to who X could possibly be are given and all the speculations arise, but this comes at the expense of some characters and sub-plots which is unfortunate.


Come on School 2017. Don’t play with me now. The only thing keeping me going for now is seeing Kim Jung-hyun doing an amazing job as Tae-woon and being as smitten over Eunho as I am for him.