School 2017 Finale: Episode 16 recap

This is really it. This is really goodbye. We bid farewell to our adorable and courageous characters who fought their way to justice and equality for all at Geumdo High School. I wish that things were truly this easy and that exposing others through the identity of X would help solve all issues and problems... Continue Reading →


School 2017: Episode 15 recap

NOOOOOOO. We're onto the final and last week of School 2017. It's been such an interesting and fun ride watching and recapping this drama from the start I don't want it to end. How am I supposed to live when there's no more Tae-swoon being cute and lovey dovey with Eunho? Or what about the... Continue Reading →

School 2017: Episode 14 recap

Ahh, relationships. Relationships and friendships. They're hard to create and once created, they're hard to maintain. If there's anything this episode taught us, it's the lesson that it's important to always communicate in your relationships. Communication is key to any relationship and without communication your relationships are bound to fail. Note: It's been a busy... Continue Reading →

School 2017: Episode 13 recap

I can watch a whole drama of X pulling off pranks and stunts at the school forever and be satisfied with how things go. While I wished we were gifted with more pranks by X because they're so funny and entertaining and the set-ups to them are actually quite nicely done, I'm just happy that... Continue Reading →

School 2017: Episode 12 recap

Life is always better when you have people you can rely on for support and help. Despite all the obstacles and struggles that our each of our characters are facing respectively on their own, they're ultimately not alone because they have one another to rely on. It's this reminder as well as these support networks... Continue Reading →

School 2017: Episode 11 recap

Ahhhh, I don't know. I don't even know anymore. So many things are happening and this drama makes my blood boil. LOL. Getting a good episode from this drama comes around once in a blue moon, but when the drama does deliver and we do get that good episode it makes everything worth it. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

School 2017: Episode 10 recap

Ahh, it seems like we're getting back on track. The X investigation case resumes in this episode and we're one step closer to finding out who might discover who X is. Along with progress on the X case, we also get character growth and development making this episode a heart-warming and satisfying watch. School 2017... Continue Reading →

School 2017: episode 9 recap

In between all the wild ride of emotions and feelings that I get from watching this show, I learn to appreciate both the negative and positive emotions. Yes, some things about this show frustrates me to no end, but there are also other things like Tae-woon and Eunho's budding relationship that makes me all giddy... Continue Reading →

School 2017: episode 8 recap

Wow, this episode was wonderful. Everything about it was great. Whereas before the drama might have struggled a bit in being consistent and stable, episode 8 was the total opposite. Everything makes sense and all our characters get their own few moments to shine, but it's especially Dae-hwi who stands out the most. School 2017... Continue Reading →

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