[What Mary Thinks] Fight For My Way (1/2)


Now that school has finally finished, I have a little bit more free time now so I finally have some time to watch some dramas! I decided to do a little post about the two dramas that I’m currently watching just to share with y’all my thoughts on them so far and to discuss with y’all what y’all also think about them (this is the first post, the 2nd post of ‘Queen for 7 Days’ will come out later)

Prior to ‘Fight For My Way’ and ‘Queen for 7 Days’, I was watching ‘Suspicious Partner’ and ‘Ruler’ but I decided to drop both of those dramas simply because I wasn’t interested and addicted to them. They fell short of my expectations and I just didn’t simply care for the characters or storyline (sorry Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook, even y’all couldn’t stop me from not watching the drama! Hope to see y’all in future dramas though!).

Moving on, I decided to give “Fight for my Way” and “Queen for 7 Days” a try and I’m quite glad that I did (unexpectedly). Both dramas are on two totally sides of the spectrum, with one being a modern drama and the other one a historical sageuk drama, but both being engaging and knowing how to keep their viewers sucked in. I’m glad that I’m watching both dramas, because now I have something to keep me occupied other than my variety shows that I always love and enjoy watching.


“Fight For My Way” stars Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won as our main characters. Prior to watching the drama, I’ve always loved Seo Joon and although he hasn’t always had the best picks of dramas (Hwarang anyone?), I do think he’s a talented actor with quite some depth when he’s given characters that are multi-dimensional and he can express emotions and words quite well (+ his super good looks). As for Kim Ji Won, I’ve never really thought badly about her. I haven’t really seen her in anything other than ‘Heirs’ but even then I don’t really remember anything about her simply for the fact that I choose to not remember anything about that drama in the first place LOL. But I did think that Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won make a pretty cute and good-looking couple and after having watched 10 episodes of the drama, that belief still holds true.

There’s not really a strong plot in “Fight For My Way.” It’s just mainly about our two characters trying to make it out in the real world and trying to find ways to survive and make money and testing to see if their respective passions is the solution to making that money that they need to survive in life. And while things are working out so far for our main character Go Dong Man (played by Park Seo Joon), for Choi Ae Ra (played by Kim Ji Won) things aren’t looking so bright for her and her goal of wanting to be an announcer. While I want her to be able to achieve her goals of an announcer, I also think that at the same time maybe that’s not what she’s meant to be as we see her in the drama commanding the stage as an MC/host of some kind of event twice. It got me thinking that maybe in the end there are 2 good things she’s good at and although being an announcer is one of those things she’s good at, maybe being an MC/host is the other thing that she should consider because she’s just as great at it and maybe she will actually get hired and make money off of it. Whether she is to pursue that or not we will see in the future episodes, but it’ll be interesting to see what she does if her dreams of becoming an announcer does not work out.


I enjoy the natural progression and pace that the drama has been showing us in regards to Dong Man and Ae Ra’s relationship. It makes sense as to why they would fall for each other over the years as they’ve been childhood friends and have grown up together. They’ve been there for each other at both their highest and lowest moments in life and have basically gone through everything together. I do think the romantic feelings have been there for a while now, especially in regards to how Ae Ra feels about Dong Man and liking him first, but I do think Dong Man also had maybe some kind of feeling for Ae Ra but was probably just clueless or uncertain about it all. The way they suppress their feelings for each other or pretend that they don’t like each other and are just friends is so cute because everyone else knows that they like each other as more than friends. With 10 episodes in, Dong Man and Ae Ra are explicitly showing their feelings for each other a lot more now and are even making strides by confessing to each other how they feel too. I squeal every time they’re together and I love how in the midst of all these feels and confusion and ambiguity and chaos, they still remain the same true versions of themselves that they were when they were just friends as well. I think it’s safe to say that because they started out as childhood friends and grew up together, they don’t have to change to impress the other or have to do certain things to make the other person like them. For Dong Man and Ae Ra, they’ve already seen all the sides to each other and appreciate and love each other for that. They might try to act differently at first once they become a couple, but maybe they’ll realize that staying the honest and real versions of themselves that they are both familiar with is the best outcome for them even when they become a couple. It’ll be great to see this unfold even more as the drama progresses.


Moving on to the second lead couple with Joo Man and Seol-hee, I feel like their relationship is a little bit more complicated and complex than Ae Ra and Dong Man’s just simply because there’s so much ambiguity and confusion and secrets going on. Why doesn’t Joo Man want to marry Seol-hee? Why did they both feel the need to keep their relationship a secret and hide it from the rest of their co-workers? Why didn’t Joo Man just tell Ye-Jin that he’s in a relationship with Seol-hee and push her away? Why didn’t he stop her from pursuing him knowing that Seol-hee already knew what was happening? Why didn’t Seol-hee do anything herself? From the very first episode until now, I’ve rooted for Joo Man and Seol-hee ever since the very first episode where she got scolded by her boss and then Joo Man basically swooped in to save Seol-hee. That scene was so touching and sweet to me that I became a fan of theirs ever since that episode, but in all honesty it has only ever gotten worse from there. I’m a little bit more lenient on Joo Man not wanting to marry Seol-hee yet for financial reasons despite having been together for six years. He wants to be in a good financial state and be able to do all that he wants to do with her as a married couple without having to worry about money and finance. Sure, that I can put up with.


But I just don’t understand why he doesn’t just tell Ye-jin that he’s in a relationship with Sul-hee for six years and that he doesn’t like her. By not telling her, it has only made things worse and has put everyone in a sour position. Is he embarrassed to tell people he’s with Sul-hee? Will his position at work be threatened if he does? Is it because his feelings for Sul-hee aren’t as strong anymore because there’s Ye-jin now who keeps tugging along and confessing her feelings for Joo Man? A part of me believes that he’s a little shaken up by Ye-jin and therefore continues to do stuff for her and meet with her even though he doesn’t have to because there are boundaries that should be set in place as co-workers. But he doesn’t set any boundaries or doesn’t acknowledge them and when he doesn’t know how to stay within those boundaries and you have Ye-jin already breaking them and going all over the place, it becomes a messy outcome for everyone. I’ve read comments about how Sul-hee should be brave and not be so submissive and weak and just straight up tell Ye-jin about their relationship. I don’t blame Sul-hee and while I do want her to grow a backbone a little bit (in which she has in the latest episode), I want Joo Man to hold himself accountable for everything. I want Joo Man to be responsible for the issues that’s arisen in their relationship and to be straightforward with everyone (especially Ye-jin) on everything. Sul-hee is stuck in a situation where she’s supposed to be quiet and to be submissive and not talk alot. She’s grown up like that so one just can’t expect her to all of a sudden stand up for herself and advocate for her relationship with Joo Man. She doesn’t know how to do that and she’s not in a position to. She’s just a regular employee at her workplace who often gets scolded and yelled at. No one really respects her at her workplace. Even with Joo Man’s family, they don’t really approve of her and also put her down. She’s trying her best to be the best for everyone (especially for Joo Man who she supported while he was busy working and finishing school) so I understand and see why she would not be as strong and loud and out-going as people want her to be which is why I root for her. I like Sul-hee, I like her a lot. She’s given up so much for the ones she loves and cares about and she’s so kind-hearted which is why it breaks my heart and makes me absolutely infuriated when Joo Man goes off doing things with Ye-jin and lies to her just so he can “help” Ye-jin with work-related things. She’s done so much for him and then in the end gets treated like this. And worst of all, she has to confront this issue with Ye-jin because her boyfriend of six years doesn’t have the audacity or courage to do it himself (which goes back to the whole idea of how I believe he’s a bit shaken up because of his feelings for Ye-jin and might be losing feelings for Sul-hee himself). I’m glad Sul-hee stepped up to the plate and told Ye-jin about her relationship with Joo Man, but I also want him to do the same and stay true to his words. In the latest episode, we just went back to where we started and it was frustrating.


If anything, I want Sul-hee to break up with Joo Man herself to make him realize how much of a gem and diamond she’s worth so that he knows he won’t betray her next time and will maybe actually cherish her, do stuff for her as she’s done for him, and I don’t know maybe even marry her. But being in a relationship for six years, maybe things have gone stale. Joo Man is used to her now. He’s used to the daily routine. He’s gotten bored and he wants to do different things which is why he’s leaning a bit towards Ye-jin and it frustrates me that he’s become a bit careless in all of this. I understand that it’s suffocating for him as well having Sul-hee do and pay everything for him because he too wants to be in a position where he’s stable and well-off and doesn’t have to feel like he relies on Sul-hee for everything, but that’s been his excuse for everything. At one point or another, he’s gotta do something about the situation that he’s in. He either breaks everything off with Sul-hee and get with Ye-jin or vice versa. I feel like he’s in between right now, still staying with Sul-hee for whatever reasons, but leaning a little bit towards Ye-jin and it frustrates the heck out of me. Sul-hee’s literally bent her back working her butt off to pay and support Joo Man and in the end, lies, deceit, and a boy who interacts with his “intern” who doesn’t know how to back off and take no for an answer is all she gets? Sul-hee can do so much better and deserves so much better. I want Joo Man to do something about it or I want Sul-hee to end her relationship with Joo Man just so this will be a wake-up call for him and hopefully get him to realize how good he’s had it with Sul-hee. I hate seeing Sul-hee be treated like this when she treats everyone else so greatly and with so much love and warmth. She doesn’t deserve this. And in all honesty, the whole Sul-hee/Joo Man/Ye-jin thing has dragged on for too long now and I now no longer anticipate to see what will happen to them. I just want Ye-jin to leave because Joo Man told her to and for Joo Man to make it up to Sul-hee what he’s done. And if I’m going to be very very honest, you could have done this whole relationship issue without Ye-jin in the picture. There’s already a variety of issues that one could explore between Joo Man and Sul-hee considering that they’ve been in a relationship for six years, but why the drama chose the issue of having a side character be a threat to the relationship makes no sense to me. It actually frustrates me and I want it to be gone. I want to see Joo Man and Sul-hee strengthen their relationship after all that they’ve been through and get married in the end. Please show, please. Make it happen.


Phew. Long rant lol. But moving forward, as frustrating and aggravating as some aspects of the show can be, I do appreciate the aspects of the drama that are quirky, funny, and satisfying. I love how comedic and silly all the characters are, but most of all I love how the relationships that they have with each other and the ideas of wanting to look successful so that others around them aren’t worried (Ae Ra & Dong Man’s relationship with their parents, Joo Man to Sul-hee, etc.). It’s such a simple concept, but one that is so difficult to achieve in reality and it’s been great watching this happen for our characters. In a world where they just want to achieve their life-long dreams and goals, they have to face the multiple obstacles and challenges that come with those goals and the reality that wakes them up to all this and it’s been interesting so far seeing them face their fears and biggest obstacles. Where this goes and where they’re headed we’ll find in the next few episodes, but I’m excited and I hope I won’t be pulling my hair out as I’ve been the past 10 episodes to see what happens to our characters.


[What Mary Thinks] Why I Couldn’t Finish Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Korean drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon’ just recently came to end and just like how it started, it also concluded strongly. However, I am in the minority in that I am one of those people who did not finish the drama and eventually dropped it for several reasons.

Prior to the airing of the drama, I did not watch any of the teasers or trailers to the drama because as much as these teasers and trailers are designed to increase one’s excitement and anticipation for the show, I find that sometimes they don’t do much for me so I just don’t watch them. Since Park Bo Young is my ultimate favorite actress, I was planning to watch the drama to support her (since her last drama ‘Oh My Ghostess’ was also a successful enjoyable hit). I ultimately came into the drama with a blank slate, not having watched any teasers and watching this drama for Park Bo Young (+ Ji Soo).


Upon the first few episodes, I noticed the various different plots/story lines existent within the drama. And while some might argue that these plots kept the drama intense, intriguing, appealing, and that each have their own charms (in which I agree they do), the execution of these plots left me feeling distracted, frustrated, and annoyed. You had the plot of Bong-soon and the ways in which she deals with her powers, her relationship/love line with Minhyuk, the gangster/crew plot, the kidnapping case, Bong-soon’s parent’s relationship, and so much more. I wouldn’t have a problem with how many plots there were in Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon as I think dramas should have multiple plots to keep the drama going, but with SWDBS, I personally felt like some plots didn’t necessarily blend or flow well with each other causing me to become frustrated or confused as I continued to watched the drama.

As someone who’s watched many Korean dramas for the past decade, I understand that there’s a need for dramas to have multiple subplots and it should. It has to or else it’s going to get boring and drag on, but my problem with SWDBS was that there were too many subplots and although the drama tried to have them all interrelated and connected to one another somehow, they were just too different in contrast to each other. I could be enjoying and squealing over Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s interactions with each other one second and then the next I’m watching the kidnapper torture and harm the girls he has trapped in the prison/cells and it was just too much for me. These plots were just too different from each other that they didn’t blend well even when the drama tried to.


Honestly, I didn’t care too much about the gangster plot, but it’s unfortunate that the drama continued to carry on that plot throughout the drama. I would have enjoyed the drama a lot more had the drama not spend so much time on it, but instead give me more time on the development of our main couple or on the development of Bong Soon’s parents abusive relationship or something else (more time on this would have been wonderful to be honest). But the drama did not cease on the scenes with the gang and this lead me to enjoy the drama less and less. I felt like this plot didn’t necessarily serve any purpose in the drama. It was just kind of there for comedic times and moments which I always appreciate in a drama, but in SWDBS I felt like it was forced and wasn’t actually all that funny (maybe I just have a different sense of humor but it wasn’t that entertaining to me). The boss ends up becoming a monk and then the members go and visit him at the temple and that just became a mess to me. I simply did not care about the gang. As unfortunate and sad as it was that they all ended up in the hospital and stayed there the majority of the drama, to me they didn’t really do anything for the drama. If they weren’t going to contribute to the overall storyline or provide any comedic moments, then it probably didn’t need to exist in the first place but it did and I felt like the drama tried too hard to push them onto the audience and spent too much time focusing on them. But for what?


The kidnapping plot was interesting and intriguing, but it continued to drag even to the very last episodes causing me to eventually lose my interest and patience with the drama. The kidnapping plot was interesting to the point where it could have been a drama of its own (something similar to ‘Signal’), but combined with the gang plot + Bong Soon/Minhyuk relationship, Bong Soon’s family relationships, it was just too much. Especially considering that the kidnapping plot was a lot more intense, dark, and evil compared to the other scenes like the gangster scenes that were “funny” or Bong Soon and Min Hyuk that were so sweet, cute, and lovey-dovey, the tone of the plot didn’t mesh well with the others, affecting the overall tone of the drama. There was too much going on at the same time and they differed too much from each other. I was expecting SWDBS to be breezy, light, fluffy, fun, and cute and the drama were all of those things and more, but it was also intense and dark with the kidnapping plot which caused a lot of confusion for me because I wasn’t so sure what the drama was supposed to be. One scene it’s light and fuzzy and cute and then the next it turns dark and scary and suspenseful and for me there was just too much going on at the same time so I couldn’t appreciate the drama for what it was and had a difficult time enjoying it, much less watching it.

I also think there was the concern of the way that the drama was portraying homosexuality/marginalized identities in the drama. I don’t know myself how I feel about it so I won’t comment much on this topic, but it’s one of those things where it’s a grey area and you’re not really sure what to think or how to feel about it. If there were others who dropped this drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was for this reason though (among a variety of other reasons). I think I was able to look past this after reading how others positively interpreted these scenes, but with all the other things going on in the drama, there was more than enough reasons for me to drop the drama than for me to keep watching it.


Unfortunately, SWDBS did not live up to my expectations. I watched it hoping that it would improve and get better but it stayed the same throughout. This was good because it was consistent throughout, but it did drag for me a little bit too much (I lost so much hair from the kidnapping plot because for some reason they could not capture the damn kidnapper even though they visited the warehouse 50,000 times) and just wasn’t as appealing and interesting as I thought it would be. Since this was Park Bo Young’s second drama and ‘Oh My Ghostess’ was an enjoyable and exceptional drama, I think I came in also maybe expecting a little bit too much (which is my fault). I do think the premise was interesting and I liked how Bong Soon was strong so she wasn’t your typical candy girl who always needed someone to save her, but everything else in the drama didn’t impress me. However, the drama was great for many others, both domestically and internationally, which is always great news. The ratings for the drama were fairly high and successful especially for a cable channel and the drama was always strong and consistent which I always appreciate in a drama. So while I necessarily didn’t enjoy the drama, many many others did and the drama was in the end successful. It ended just as strongly as it started and I’m glad that the drama was enjoyable to many people. This drama was just not for me and I might be in the minority, but I’m probably gonna feel this way about this drama for a long time and I honestly don’t have the motivation to go back and watch it despite the ratings and positive comments that people have made about it. This drama is some people’s cup of tea and isn’t for others and unfortunately it wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’m glad that it was a successful hit nonetheless.

What Mary Thinks: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Ahhhh, it’s such a bittersweet feeling. It’s such a bittersweet feeling when a drama that you watched (and enjoyed) from the very beginning ends and you’re just sitting there, pondering over what else there is to life.

Although I did not recap Korean drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, I had been watching it this whole time every week and found myself heavily enjoying the light, simple, and breezy coming-of-age drama.


Just like many other viewers have commented, the drama does a really great job in realistically portraying the great, bright moments of the young youthful culture as well as those not-so-great moments, all within a time span of 16 hours. Being a college student myself, there’s a sense of connection and belonging to this drama compared to other dramas. There weren’t any unnecessary angst, the pacing was for the most part done well, and the cheerful, light-hearted, and bubbly tone that the drama started off went full circle as it was able to maintain this mood and tone throughout the drama which I really appreciated. There weren’t any Truck of Dooms, there weren’t any cheating, affairs, etc. The drama was simply about our Kim Bok Joo and Jung Joon Hyung experiencing life, love, and friendships as young college students learning to grow up in a world full of up’s and down’s.


I mentioned about how the drama was well paced and I appreciate this because I never felt like there was any scrambling or that any issues weren’t addressed or if they were, weren’t addressed too quickly. There wasn’t the need to rush anything and even when there were time jumps or there were still issues left untouched, the drama still covered them in the end and gave us answers. We could see this with Joonhyung’s trauma or his relationship with his mother (which I admit I was surprised that they addressed because I wasn’t expecting it) or Bok Joo’s relationship with her father. If there’s anything that I wished the drama could have done differently, I realized that all the romantic relationships in the drama started after Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyung started dating which I think was fine because all the couples are cute and sweet and makes me squeal like crazy, but I wished that they would have had all their own timing and moments as well. It was as if only once Bok Joo and Joon Hyung started dating that the other characters could start dating as well and so then within a span of 2 episodes, you had the birth of like 3 different couples and I felt like it just came out of no where. Other than this small complaint, the drama did a good job with pacing and portraying all the characters, issues, and relationships in a realistic manner.


Speaking of relationships, I also really appreciated all the relationships in this drama – romantic or not. They were all healthy in one way or another (communicated with one another, were honest with each other about their thoughts and feelings, etc.) and actually opened up about how they were feeling and carried mature, civil discussions about their thoughts and feelings. Sadly it’s uncommon to witness this now in K-dramaland nowadays where couples are often passive aggressive with each other or resort to noble idiocracy and then viewers suffer through 2 more episodes before the couples finally make up. With ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ it wasn’t like that and it was so refreshing to be able to watch a drama and effortlessly enjoy it for the way the characters were and how true they stayed to themselves, their partners, and their friends (for the most part). Although I do wish that the characters would have learned from their mistakes of lying or shielding information from one another (they still did this up to the very last episode and it lowkey irked me), I liked how all the characters were respectful and honest in that they were aware of what their priorities were. Bok Joo and Joon Hyung spent a healthy amount of time with each other as couples would, but they still spent time with their family and their friends – never forgetting about who they were as individuals and getting lost along the way. It was great to see that even at the very last episode, they all got their own happy ending (which they absolutely deserved) and still maintained their relationships and friendships.


In regards to the cast, I’ve always been a fan of Lee Sung Kyung. I don’t quite remember when I first discovered her, but I had always been supportive of her. I would be lying if I said that she didn’t carry this project because she did – just as all the other actors and actresses in the drama did as well. Although I want to say that this drama was centered around Bok Joo because in a way it was, every character in the drama was important and connected in some way and played an important role so the drama did a good job of also focusing on all the characters and spending some time meshing them out as well. I thank the drama for conveying the message that not all female-identified individuals are going to look like the conventional idea of pretty that society has placed and emphasized upon for years, are not always going to be wearing dresses and skirts, or have make-up on. There are girls out there like Kim Bok Joo who will be herself and be her own kind of pretty and feel empowered however she wants. ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ was different in many ways and this message was just one of the many ways that it differed so greatly from other dramas and that I wished other dramas would follow and do in the future. As for Nam Joo Hyuk, I’ve seen him in other dramas and I felt like he was pretty green and dry in the roles he played before. But I saw a huge improvement in ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ and I know he will only do better from this point forward. He did a wonderful job portraying Joon Hyung, showing even the tiniest face expressions and reactions to every situation so I always knew what he was thinking or how he was feeling (don’t even get me started on his character – sooooo swoonworthy. When will I ever find my own Joon Hyung? *cries*).


I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed this drama until I was watching the last 2 minutes of episode 16 and wanting to cry upon realizing that it’s come to an end. Just like many other people, I also didn’t want to accept that it ended and I still don’t want to. I’m not quite ready to let go of this drama yet and while it might be unlikely, I do hope there will be a second season. I would love to see more of how the relationships and friendships evolved, what our characters do after graduation, how Joon Hyung and Bok Joo are doing after graduating, and much much more. Maybe this is just because I’m not quite ready yet to let go of all the wonderful characters in ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ that I’m requesting for a second season, but to be quite honest, I’m not sure I will ever accept that this drama has come to an end. I hadn’t realized how much I enjoyed it until it ended and now I’m all over the place and I’m not quite so sure what to do (I definitely took it for granted *cries*). While it was unfortunate that this drama had to air at the same time and day as ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, I’m happy that it remained the same throughout the whole 16 episodes. Everything about this drama was perfect – from the cast, to the characters, to the OST’s, to the cinematography, and even all the cameos that were funny, fun to watch, and logical. I don’t go re-watch dramas often, but maybe one day when I’m in need of a drama to watch or when I’m going through rough times in college, I’ll go back to re-watch ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ to remind myself that while there will be difficult and tiring days in college, there is also hope and love and warmth, just as our characters in ‘Weightlifting Fairy’ possessed, shared with one another, and received in return.


What Mary Thinks: Cunning Single Lady, Three Days, Bride of the Century, God’s Gift – 14 Days

So I spent most of yesterday and today catching up with the latest Korean dramas that have just aired. There are actually quite many dramas that have begun airing (which is good because I have been feeling Korean Drama deprived lately), so I managed to pick out a few dramas that captured my interest and watched the first episode.


One of those dramas I watched was ‘Bride of the Century’ starring FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki (who also acted as Jeremy in the popular You’re Beautiful). I actually did not know about this drama until I stumbled upon in on A Koala’s Playground (which I recommend you should visit and follow! Amazing blog and blogger btw!). It turns out that Koala Unnie is recapping the drama so since she was recapping it, I decided to watch the drama. Episode one was a bit slow as expected, but it’s only setting up the plot for the future episodes so I really anticipate what will happen next. If you aren’t familiar with the drama, Lee Hong Ki plays Choi Kang Ju who is the heir to a very famous and wealthy company called ‘Taeyang Corporation.’ He is engaged to a mean and selfish fiance named Jang Yi-kyung played by Yang Jin-Sung. However, just before they are to announce their marriage to everyone, she decides to run away because of some conflicts, and therefore that’s where the female lead Na Doo-rim comes in (she is also played by Yang Jin-Sung so Yang Jin-sung plays two different roles in this drama) who happens to look exactly like Kang-ju’s fiance so Doo-rim is substituted in as Kang-ju’s fiance for now until Yi-kyung (the REAL fiance is found). Maybe it’s because this was the first episode that I found Hong Ki’s acting a bit…uncomfortable and awkward to watch, but I can put up with his acting for now, because I’m expecting him to improve in the future. I actually have always liked Yang Jin-sung ever since I saw her in ‘City Hunter’; I’m glad she gets to play the female lead of a drama. I love Doo-rim who is such a hard-working and optimistic lady. Because she lost her parents at a young age, she’s been raised by her grandmother and even when she was scammed and lost all of her money, she was motivated to work again to take care of her grandmother. She’s warm-hearted and kind and persistent. Doo-rim can also be really bad-ass as evident when she beat up these 3 guys who didn’t pay for the coffee Doo-rim sold them. I loved that scene, because it showed that she isn’t an easy girl to deal with. She has a heart, but she also stands up for herself and is courageous in so many ways. I love that! Doo-rim so far is awesome and when she interacts with our cold and harsh Kang-ju, I can’t wait to see how their love story unravels. Should you watch it? Go ahead, give it a try!

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(I especially love the poster of Yoochun by the car. OMG. SO FREAKING. HAWT. just kill me now).

Next up is ‘Three Days’ and one thing that I immediately noticed and loved about this drama is the cinematography. It is just so breath-taking and beautiful really. It reminds me of ‘Inspiring Generation’ and how that drama also had great cinematography. Anyways, on to the drama. It’s not bad, but I do expect this drama to have a lot of cliffhanger endings (which I think we all hate). Heck, even episode one ended with our President in potential danger and I was on the edge of my seat. Cast wise, I haven’t always been a fan of Yoochun’s acting, but compared to his ‘Missing You’ days, he has definitely increased. As for Park Ha Sun, although I love her to little bits, I never really had positive thoughts about her acting, but she has also shown some improvement in this drama. I’m not liking her short hair although I know I’ll get used to it. Then as for So Yi-Hyun, I also had the same exact feeling about her like how I did with Yoochun and Park Ha Sun as well, and just like how I said the other two improved, so has So Yi-Hyun. And that’s a big relief, because the last drama I saw her in was ‘Heartstrings’ and she was horrible in there. All she did was widen her eyes and looked frozen and stiff. Then last but not least you have Son Hyun-joo who I don’t even need to talk about because he’s always great in whatever drama or movie he’s acting in. There’s also Jang Hyun-sung (I forgot his role in the drama), but I remember seeing him in the popular TV show ‘Superman is Back’ so I’m rooting for him here! If you don’t know what ‘Three Days’ is about yet, Son Hyun-joo plays the President and happens to get kidnapped so it’s the job of Yoochun and his crew to get the President back. As simple as this plot sounds, you definitely know that there’s so much more to this and I’m excited to know how all of this is going to be executed. But if there was something I’m a bit picky about, it would be the dragging of the scenes. The drama likes to drag out some scenes for emphasis, but sadly I don’t think it’s working. One example would be when Yoochun was mourning over his father while sitting at a bus stop. Viewers were watching him sit on the bench (and he wasn’t even waiting for the bus either) thinking about his father for a good two minutes. I know this might sound harsh because Yoochun’s character has lost his father so abruptly, but we don’t need to see two minutes of him sitting in pure silence. It’s awkward and boring and repetitive. Can we move on already? That’s just something that bothered me a bit in ‘Three Days’, but other than that, the drama is good. Sooo should you watch it? I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but if you’re more into rom-coms, then this drama might not be the one for you.


Oh oh, Cunning Single Lady. What am I gonna do with you? Not that I expected many great and wonderful things out of this drama in the first place, but the characters in this drama are just so annoying and aggravating to watch. I’m especially fed up with our female lead Na Ae-ra. She expected so many things from her marriage and when her expectations were failed, she decided to give up on the marriage. Then when she discovers that her ex-husband has become this rich and powerful CEO of this company, she goes back to keeping in contact with him again. It annoys me, because she said herself that she was expecting her husband to feed her, not her feed him, so when his husband quit his job in hopes to create a business and she had to work to provide for them instead, she got mad and wanted to separate. I can’t understand her nor can I sympathize for her when her husband was trying just as hard. I wish she could have been more understanding and patient. It’s not like her husband then Cha Jeong-woo (played by Joo Sang-wook) was running around and playing with girls – I think he was trying his hardest as well. And that was obviously evident when he managed to become this really wealthy and rich Chaebol later on in the future. Argh, I don’t know how I feel about this drama overall. I actually anticipated it the most because I love both Joo Sang-wook and Lee Min-jung lots and as actors and actresses I love them both, but their characters in this drama are so annoying. Lol. As for our second female and male leads, I wasn’t so sure on their characters…but I’m not so impressed with our seond male lead Seo Kang-joon. Granted, he’s very handsome (no doubt about that), but his acting is just…kind of awkward to put in nicer terms. Overall, would I recommend you to watch this drama? Not if you don’t want to kill yourself over frustration and irritation. Lol, I’m joking. Give it a try and if you happen to drop it, I doubt there’ll be much you’re missing out on. I predict this drama to have a lot of dragging / back and forth arguments and fights. If you drop this drama, I will understand.


Then last but not least is ‘God’s Gift -14 Days’ and I am actually quite confused on what the tone of this drama is supposed to be. Because Lee Bo Young’s character Kim Soo Hyun has to travel back in time to save her adorable daughter, I thought this drama would immediately start off with a dark and mysterious vibe, but the drama was actually quite light and not as heavy as I had expected, which made me quite confused on how I should feel about the first episode. All the cast members are incredibly talented; B1A4’s Baro plays a handicapped person in this drama and he’s doing great so far. I’m sad to know that my Ki Kwang isn’t playing the leader of the boy group ‘Snake’ that Lee Bo Young’s daughter loves and spazzes over in this drama (Ki Kwang was replaced by No Min Woo), but then now that I have seen the role that Ki Kwang was going to play, I’m glad he isn’t because…I can’t imagine Ki Kwang with more eye liner than he usually wears rocking to rock music. It’ll be a weird image I probably won’t be able to get out of my head (not that the role is weird or anything. It’s just that Ki Kwang wouldn’t suit it). In episode one, uri daughter has already been kidnapped (SO EARLY INTO THE DRAMA. GAHHHH) so it’s up to uri mother Lee Bo Young to travel back in time to find her daughter. And we viewers get to see her embark on her journey which is bound to be interesting and one heck of a ride. Should you watch this one? GO FOR IT.


Future Korean dramas I plan to watch is ‘Secret Love Affair’ with Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee-ae because it looks pretty good so far and this is coming from a girl who’s not so fond of Noona romances. Haha. In my previous post, I hinted at a possible recap for ‘Her Lovely Heels’, a drama starring Hong Jong-hyun and Kara’s Seung Yeon. I haven’t gotten around to doing the recaps for that drama yet, because I’m still catching up with all the four dramas I just mentioned about above, so please wait patiently for the recaps. This is the most amount of dramas that I have watched ever simultaneously while busy with school so I’m expecting to drop a few dramas in the future if my expectations aren’t met…and that’s very sad.

So that’s it for the latest edition of ‘What Mary Thinks.’ Are you watching any of these dramas I did a review about? If yes, which one and your thoughts on it! Comment down below! 😀