[Discuss Away!] Age of Youth 2 ep 3-6

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Oof. The heartbreak and pain was real in episodes 3-6 of ‘Age of Youth 2.’ If there’s anything about the show that I appreciate and enjoy the most, it would definitely be its ability to portray such raw characters who breathe so much life in whatever they do. There’s a realistic portrayal in our characters and the decisions that they make or the actions that they commit. Age of Youth might not be the most interesting or the most action-packed, but it’s a drama that I resonate a lot with and that’s good enough for me.

The drama started to explore the romantic relationships between the housemates and their respective partners/guy friends starting in episode 3 and on. I’m surprised that this is the aspect the show is choosing to focus on for the moment just because I felt like last season it wasn’t as highly emphasized as this season. Not that I’m complaining or anything though because I do genuinely like watching them all interact with the guys and respond to them in their own way. Ji-won still remains so adorable with Sung-min and I’m glad that the drama is giving them more of an arc this time than last season because they deserve so much more (I’m also glad Ji-won’s getting more time in this season in general so that we get a better understanding of her and her past like how all the other characters did). Even Ye-eun and Ho-chang’s relationship is cute and although I wouldn’t want him to be the reason why Ye-eun is all of a sudden cured from her trauma (I would like her to slowly recover through her own means), I think he can serve as a support system for her. Eunjae’s story resonates a lot with me in that just like her, I too was in a position where I couldn’t learn to move on after breaking up with my ex. Not that I’m in that position now (I’ve learned to accept the past, move forward with life, and start anew), but I don’t blame her for the things that she did in episode 5. You know, you do some crazy things when you’re still in love with your ex and you want to try everything you can to win them back somehow.

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I think Eun’s relationship with Jang-hoon is the most interesting to me just because they’re such polar opposites but seems to be of a source of comfort for each other already somehow. I like how they’re playing pretend right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised (and I’m anticipating) that the pretend play won’t be pretend for much longer. Last but not least, Heimdal seems like a decent guy who’s just trying to make it and succeed as an unknown idol but I hope the drama doesn’t try to set him up with Yoon Sunbae. I want her to last with Chef Park after all that they’ve gone through so I’m hoping Yoon Sunbae doesn’t betray Chef Park or any of us by breaking up with him for Heimdal. Maybe the drama’s setting him up to remind Yoon Sunbae of her brother or herself, but episode 6 gave me the vibe that they could possibly engage in a romantic relationship which made me feel a bit iffy.

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The show so far has been giving us little bits here and there of our girls’s personalities and stories, but since the first season already did such a great job in letting us into the lives of our girls I wonder what else it has up its sleeves this season. It seems like there’s going to be more of a shift in focus on Ji-won since her time last season was unjustified which I’m happy about, but I don’t know. There’s something about her story that is not sticking to me or is making it difficult for me to be engaged. The drama feels obligated to show more of Ji-won because she didn’t get that time last season so now she is getting more screentime this season but it feels… lacking. I don’t personally feel gripped to her storyline and arc and I’m not sure why. The drama has also been giving us insight on Eun and how she discovered the girls. I definitely do want to see more of Ye-eun’s process and journey in healing and recovering from her trauma. If done right and actually focused on in the drama, it could really be an eye-opener for folks as to what healing looks like and even the resources and services that are available to people who might also be going through the same thing or something similar. It seems like her ex-boyfriend has been released from prison though just right when she was feeling better so I’m worried and afraid for Ye-eun and hopes that she’s okay in all of this.

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There are many aspects about the show that I enjoy, but I think my most favorite aspect would be the music that the drama chooses to play during the episodes. The songs played in each episode is the charm of this drama; each track is so fitting for its own scene and really helps elevate the scene. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve had to google lyrics to some of the tracks because I liked them so much and wanted to keep listening to them. I’m thankful that ‘Age of Youth’ gives viewers not only a great watch but also a great listen as some of the tracks played in both seasons are super good.

I admit I had a difficult time finishing episode 6. It was probably my least favorite episode yet, but with the return of Ye-eun’s ex-boyfriend (I’m assuming) and Ji-won getting closer and closer to exploring her childhood, maybe the drama will take a turn for the better.



Choco Bank: Episode 5 recap

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The title of this episode is called ‘A Sad Valentine’s Day’ and yes indeed, it was sad. This episode is packed with angst and pain, leaving you in tears and sadness just like our characters. I just want everyone to be happy. Why can’t we all just be happy? 😦

Our sweet Cho Co reminisces about every Valentine’s Day she’s experienced in her entire life. The holiday has never sat well with her. She’s always been rejected from her crushes or she got cheated on one time by her ex-boyfriend. Will this year’s Valentine’s Day be any different?

Eun-haeng comes home to an exhausted and sleeping mother. While looking over her, he also reflects on his interview that is scheduled to take place the next morning. He feels conflicted, having remembered Cho Co’s question of whether he was going to go to the interview or not.

Cho Co wakes up to impatient and angry customers waiting outside of her shop. She opens her shop to let her customers in who are all waiting for Eun-haeng so they can receive financial consultation and advice. Cho Co panics and calls Eun-haeng to check up on him. However, he’s already at the bank ready for his interview and he ignores her phone call.

The customers are getting angrier and angrier at the minute waiting for Eun-haeng. Cho Co apologizes and announces that he won’t be coming to the shop today, but just then he comes running into the shop (YAAAAAY!). Eun-haeng to the rescue! Eun-haeng starts with his business of giving financial consultations to the customers. It seems like everything will be okay.

Of course Eun-haeng and Cho Co can’t keep their eyes off of each other. Even while working the two steal little glimpses at each other here and there. Dal-soo notices what’s happening and grows jealous. Haha.

A long day of what could have been a disaster but wasn’t comes to an end. While Dal-soo goes to take the trash out, Cho Co and Eun-haeng converse over his decision to leave his interview and come back to the shop. We find out that Eun-haeng chose the shop because of Cho Co (OMGGGG I’M SCREAMING. He’s so swoon-worthy). Cho Co listens attentively while holding a box of chocolates on her lap ready to give it to the man she likes.

However, the moment is interrupted when Eun-haeng’s mother enters the shop (OH NOOO). Upon having discovered what her son has been up to, she yells at him to stop what he’s doing and head back home with her. But Eun-haeng is different now. He’s not the young son that his mother raised growing up. Eun-haeng stands up for himself and explains that he wants to live his own life; he wants to do what it is that he is passionate about for once. Mom is shocked and surprised, falling to the ground and fainting as a result.

Eun-haeng takes her mother to the hospital. Later that night after she’s discharged and back at home, he visits her while she’s laying in her bedroom. There are no words spoken between them though and he leaves her alone to get some rest. Cho Co checks up on Eun-haeng and his mother asking if everything’s alright.

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Eun-haeng calls Cho Co to let her know that he won’t return to the shop. He’s quit and he’s never going to go back. After the phone call ends, Cho Co is left at her shop surprised and hurt. Tears form in her eyes as she stares at the box of chocolates sitting in front of her.

Another year of Valentine’s Day and another year of an unsuccessful Valentine’s Day.


The drama takes us back to Eun-haeng’s interview where he rejects the Director’s offer for an interview. When asked why, he reveals that he likes Cho Co’s shop better.

My Thoughts:

Omg, this episode was such an unexpected one. SO UNEXPECTED. The drama had been so light and cute and fluffy this entire time that episode 5 was full of angst and sadness and pain I didn’t expect it at all. The end of episode 4 hinted this change in direction and tone, but episode 5 went all out.

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I’m so sad that Eun-haeng decided to not return to the shop. As episode 6 is the last episode I have a feeling that he will eventually return because he knows that he’s in love with Cho Co and can’t resist leaving her, but at the same time I understood why he made that difficult decision. His mother doesn’t want him to work at the shop because it’s unstable and not a guaranteed position even though he personally might want to. He wants to put his mother first before himself so he’s willing to forego his position at the shop to make his mother happy. You can’t blame him as difficult as it might be because it’s his mother and he wants to be the best son he can be for her considering that there’s no father figure in their family. It broke my heart though watching him convey to Cho Co his final decision. I didn’t want more angst between them I wanted a happy ending!


Since the beginning of the episode gave us insight on Cho Co’s sad and unsuccessful Valentine’s Days the past few years, I thought her Valentine’s Day that year would be different. I thought that the drama was going to make her Valentine’s Day different and that she would confess to Eun-haeng and that he’d do the same and they would fall in love with each other. But then upon having been rejected it was yet again another sad and heart-breaking Valentine’s Day for Cho Co which I was not expecting to see. It’s such a sad day (and moment) for both Cho Co and Eun-haeng (and even Dal-soo) at the moment I’m hoping they can find some kind of hope to light up the dim situation they’re currently facing.

Also, as sad as this episode was everyone did such a great job with their roles. I was especially surprised by Kai who for the most part did a wonderful job as the suffocated and exhausted son who’s tired of listening to his mother tell him what to do. I could feel his frustration and impatience through his eyes and his voice. He conveyed the emotions greatly! Great job Kai!


[Discuss Away!] Strongest Deliveryman ep 11-12

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Wow, are we already on episodes 11 and 12 of this drama? I already know I’m going to miss Strongest Deliveryman once it ends and it hasn’t even ended yet.

This drama is hitting all the right cords for me in every way possible. Strongest Deliveryman is so charming, providing us with all the right punches to get us caught in our feels and emotions. The thing about this drama that I appreciate the most is how fast-paced it is. We’re always constantly being given more progress and content while our characters are always given constant development and growth (to some extent). The drama knows what it’s doing and it’s doing all those things wonderfully.

The primary plot that the drama has been focusing on in the last few episodes is Ji-yoon’s mom trying to take over the neighborhood with her new family business. It’s not one that’s random so it was built neatly into the narrative of the story which is nice. Is it my most favorite aspect of the show to watch? Definitely not considering that I’m here more for our characters and their relationships, but this plot remains interesting because it moves at such a fast pace. In the last episode we had Grandma’s restaurant attacked and then in episode 11 she actually has to leave so now Kang-soo is battling Ji-yoon’s mother in the fight for revenge and victory. The plot never drags and you never feel like things are moving slowly simply because it’s not. Once we’re done with one thing we automatically move on with the next and it’s so refreshing to always constantly be given new material in each episode. I’m not sitting here waiting endlessly thinking what Kang-soo or Ji-yoon’s mother is going to do next. The route the drama is taking in terms of this predicament is predictable but it’s fast-paced which is a lot better than the drama taking us down this predictable route but then take forever in getting us to the final showdown that we got in episode 11.

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Jin-gyu got more character development once again in episode 11 which is always a good note for me. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a drama give their second male lead so much character growth before; Strongest Deliveryman is doing a great job in balancing their focus on all 4 of their characters. So even though Kang-soo and Dan-ah are the leads and we get to see them plenty of times in this drama, so do we with Jin-gyu and Ji-yoon which I think is nice. You know Jin-gyu and Ji-yoon are the second leads because Go Kyung-pyo and Chae Soo-bin are playing as our main leads, but you never actually feel that way because the drama is doing such a good job in balancing all our characters. In episode 11, Jin-gyu decides that his values and morals are of more significance than Ji-yoon’s mother’s goals and it was refreshing to see him choose what he thought was more important to him. Yes, he might be homeless having quit his job as branch manager, but he did this without losing his friendships, morals, and values along the way. Whereas before he was merely a puppet to what his family or Ji-yoon’s mother was telling him, now he knows what he wants, he’s formed his own backbone, and he can advocate for himself. The old him has died and he’s now revived as someone entirely new and different unfamiliar to anyone else. I’m loving this new version of Jin-gyu.

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I appreciate how Kang-soo is such a great and determined hero. He saves people’s lives and he is a firm believer in justice and equality for all which I’m all for. I’m rooting for him as our protagonist and I think the drama has done a great job in demonstrating what it is that he is passionate about. Granted, in order to get to this point he’s received quite some time in the spotlight which I think I would have been okay with had it not been at the expense of our other characters. I also want to see more Dan-ah and I felt like she’s been placed in the backburner the past few episodes so that the drama could focus on other plots like Kang-soo’s delivery business, the competition with the Jung Family Foods business, and Chef Jang’s mini sub-plot with the gangsters. Earlier in the drama we saw her working endlessly to finance her trip abroad which was great but that was all that we saw of her. And even until now that’s all that we’ve seen of Dan-ah. We’re missing some substance and content on our female lead character and now she’s just merely a character while Kang-soo continues to take the lead in everything. I hope the drama can learn to hash out Dan-ah’s character somehow in the next four episodes because I’m dissatisfied with how little we’re getting of her lately.

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Kang-soo and Dan-ah remain cuter than ever in these two new episodes. I love how much of a source of comfort and support they are to each other. We especially witnessed this in episode 11 when Dan-ah cares for Kang-soo upon finding him bawling over having discovered his mother after years of failed attempts. While a part of me would have liked to see Kang-soo actually leave the neighborhood to go find his mother and therefore leave Dan-ah behind, I also feel like it was a good thing that the drama decided to just have him find his mother in the neighborhood he was already in. It’s a simple cop-out, but the impact is still there. We witness him yelling at his mother for all the pain she’s caused him and his late dad and all the pain she’s still causing him. It was so painful but heart-warming to see Dan-ah hold him in her arms as he was weeping upon his discovery. Another example is in episode 12 when Kang-soo scolded Dan-ah for almost getting hurt and at first they’re angry at each other but they eventually make up through lots of hugs. It’s small moments like these where our leads are with each other in their most vulnerable moments that makes you root for them individually and as a couple.

However, the aspect about their relationship that irked me a little bit was after watching episode 12 when Kang-soo was pleading Dan-ah not to leave and he stated to her how happy he could make her. While I understand that this was just a simple act of pleading and begging Dan-ah to stay because Kang-soo is in love with her and wants to continue spending time with her, another part of me also feels like he’s a little selfish for asking. This is a slight shift from his personality earlier in the drama where he was supportive of Dan-ah’s decisions and wanted the best for her. Granted, the two have created and maintained such a beautiful relationship so Kang-soo might have changed his feelings and therefore want Dan-ah to stay, but I hope Dan-ah doesn’t stay behind for Kang-soo. I hope that in her decision-making process she thinks about herself and puts herself first. What is it that she wants? If she chooses to stay behind, is it because she wants to or is it because of Kang-soo? I hope that in no way does she stay behind because she felt guilty that Kang-soo didn’t leave on his 2-month trips to every neighborhood in Seoul like how he usually does so she’s not going to leave either. I totally want to keep seeing Kang-soo and Dan-ah together and I love how adorable and supportive they are of each other, but at the same time I also like them individually and I want the best for them individually. If she wants to leave Korea to start anew in another country and that means leaving Kang-soo behind then so be it. I also think this scene in particular could have had more impact had the drama placed more emphasis on Dan-ah’s decision to live abroad. Lately her character growth and journey has been pending due to other sub-plots so even though you were sad that Kang-soo and Dan-ah could possibly be separated, the hurt and the pain could have been so much worse if the drama had shown more of Dan-ah working even harder to achieve her goals and stand firmly on moving out of the country.

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There are still many more obstacles that our leads are going to face now that they’ve come face to face with their enemy and they’re definitely going to need each other in the wake of it all. Episode 12 revealed some of the drama’s weaknesses, but I’m hoping that it’ll solve all these small issues in the next four episodes.


Choco Bank: Episode 4 recap

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Ahh, love is painful. As G-dragon once quoted in his song ‘Without You’, love is painful. It truly is and our characters Cho Co and Eun-haeng experience this firsthand themselves this episode. Why can’t our two main leads just be able to like each other? Why do new obstacles keep coming their way? Will they (and I) ever be able to live in peace?

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In episode 4, we discover how Cho Co slowly fell in love with Eun-haeng. Since he was the first person to give her chocolates a try and compliment it, he won a spot in her heart and she found new motivation to keep making chocolate. Whereas before she had a hard time waking up to bake, ever since their encounter she’s found it simple to wake up and make chocolate. She would keep baking and baking, waiting for the day that she would meet him again. That day eventually came and now they’re working with each other.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.07.02 PM

Fast forward to the present, Eun-haeng glosses over the shop’s sales while Dal-soo shows Cho Co a video that he made of Eun-haeng. In the video, Eun-haeng is seen helping customers at the shop and giving them financial advise and information. The lead actor of the video gets upset over it and complains about his privacy being invaded. But before he can do anything about it, a woman enters the shop asking for financial advise and support. Oops.

The woman is actually a journalist and wants to write about Eun-haeng’s daily life of serving as a financial counselor to many. She’ll also touch upon topics like unemployment and business start-ups and in return for her articles, the shop will get publicity and popularity. Cho Co is hesitant in accepting the proposal, but Eun-haeng and Dal-soo are in for the deal.

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It’s a busy day for Eun-haeng as the journalist gets started on the project. While the journalist originally started out as just a witness to all of this, she herself ends up getting financial advice from Eun-haeng. Haha.

Everything seems to be going well until Eun-haeng receives a call from his mother who reveals to him that she’s in town to visit him. He panics and sets out to find his mother and stop her from entering his falsely-claimed workplace. He finds her just in time and rushes her to go back home. Mom hands her son the food she prepared him, but Eun-haeng refuses to take it lying that it’ll leave a smell at work. Sad, Mom accepts her son’s request and walks away.

Later on that night, the journalist holds a meeting with Eun-haeng, Dal-soo, and Cho Co. The journalist is less interested in her job and more interested in Eun-haeng’s love life. She asks him if he’s taken to which Cho Co spits the water in her mouth out, taken aback by the sudden question. The journalist pushes herself towards Eun-haeng to get a response from him, but the only person he’s responding to is Cho Co. Cho Co puts him down and questions why the journalist would be interested in an unemployed man like Eun-haeng. Hahaha. Says the one in love herself.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.09.31 PM

While Eun-haeng is hurt by Cho Co’s harsh words, the journalist goes ahead and asks for Cho Co’s permission to date Eun-haeng. She can tell that Cho Co herself also seems to have feelings for Eun-haeng so she just wants to check to make sure she can make her move on Eun-haeng. But Cho Co lies and declares that she doesn’t like him at all… when really she does. Before the meeting ends, the journalist hands Eun-haeng a business card of the director of a bank who Eun-haeng had met earlier that day at the shop. She gives him details about an interview that is already set up for him the next morning.

After the meeting, Eun-haeng waits for Cho Co as she closes the shop. She follows up on whether he’s going to the interview or not to which Eun-haeng reveals that he is. Cho Co looks at him in disappointment and pain.

My Thoughts:

Noo, why did the two have to hurt each other like this? Eun-haeng and Cho Co are just doing things to hurt each other. Hopefully they’ll talk things out and solve these misunderstandings in the next episode because seeing them purposely say or do things just to hurt each other hurts me. I wanna go back to when they were cutely bickering with each other or when Eun-haeng and Cho Co would talk to each other nicely. Please don’t keep hurting each other 😦

I think we finally received some kind of proof or confirmation that Eun-haeng does in fact have feelings for Cho Co. When she had stated that she didn’t like him, Eun-haeng seemed disappointed. He even asked her if she was speaking the truth. For him to ask her if she’s speaking the truth reveals that he’s interested in her and is hurt by all the harsh words she’s saying about him as well as her false confession that she doesn’t like him whatsoever. He didn’t want to hear those words and yet he did in the end. It was a sad and painful thing to watch and listen to just because you know Cho Co was lying.


Dal-soo once again didn’t do too much in this episode, but maybe things are better that way. He’s a cute little adorable guy but I don’t think we’re going to get too much out of him in this drama. There’s not much damage done anyways with this decision because he’s our second male lead and he’s much cuter when he’s not rambling or whining. I like Yun Joon-suk who plays him (what he has been up to anyways? he used to be in dramas quite often but now I don’t see him anywhere 😦 ), but his character not that much.


I’m so foolish because it wasn’t until this episode that I finally understood why this drama is called ‘Choco Bank.’ Our characters are literally working at a chocolate shop and Cho Co herself is the owner of a chocolate shop while Eun-haeng is an expert at giving financial tips and advice. When you combine the two you get a title based on both chocolate and bank. It all makes sense! Haha. It’s a cute little combination and has even more meaning when you realize (like I finally did) what the two words mean.


Choco Bank: Episode 3 recap

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Hi everyone! So I know this has been so overdue for such a long time, but I thought I would resume and complete my recaps on Korean drama ‘Choco Bank.’ I had started recaps on the drama more than a year ago, but stopped due to inactivity. I’m back now and I’m planning on finishing the recaps. I also apologize for the sudden halt on the recaps; it was unprofessional of me and I’ll try to never do something like that again.

Hopefully after having received your forgiveness you’ll join me in on the rest of this journey with our characters Cho Co and Eun-haeng as they pursue their respective dreams and goals. Let’s goooo!

In episode 3, Dal-soo – Cho Co’s younger childhood friend – arrives at her chocolate shop. We discover that he had met her when he was younger and ever since then grew up with her and followed her around. He even changed his dreams to wanting to marry the owner of a chocolate shop owner just because Cho Co’s dream is to be a chocolate shop owner. Haha. Ohh, that puppy love.

Fast forward to the present and Dal-soo wants to work for Cho Co. At first she declines, but it’s not until she witnesses Dal-soo’s amazing ability to attract customers that she hires him. Hahaha. Eun-haeng grows upset, questioning Cho Co whether she’s really going to hire him to work for her. If Dal-soo’s able to get sales to increase more so than she’s ever been able to then why not? Haha. Eun-haeng disapproves and reveals that he would never do anything like that even if she paid him…

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.29.03 PM

But he does. He engages with the same exact ahjumma customers that Dal-soo does and advises them on bank-related information. Dal-soo grows jealous at how much Cho Co is admiring Eun-haeng and complains to her but she’s not having it. She demands for him to take out the trash, but maybe she shouldn’t have done that. While throwing out the trash Dal-soo finds Eun-haeng’s resume and calls him out on it in front of him and the customers.

Eun-haeng is actually unemployed and has been unemployed for 5 years. He’s just scamming the customers and doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about. Embarrassed and furious, Eun-haeng runs out of the shop. Cho Co follows after him and finds him ready to get in a taxi. However, he stays behind to check up on her after she almost gets run over by a car while crossing the street to get to him. He yells at her for almost getting run over.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.34.27 PM

While Dal-soo waits for Cho Co to return to the shop, she and Eun-haeng join each other for food. Cho Co encourages Eun-haeng to start his own business since he seems like he’d be pretty good at it, but we find out that Eun-haeng’s mother is against the idea. His dad was a businessman but his business went bankrupt before he passed away which made his mother paranoid ever since. Since then, Eun-haeng’s mother has only wanted Eun-haeng to get a stable job and has refrained him from starting his own business.

Upon hearing this Cho Co grows sad but she cheers herself and Eun-haeng up by encouraging him to be happy. If he’s happy then he can share that happiness with his mother too and in return she’ll be happy. Cho Co vows to make Eun-haeng happy but he doesn’t understand why she would do that. Just when Cho Co is about to confess to Eun-haeng, Dal-soo comes running to them and hugs Eun-haeng tightly. Having discovered about Eun-haeng’s late father he grows apologetic and guilty for how he’s treated Eun-haeng. While Dal-soo pleads for Eun-haeng’s forgiveness, Cho Co watches the two make up. She smiles quietly thinking to herself how clueless Eun-haeng is that he’s the reason why she’s so happy.


Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.47.28 PM

We return to 3 months ago with a shy Cho Co trying to get people out in the public to try her handmade chocolates. She’s unsuccessful until Eun-haeng comes across her and is the first to give her chocolate a try. He compliments it and then walks away while Cho Co stares at him admirably.

My Thoughts:

My goodness, it’s been over a year since I’ve last watched this drama but my original thoughts still hold same and true: this drama is so pretty. Every shot is just so visually pleasing and the cinematography is something else. It’s colorful, vibrant, and bright and you fall in love with how beautiful the drama is filmed and with how beautiful our leads are.


It feels weird to see Park Eun-bin play a much more toned-down and less funky character compared to her character in ‘Age of Youth.’ I’m reminded of her character in ‘Age of Youth’ while I’m watching this drama and it makes me miss her loud, out-going personality even though I know I shouldn’t make that comparison because I’m watching two completely dramas lol. With that being said though, she’s doing such a great job as Cho Co and you understand why or how Eun-haeng managed to find a way into her heart. He was the first person willing to give her life-long dream a chance and made her feel better at doing her job too so of course he would be an important person in her life. While it’s great to see her side of the story and why she’s in love with him, I can’t wait to learn about Eun-haeng and what aspects about Cho Co he’s in love with. What about her makes him attracted to her? Does he even like her in the first place? Does he have feelings for her that he’s denying or maybe isn’t just aware of yet? I hope to have the answers to these questions in the next upcoming episodes. (Also, now that I’m watching this again Kai is so awkward omg lol but his awkwardness is what makes him so cute).


I’m not really sure what to make of Dal-soo’s appearance. As I had commented in my episode 2 recap, I had wished that we could have just stuck with Eun-haeng and Cho Co as the only characters in the drama. I just wanted to watch the both of them help each other in achieving their dreams and goals in life without any interference from anyone else. Dal-soo’s not a bad guy, but I want to see what his purpose in this drama is. Why is he in the drama and what role does he serve in regards to Cho Co’s chocolate shop business or Eun-haeng’s life? Hopefully the drama will explore more of his story and background and give us reasons to root for him in the next few episodes as well. He’s a cute little brat who likes Cho Co and wants to win her heart, but I want to see more of him and not just this.


Lee Min-ki returns to dramaland with ‘Because This is my First Life’ with Jung So-min

Yay for more Lee Min-ki! Seems like we won’t have to wait any longer for Lee Min-ki’s return to dramaland as his new upcoming project is Korean drama ‘Because This is my First Life’ starring him and Jung So-min.

It seems like the new drama will be a fun (and painful because of how accurate it can be) one to watch. Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min are both dealing with their own issues in regards to housing with Lee Min-ki owning a house but not really owning it because of all the mortgage he has to pay while Jung So-min is the opposite in that she doesn’t have a house. It is then where she meets Lee Min-ki and they become housemates.

The set-up sounds fun and interesting to watch. If done right, the drama should allow for lots of comedy and romance, but also give viewers insight on the difficult housing situation that many face around the world. The drama has the potential to be fun, witty, quirky, and funny as well as serious in shining light on issues of housing affordability and availability. Even if the drama doesn’t necessary go over those issues much, I think I’d still enjoy it simply for the fact that it’s Lee Min-ki and I’ve missed seeing him on my screen considering the last thing I saw him in was Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

‘Because This is My First Life’ is set to premiere on tvN on October 9, 2017.

Source: tvN drama @ youtube

First teaser for Lee Jong-suk and Suzy’s drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ released

This one’s going to be a popular one and if because of anything it’s primarily due to the leads Lee Jong Suk and Suzy.

The first teaser to anticipated Korean drama ‘While You Were Sleeping’ was just released recently and gives us the first glimpses of Lee Jong Suk and Suzy as a pair in their new project together.

Just based on this teaser alone it looks like the drama will be really pretty so not only will we be gifted with beautiful faces to look at but the cinematography will also be visually pleasing which is… always good. I’m not the biggest fan of neither Lee Jong suk or Suzy so I’m not so sure if I’m going to give this drama a try. I lost my trust and joy in watching Suzy after her last project with Kim Woo Bin in ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ where even my love for Kim Woo Bin wasn’t enough for me to stay (also how funny is it that after working with Kim Woo Bin Suzy’s moved on to working with his School 2013 friend Lee Jong Suk?). I’m not so sure how Suzy is going to do in ‘While You Were Sleeping’, but based on the teaser it doesn’t seem like things should be that bad. Arguably, even if her acting doesn’t improve much from what we last saw her in, I assume she has enough star power to pull in the ratings and success for the drama along with star Lee Jong Suk.

Suzy plays Nam Hong-joo who can sense accidents that occur in the future through her dreams and then Lee Jong Suk plays Jung Jae-chan who works as a prosecutor to prevent those accidents from happening. The premise alone sounds interesting and if written creatively and intelligently the drama could be a hit. The rest of the potential for success would fall upon the main leads to deliver and as seen in this teaser alone, maybe that success isn’t that far in reach.

‘While You Were Sleeping’ is set to premiere on September 27, 2017 on SBS.

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School 2017 Finale: Episode 16 recap


This is really it. This is really goodbye. We bid farewell to our adorable and courageous characters who fought their way to justice and equality for all at Geumdo High School. I wish that things were truly this easy and that exposing others through the identity of X would help solve all issues and problems in the world, but unfortunately that’s not how everything works is it? It’s going to be hard to let go of this one, but I enjoyed the ride while it lasted. School 2017, you will be missed.

School 2017 episode 16: On My Way to Meet the Real You

The last episode begins with Tae-woon revealing his identity as X to the entire school. During what was supposed to be Eunho’s hearing on the X investigation case, Tae-woon pulls off his last prank as X displaying clips of corrupted acts committed by the principal and vice principal. Like all the other incidents he is seen again by the students, but he doesn’t run away this time. He moves courageously and approaches Eunho who is also accompanied by the school staff and faculty. Tae-woon removes the hoodie from his head and boldly declares that he is X.

But Eunho won’t let him get away so easily. She also outs herself, standing next to Tae-woon and audaciously declaring herself as X’s accomplice. While the principal tries to get everyone out of the gym, all the students remain and praise Tae-woon and Eunho for their courageous and cool acts. Eunho grabs Tae-woon’s hand and holds it firmly in front of everyone.

After the reveal, Tae-woon and Eunho have a talk outside. Why did they choose to sell themselves out to protect the other? Tae-woon wants Eunho to take back her statement of being X’s accomplice, but she refuses to. It was true after all and she doesn’t want Tae-woon to be the only one at fault. The argument is interrupted by Tae-woon’s father who calls him in for a talk.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 1.53.43 PM

Tae-woon’s father is upset with what his son did earlier at the gym, but Tae-woon remains careless. He questions how his father plans on covering what Tae-woon did as X, but just like how he’s done before Tae-woon’s father will find a way around to protecting Tae-woon’s name.

Tae-woon and Eunho are the talk of the town (aka the school). Everyone’s still at disbelief over them two being X and ponder over whether they can do anything to support the two. Sarang, Bo-ra, and Dae-hwi also gather to brainstorm ideas on ways to support their two friends.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.03.30 PM

Principal and Vice Principal panic over what they’ll do if news of the X incident goes public. Meanwhile, Director has a meeting with his steering committee. They refuse to offer him any help in clearing his school’s name and leaves it up to him to solve the issue without doing anymore damage.

The pressure to clear the school’s name amounts. Director decides to expel both Tae-woon and Eunho. That way it’ll be fair and they can say that they handled the case as smoothly as possible.

Teacher Koo breaks the news to both students. They don’t object to the update and comply willingly.

Teacher Shim storms into Principal’s office upset over his most recent decision in expelling Tae-woon and Eunho. How dare he expel them and how dare he enjoy the sausage he’s eating after having expelled them? Lol. Teacher Shim threatens Principal with the School of Education and what could possibly happen once they know about Tae-woon and Eunho, but he stops talking once Principal intimidates him. Haha. He bows to the principal before leaving the office. Loool.

Tae-woon and Eunho comes to terms with their school status. Now that they’re expelled from school they have some free time to do whatever it is that they want. While sitting on the rooftop of a building that night, they converse over what they’re going to do now. They cherish the moment they’re spending together that night, holding each other’s hand and leaning their heads on each other’s. Aww.

Tae-woon and Eunho’s classmates notice their absence from school. While in the classroom, Hee-chan comments that they’ll most likely get kicked out of school which upsets Dae-hwi. The two have a small heated argument before Hee-chan walks out of the classroom. Oh no, no more fighting please. There’s already enough going on.

Maybe getting expelled from school isn’t that bad after all. Tae-woon and Eunho go out on a small date at a coffee shop only to be joined unexpectedly by the rest of the squad Bo-ra, Dae-hwi, and Sarang. Together, they all reunite and catch up at the coffee shop.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.29.18 PM

Later on that night Dae-hwi and Tae-woon have a heartfelt conversation with each other. He thanks Dae-hwi for visiting Eunho with Sarang and Bo-ra; she was really happy to have seen them and spend time with them again. Dae-hwi suggests that Tae-woon just return to school, but it’s not as easy as he thinks. Tae-woon knows how stubborn his father is and it’ll be difficult to get his dad to change his mind.

Tae-woon threatens his father to let Eunho return to school or else he’s going to expose all the corruption at his school. Tae-woon’s father is only willing to agree to Tae-woon’s proposal under one condition: in exchange for Eunho’s return back to school, he will need to study abroad.

Teacher Shim updates Eunho and her family with the good news. But it’s not until Eunho asks about Tae-woon that she gains a better understanding of what’s going on.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.32.31 PM

She and Tae-woon meet up to talk about the situation that night. Tae-woon lies that he’s going to study abroad to pursue his passion of design just like how Eunho had encouraged him to. It’ll be a new start for him and he’ll be getting to do something that he had always wanted to do. But Eunho isn’t buying his excuses and lies. She grows sad at the thought of Tae-woon leaving, but doesn’t try to hold him back from leaving. It’s not like he’ll listen to her anyways.

Tae-woon returns home to an indifferent father who warns him again to not cause any trouble. Tae-woon gathers the courage to ask his father if he’s interested in why he did all the things he did as X but his father doesn’t care. He then makes a confession to his dad and states that his number one fear is that he’ll grow up to be just like his father once he becomes an adult. Oof. Tae-woon walks off after the confession.

Tae-woon meets with Teacher Shim the next morning to turn in his withdrawal request form. He’s okay with leaving the school as long as Eunho returns to school. That’s all he wants and cares about.

Eunho decides to use her time off school to continue drawing. While taking a break outside of a convenience store, she’s reminded of her squad members and all the memories she’s made at school. She resumes her part-time job and comes across Dae-hwi while working. He encourages her to be vulnerable and to admit to everyone that she’s not okay even though she’s pretending to act like she is. If she admits that she’s not okay and that really she’s hurting then so will other people. She can serve as an example and role model to others.

Dae-hwi pleads for Tae-woon to return to school, but Tae-woon isn’t so opened to the idea. He can handle his issues on his own.

Nam-joo and Dae-hwi head to school together the next morning. Once at school Bit-na and her classmates confront Nam-joo and belittle her about her situation, but Dae-hwi isn’t having any of it. He stands up for her, but Nam-joo also advocates for herself this time as well. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her; she’s just going to do what she wants from now on. YES GIRL YESSSS. She enters the classroom and is followed by a proud Dae-hwi.

Eunho heads to the garbage can to throw some trash out. She stops when she notices that she’s about to throw out the box of print-outs of her webtoon series that Tae-woon had given to her. She recalls all the memories associated with the box and thinks twice about throwing it away.

Having been reminded of Tae-woon, she meets up with him that night by delivering some chicken to his place. Eunho reveals to Tae-woon that she’s going to return to school again, but that she’ll wait for Tae-woon once he returns from studying abroad. She hopes that by studying abroad he’ll discover himself and come back a bigger and smarter person.

Tae-woon spends some time alone that night reflecting on his memories as X. He feels conflicted knowing that he started out as X because he hated the school, but now he actually wants to return to attending the school. It’s ironic how things turn out. What is he going to do?

Officer Soo-ji has a brief meeting with Director. She threatens him to confess or else she’s going to report his school and expose them for all their wrongdoings. But Director isn’t afraid because Officer Soo-ji doesn’t have any concrete evidence of him or his school – yet.

Tae-woon overhears their conversation and this gets him thinking again. He confides in Eunho on his conflicted feelings about his identity as X stating that he became X because he disliked his father. Eunho reassures him that everything will be fine; she’ll be there to support him as he resolves the issues with his father.

While on the car ride home, Tae-woon’s father receives a video of a recording of the school refrigerators when it had expired food. Aware that his son was the person behind the recording, he confronts Tae-woon about it later on that night at home. But Tae-woon isn’t afraid of his father; he’s going to do whatever he can for his father to take responsibility for the corrupted actions at his school.

Tae-woon heads to the police station the next day but surprisingly sees his father there as well. Ahhhh. Tae-woon meets with Officer Soo-ji privately and hands her a USB drive with all the evidence of the corruption at his father’s school. He breaks down upon giving her the USB drive stating that a part of him doesn’t want to expose his father but another part of him feels compelled to because there’s no other way that his father will change if he doesn’t turn him in. Ahhhh, this is so heart-breaking.

Principal and Vice Principal receive a visit from Officer Soo-ji and her colleagues from the police station. Oh yeah! She takes them in for an interrogation because sooner or later they’ll get caught anyways. The two faculty members try to blame the other to save themselves, but it’s no use. They’re both going to get in trouble.

Officer Soo-ji returns the USB drive that Tae-woon had given to her back to Tae-woon’s father. There’s not enough sufficient evidence on there to prove anything, but she does remind Tae-woon’s father about Tae-woon before he leaves the room. He should think about his son and how much his son cares and loves him. After all Tae-woon is just an 18 year old who’s afraid of losing his father.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 3.31.26 PM

This comment gets to Tae-woon’s father and that night Tae-woon and his dad have a talk. Tae-woon expresses his disappointment in his father and wishes that he would just be honest about everything instead of lying and covering all his wrongdoings up. Tae-woon’s father willingly accepts Tae-woon’s request and agrees to listen to him. He finds a picture of Tae-woon, Dae-hwi, and Joong-gi sitting on Tae-woon’s desk and picks it up to look at Tae-woon. He’s grown so much (but like this is exactly how I feel when I think about BTS’s Jungkook).

Wow, just one conversation with Tae-woon really changed everything. Tae-woon’s father reveals to Teacher Koo that he’s planning on turning himself in. Additionally, he asks for Teacher Koo to be the new principal of Geumdo High School while he continues on with his own plans of becoming a teacher at another school he purchased on the countryside. He trusts that Teacher Koo will do a great job in taking care of the school and ensuring that it is safe and fair for all.

Eunho gifts Tae-woon a new shirt since he won’t be needing to wear his black sweater anymore. They bicker back and forth over the shirt and even when Tae-woon calls Eunho “noona” and does aegyo for her so he can have it, she teases him by running away with it. Hahaha. Aww, they’re too cute.

Tae-woon’s father proceeds with his hearing on the corruption of his school with Officer Soo-ji. Meanwhile, Principal (or shall I say former principal) packs all his belongings into a box while in his office. Vice Principal rushes him to hurry and together the two make jabs at each other back and forth. Lol, these two are a couple themselves I swear.

Tae-woon checks up on his father that night at home to make sure that he’s okay. Aww.

Oh Eunho, when will your bike ever stop breaking? While Eunho worries about her broken bicycle, Tae-woon shows up to school with a brand new bicycle for her. Aww. He also teaches her how to fix her bike in the case that it ever gets broken again, but Eunho wonders why. He can always fix it for her when it breaks like how he’s always done in the past. But things don’t always stay the same forever..

Tae-woon breaks the news to Eunho. He’s going to move with his father to the countyside since he’s the only family member left that his father has. NOOOO. I’M CRYING. THIS IS SO SAD. Eunho breaks down into tears upon receiving the news from Tae-woon. She’ll try to visit him, but it might be too difficult so he’ll be the one making the visits. Tae-woon wipes Eunho’s tears from her face while she continues to cry.

Eunho has a difficult time coping with Tae-woon’s departure. She’s reminded of him where ever she goes on campus whether it’s in the hallway or in the classroom.

A year passes and Eunho and her classmates are now seniors. Officer Soo-ji now has both a stable job and a relationship, Young-gun is planning on becoming a policer officer and is currently training to become one, Dae-hwi and Nam-joo are still very much in love with each other, and Issue and Kyung-woo have now formed as a duo performing to songs together.

Meanwhile, what about Eunho? She still draws and she’s still towards the bottom rank at school. Haha. Nothing’s changed much. Her dreams of getting into Hanguk University is still… just a dream.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 4.05.16 PM

Even Tae-woon who’s not at the school anymore still remains influential. Now many students are wearing black hoodie sweaters at school because of him. Surely enough, Eunho still thinks about Tae-woon all the time and misses him just as much. Tae-woon seems to be enjoying his new life at his new house with his father. They can now freely engage in fun conversations with each other and eat chicken together for breakfast. Haha.

Tae-woon receives a surprise visit from Eunho at his school. She arrives just in time to see him receiving gifts from two female students. Upset and jealous, she manages to get the girls to go away and spends some time alone with her happy boyfriend.

They rejoice over Eunho’s successful webtoon series which has been getting a lot more views lately. Meanwhile, Tae-woon hasn’t accomplished his dreams yet of designing a motorcycle… but he’ll get that done someday. Haha. The two get on a bus together and it’s not the easiest feat for Eunho who has still not overcome her bus trauma since Joong-gi’s incident but she takes slow steps to recovery with the support of Tae-woon. After getting off the bus, the two lovebirds walk side by side while talking to each other.

Eunho is still not over her bus trauma and still has wounds that are yet to heal, but she believes that the process to healing is just as important as the destination and results. Meanwhile, for Tae-woon he hid behind the mask and identity that was X but was able to eventually get rid of that mask to discover his true self.

And through their own respective journeys, they learned the most important lesson that’s not taught at school: the truth about themselves.

My Thoughts:


Aww, what a cute ending. I’m glad that even until the very end the drama spoiled us by giving us scenes of Tae-swoon and Eunho still very much happily in love with each other like how they were when they were attending the same school. Not much has changed between the two and it’s great to see them still the same individuals they were before being separated. Whether together or apart, they are still in love with each other and nothing can ever really set them apart.

I’m glad that things wrapped up and that everyone had their own happy ending. While I felt like we were in a way cheated and had a cop-out with the whole turnaround that Tae-woon’s father had this episode, I didn’t necessarily find it too random either though considering that the drama had given us some glimpses of Tae-woon’s unstable relationship with his father so I could understand why Tae-woon’s father ultimately chose to act differently this time. He wanted to be different for his son and to be a better role model because he had failed to be a good example in all the 18 years of his son’s life so he found a good opportunity to start now. As they say, sometimes it’s better to start later than never so even though Tae-woon’s father changed a little bit too late into the game he still changed for the better in the end and received his son’s warmth, love, and forgiveness as he had wanted. Tae-woon’s father learned his lesson and now he knows better to not return to the way that he used to be before which is ultimately the greatest lesson learned.


I think Tae-woon’s newfound relationship with his father would have been a lot more impactful on me personally had the drama given us more backstory behind their broken father-son relationship. School 2017 would give us hints here and there and small glimpses of what went wrong with their relationship, but didn’t devote or invest too much time in it for you to care enough. I found it a bit unfortunate and shameful because this episode would have been an even more perfect wrap-up and ending to their father-son plot had the drama given us more context and content on it. I think it was still fine the way it was even with what the drama gave us, but the potential for more and better was there and it’s unfortunate the drama didn’t grasp onto that opportunity.

I’m glad that the drama focused on the overall plot of X throughout the entire run even if it sometimes forgot to spend some time on it because it was focusing on other things instead. The X plot was its primary plot more so than any other plots so it was nice seeing that if anything the drama could manage to focus and resolve the one plot that it had set itself up for since the beginning of the drama. As I stated before in my recaps, there were a few plot holes throughout the drama such as with Eunho’s college situation which the drama dropped halfway into the series or the sudden emphasis on side characters Bit-na and Hee-chan or the drop of side characters such as Kyung-woo and Issue. I think School 2017 had it all going for them but was incapable of balancing so many characters and storylines out that it failed to properly dedicate appropriate time to each. As much as I enjoyed watching this drama, I will also linger over the possible contents that we could have gotten had the drama decided to explore some characters and plots that they chose not to in the end (my poor Kyung-woo deserves better. I also think Dae-hwi and Tae-woon’s make-up was so anticlimactic considering how long the drama spent showing their hate for each other).


Plots aside, I enjoyed the cast members especially Kim Jung-hyun who played our lovely Tae-swoon. I’m glad to have discovered him through this show and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what he has planned for the future. He was such a scene-stealer in this drama and really shined in whatever he was doing or saying. I especially loved his portrayal as the cute and cool Tae-swoon who would do anything and everything for Eunho. He also has talent in comedic acting so I would love to see him do a romantic comedy as his next project. I’m also gonna miss our squad who consists of Tae-woon, Eunho, Dae-hwi, Sarang, and Bo-ra. I think their relationship as a group of friends was one that was unexpected but was ultimately helpful and useful and fruitful when it came about to happening. I’m glad that they found support and comfort in one another’s presence because we all know how isolating and lonely things can get at Geumdo High School.


As with all my other drama recap series, it’s always bittersweet to finish watching an entire drama and recapping a series I watched from the start. It’s always hard for me to let go of and bid farewell to characters and relationships that I witnessed and supported from the start. School 2017 is no exception for me. Although there were moments where I wanted to scream in frustration or pull my hair out, there were also plenty of moments where I was squealing in happiness and crying in tears of joy and laughter. Also, this was my first completed recap series in a while so this recapping series especially means a lot to me in particular. I hoped that y’all enjoyed my recaps even though I know that I’m lacking and still have a long way to go in terms of improvement and progress. I can only hope that my recaps provided you with some kind of comfort and happiness just like how the drama has given me and all of its viewers.


I get easily attached to dramas I’ve watched from start to end so it’ll take me a while to say goodbye to School 2017. It was an enjoyable run while it aired and I’m excited to see the future projects that each of our cast members are going to take after this one. Maybe a high school reunification 10 years from now won’t sound too bad either.


School 2017: Episode 15 recap

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.21.40 PM

NOOOOOOO. We’re onto the final and last week of School 2017. It’s been such an interesting and fun ride watching and recapping this drama from the start I don’t want it to end. How am I supposed to live when there’s no more Tae-swoon being cute and lovey dovey with Eunho? Or what about the victorious moments when the X squad exposes the principal through ridiculous and hilarious stunts? How am I going to live onnnn? (Okay, I’ll stop being dramatic now lol. Sorry about that).

School 2017 episode 5: How to Protect You

Episode 15 begins with Tae-woon’s dad yelling at him having discovered that Tae-woon is X. The drama then takes us back to how he found out, showing us hints that others provided to him as well as a private investigation done at Tae-woon’s old hideaway spot. Tae-woon’s dad is willing to save his son, but he’s going to expel Eunho who he also found out was Tae-woon’s accomplice. Regardless of the reason, he’s going to expel Eunho somehow someway.

The next morning at school, Tae-woon and Eunho meet up on campus, but unlike before Tae-woon is a lot more cautious and careful about how they present themselves. Tae-woon witnesses his father walking around campus and hides Eunho to prevent his father from seeing them together. They skip away arm in arm once Tae-woon’s father is out of sight.

Tae-woon shares with Dae-hwi the news about his father’s discovery and therefore the consequences that Eunho is to face as a result. Later on that day the squad are in the warehouse to have a meeting. While Eunho, Bo-ra, and Sarang rejoice over their most recent accomplishments, Tae-woon and Dae-hwi worry. They suggest that they should stop working together as X and just end things once and for all. Of course this is all done to protect one another, especially Eunho.

Eunho and Sarang worry about Tae-woon. Will he be alright? He won’t get caught right? Sarang also reveals that she approves of Tae-woon as Eunho’s boyfriend. Eunho smiles in response and confidently states that she’ll find a way to protect both her boyfriend and her best friend.

Tae-woon and Eunho meet up on the rooftop of a school building. She’s concerned that he’ll get caught as X and what will happen to him if he does, but Tae-woon reassures her that everything be fine. He’ll be held responsible if caught as X.

Principal continues his investigation on who X is. Meanwhile, Hee-chan complains to his mother about how his studying has been affected by the whole X investigation case which prompts his mother to say something about it in a meeting with Tae-woon’s dad/Director. She demands that he do something about it before she does. Director yells at Principal to hurry up and finish the investigation.

Wow, can Tae-swoon be any more perfect? After fixing Eunho’s bike for her, he boasts about himself and how great and talented of a person he is. Eunho jokes that one day she should learn to do all these things by herself because she won’t be able to rely on him which causes him to grow sad. They’ll last together even when they’re 108 years old. Haha. Gotta love Tae-woon. They make a promise to each other that they’ll remain together for a long time. OMGGGGG I KNOW WHERE THE DRAMA IS TRYING TO TAKE US. STAAAAHP.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.05.07 PM

The squad worry over how quiet Principal has been in regards to the X investigation case. Nothing’s happened the past few days which is unusual and unlike the Principal. Meanwhile, the Principal comes across Hee-chan on campus who wishes to speak to him about Eunho’s webtoon series. While Principal browses through the webtoon series, Hee-chan comments about how similar the webtoon series is to all the actual incidents that happened with X. There are too many specific details that Eunho could not have drawn in her webtoon series out of coincidence leading the principal to believe that either Eunho drew the webtoon series in coincidence or is actually close to X and knows who X is.

Officer Soo-ji is doing a private investigation on Eunho’s high school and looking into the corruption of the school. While digging through documents and information in an office, she gets a visit from Teacher Shim. He wants to know what she’s doing and when she refuses to answer him, Teacher Shim shyly states that he would like Officer Soo-ji to be honest with him since you know… they’re a couple. OMGGGG. Haha. They’re interrupted by Teacher Jung who awkwardly discovers that the two are dating. Poor guy.

Tae-woon and Dae-hwi have another meeting about upcoming plans. Tae-woon’s father might act sooner than later since he’s been getting pressured by the steering committee to do something about X, meaning Tae-woon will have no choice but to turn himself in if he wants to save Eunho.

Later on that day after school, Tae-woon and Eunho have a talk. Tae-woon tries his best to be as discreet as possible about his sacrifice and voices that no matter what happens, Eunho has to blame Tae-woon for being X if she is falsely accused. Of course Eunho admits that she will, but her face says otherwise. OMGGGGG. Don’t tell me they’re going to try to save each other…

Dae-hwi continues his daily routine of following Nam-joo home every night to make sure she gets home safely. But this night is different as her father discovers him outside of their apartment complex and volunteers to take him home. During the car ride, Nam-joo’s dad shares with Dae-hwi a few more details about Nam-joo like how they used to live comfortably until his business failed or like how because of that situation Nam-joo had to quit playing the cello. Dae-hwi grows sad and disappointed in himself for being upset with Nam-joo over lying. She only did it to protect her father.

The next morning at school Dae-hwi encounters a female student who abruptly makes a confession to him. But it’s obvious where Dae-hwi’s mind and heart is. He’s still in love with Nam-joo. He goes to visit her at her workplace and asks for a second chance with her. He misses her especially when he’s at school and sees her empty desk where she should be but isn’t. He vows to protect her from any hate or mistreatment she gets at school if she was to return. Nam-joo gives it a thought.

Principal and Vice Principal follow up on a lead that Hee-chan gave them. They head to Tae-woon’s warehouse together where the squad is. After doing a quick search, they find print-outs of Eunho’s webtoon series lying around the table. Oh no. They bring Eunho in for an interrogation and question how it could have been possible for her to draw her webtoon series which is strikingly similar to all the events that actually happened with X. Her excuse of it all just being a coincidence doesn’t fly with the faculty and they grow even more impatient and upset. Tae-woon marches over to the Principal’s office ready to save Eunho by giving in, but he’s stopped his squad. He shouldn’t act so abruptly; they need to come up with another plan by thinking things through.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.42.30 PM

Eunho updates Tae-woon on the interrogation once she leaves the principal’s office. Contrary to what she had told Tae-woon she would do, she doesn’t sell him out in order to save herself. In fact, she was aware that that was what Tae-woon wanted her to do, but she’s not going to let Tae-woon turn himself in to save her. She threatens that the moment he does that she’ll quit school so he shouldn’t even think about sacrificing himself to save her. Eunho walks away in anger and fury.

News about Eunho’s hearing on the X investigation case spreads throughout the school. Hee-chan shares with Bit-na and his two other classmates that Eunho couldn’t have done everything on her own, but that in order to make the X investigation case end as simple and quick as possible the staff and faculty are just going to resort to blaming Eunho for everything – an idea she herself would be willing to accept.

Hee-chan blames Tae-woon for being irresponsible as X. Now Eunho and the rest of the squad are at risk of getting caught. Tae-woon reveals that regardless of Hee-chan’s threats or what anyone else thinks, he will turn himself in as X eventually. After he walks away, Hee-chan stops the record button on his cell phone. NOOOOOOO. He was recording the entire conversation the entire timeeeeeee.

Of course Hee-chan shares the recording with the principal who then presents it to the Director (and threatens him with it). He uses the recording to his own advantage and benefits, forcing the Director to do things for him such as sign an employment extension document or else he will expose to everyone the contents of the recording.

Principal and Eunho come across each other on campus. Principal warns Eunho to stop her actions as X, but she advises him to stop all the bad things he’s been doing at school as well. Seems like Eunho won this one this time. Haha.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.03.49 PM

Eunho and Sarang have a heart-felt conversation about Tae-woon while sitting outside on a bench. Eunho expresses that all she wants for her boyfriend is for him to enjoy his life as an average 18-year old teenager. She just wants the best for him and now that he finally has friends and is getting used to the school life, she hopes things can stay this way for him for a long time. Aww. She’s so sweet.

Eunho and Tae-woon head out for a small date. He gets all giddy and happy when she calls him “Oppa” and even at the coffee shop he’s just happy sitting across from her watching her draw. Tae-woon’s going to do whatever he can to protect her dream of drawing no matter what.

But it’s unknown for how much longer he can protect Eunho’s dreams. His father threatens him to stop causing trouble or else he’ll have no choice but to study abroad. Tae-woon will oblige and listen to anything his father says as long as his father stops harassing Eunho. That’s all he wants personally.

Tae-woon spends that night reflecting over his father’s words. He folds the black sweater that he used to wear as X and places it away in a box. Meanwhile, Eunho stares at her school uniform before informing her family about her situation. She plans on dropping out of school since she’ll get caught as X anyways and have to drop out eventually. Her parents refuse to let her drop out of school, but Eunho knows that that’s the only option left in store for her if she wants to save Tae-woon.

Tae-woon and Eunho talk on the phone that night. He serenades her by singing a sweet love song to her to help her be able to sleep. She ends the phone call by telling her boyfriend she misses him. Omg this is making me cry.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.31.56 PM

The next day at school Eunho receives news that her family is at the school visiting the principal. She heads over to the office as quickly as possible with Teacher Shim but unlike what she had expected, her family isn’t there to beg the principal to let Eunho stay. They’re actually there to accept Eunho’s withdrawal request from the principal. It’s not like the school was great anyways, having done everything in favor of all the smart and wealthy students and establishing itself as an unjust and corrupt school. Tae-woon watches this all unfold in front of his eyes and he walks away hurt.

Eunho tries to act like she’s okay with withdrawing from the school but she’s not. She’s not okay. She cries to Sarang and expresses sorrow and pain in having to leave the one school that she found happiness in. Tae-woon hears Eunho crying from not too far away and listens in on all the things she has to say about leaving the school. Sarang suggests that they can beg Tae-woon’s dad to do something about the situation, but Eunho refuses. She doesn’t want to get Tae-woon involved anymore.

That night, Tae-woon returns home only to receive a short lecture from his father. There’s nothing he can do to save Eunho so he should just stop and not even try.

The next day at school the school holds Eunho’s hearing in regards to the X investigation case. But before they can decide on what punishment is to await Eunho, another prank by X starts. This time, clips of the principal and vice principal committing corrupted acts while at school is shown to everybody. They find X standing on the second floor and unlike before X doesn’t run away. He walks down to the main floor where everyone is and takes off his hoodie, revealing to everyone that X is indeed Tae-woon.

He approaches Eunho and the staff and faculty towards the front of the gym. Tae-woon dressed in his black hoodie sweater stands across from Eunho while everyone’s eyes are glued onto him.

Now everyone knows that Tae-woon is X.

My Thoughts:

AHHHHHHHHH. Noble idiocy. The great great noble idiocy that we can never seem to escape from in dramaland.


I appreciated how the drama was taking us down that route of noble idiocy where Eunho and Tae-woon were wiling to sacrifice themselves in order to save the other but eventually didn’t take us all the way there. While Tae-woon did reveal his identity as X to everyone to protect Eunho, he was X all along in the first place so he’s only doing what he should do to be held accountable and responsible for all the trouble he’s caused as X. I’m glad that he was honest and truthful in this entire process and that his last act as X was a straight-forward and forthright one: if he’s going to unveil his identity as X to everyone he might as well also unveil all the corruption that is prevalent at the school like how he had been doing all along.


This entire episode was setting us up for the noble idiocy that was bound to take place which made Eunho and Tae-woon’s relationship even more heart-breaking to watch. Even though I was happy and giddy to see them spend time together at the coffee shop or be more bold and confident with displaying their relationship publicly or have late night conversations with each other on the phone, each moment was so bittersweet because you knew that things weren’t going to stay like this forever. While watching their sweet moments, you knew that on the inside Tae-woon and Eunho were struggling to accept their difficult situation and the fact that one person was going to have to take the fall in order to save the other. It was so heart-breaking watching this and it made me want to cry when they were together. This episode did a great job in demonstrating the lengths that they will go for each other and like I had mentioned in my last recap, Tae-woon’s dad was really the testament to prove how strong the couple’s love for each other was and as exemplified in this episode, nothing can break Tae-woon and Eunho apart.


I admit that I was a bit sad during the part when Tae-woon folded his black sweater neatly and placed it away into a box. I’ve said this before but I really enjoyed all the pranks and stunts he pulled off as X and would have liked it if the drama had given us a few more. Tae-woon’s characterization this entire drama revolved around being X that to see him delete that aspect of him this episode was so hard to accept and understand. I’m going to miss him being X as well as those funny and ridiculous moments that came out of the stunts and pranks. Most of all I’m going to miss watching him and his squad ridicule the Principal for his wrondoings and expose him to everyone. I’m glad we were left with one big last laugh at the end of this episode.


Aside from the X sub-plot, I liked the small details we were given with Nam-joo and her father. The conversation between her father and Dae-hwi gave us a little bit more insight on why she acts so cold and distant from her father which helps me understand her a little bit better. Before I wasn’t so opened towards her but after learning about her living situation after what happened with her dad’s business and the aftermath of that, I think I have an easier time understanding her character even though I might not necessarily agree with her behavior towards her father. I’m just glad that the conversation helped open up Dae-hwi’s mind and heart as well even further than it already was. We had some hints that he still had unrequited feelings for Nam-joo despite feeling conflicted on her lies. He only needed some kind of confirmation to prove his love for her and as we witnessed in this episode he does still love her. It’s a nice closure to their relationship that I felt was dragging earlier in the series. Maybe a new and honest start to their relationship is what they need especially all that they’ve gone through in the past.


I can only hope that Eunho and Tae-woon will remain together as we head into our finale episode, but I’m not so sure how Eunho is going to react to Tae-woon’s action. She was in that gym along with the rest of the students fully accepting the fact that she was going to be punished for “being X” and as a result have to withdraw from the school. She didn’t want Tae-woon to be involved or to step in to save her so now that he did what she didn’t, I wonder if she’ll be more angry at him or if she’s willing to forgive him. I hope she’ll come to understanding that what he did was the right decision all along and that she’ll find a way to still accept and love him even after what he did. Just like how she wants the best for Tae-woon, we all know that he wants the best for her too.


[What Mary Thinks] Age of Youth 2 episodes 1-2

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While I initially had my doubts and concerns about the second season of ‘Age of Youth’, if there’s anything about the show that I’m satisfied with it’d be the fact that the drama still carries the same tone and mood that it created within the first season which I heavily enjoyed and liked.

In season 2 we have a few major changes to the cast and characters, but this change doesn’t seem to take away too much from the show. I think the show so far has done a great job in balancing these changes and this shift in characters and actresses to the point where it’s not irritably noticing. Because the drama still maintains the same tone that it did in the first season by providing moments of comedy, lightness, fluff, and mystery, you don’t notice too much the change and differences from the first and second season.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 9.35.54 PM

I was worried that with the addition of new housemate Eun (who replaced Yi-na) and a new face playing Eunjae I was going to have a difficult time enjoying the second season. However to my surprise, I actually didn’t feel all that turned-off from the cast change. I do think that Ji-woo who now plays Eunjae is trying a little bit too hard to replicate Hye-soo’s portrayal of Eunjae, but I think if she’s given a little bit more time she’ll eventually be able to find her own interpretation of the character regardless of all the expectations that are set on her. People are just so used to seeing Park Hye-soo’s portrayal of Eunjae (because that’s all that we’ve seen so far) that it’s weird to see someone new play her and I admit I thought that at first, but Ji-woo isn’t actually doing a bad job with the character. I think within time she’ll have a better handle at how to interpret Eunjae and she won’t stand out as much for the wrong reasons.

I’m glad that Yi-na had a proper ending even though I didn’t really want her to leave in the first place. We got that closure from her like how there should have been and it’s unfortunate that she’s leaving the household. She’s gone off to bigger and better things and is grasping all the opportunities that are out there so I’m happy that she’s reaching for success even if that means leaving behind her friends who are like family to her. I’m going to miss you a lot Yi-na.

Even with Yi-na’s departure though you’re never really too sad or free to think about her absence just because the new housemate Eun who arrives in episode two is such an interesting character. Right off the bat, she has this charisma and aura around her that marks her as someone different and unique — someone who can stand on her own. We find out that she has some family issues and needed some time to get away which is why she’s now living with the girls, but similar to what we got from the first season there is a lot more behind her arrival at the house which the drama will hopefully unfold with the rest of the episodes. I have no doubt that the second season will succeed in balancing the mystery and thriller tone of the show with the light-hearted, fluffiness, and heart-warming aspects of the show; the first season was able to pull it off successfully and while the differences in tone wasn’t my favorite I’m assuming that the second season will be able to do the same.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 9.34.00 PM

I’m watching for the relationships and chemistry between our five housemates, but I have to admit that a part of me is also watching for the love lines. I was a huge fan of Eunjae and Sunbae’s relationship in the first season so I’m looking forward to seeing them again this season (even though a part of why I liked it so much was because of Park Hye-soo). I’m sad that Yoon Park won’t be in the second season just because he and Han Ye-ri’s character went through SO MUCH the first season. How can the drama just cut them off? *cries* And then of course, I’m looking forward to Ji-won’s relationship with her friend Sung-min. They were cute last season and had potential to transition into lovers so I’m hoping to see more of that this season as well.

There are many many changes with the second season of ‘Age of Youth’, but the overall tone and mood is still there from the first season. It might take me a few more episodes to get used to everything, but if the remaining episodes are just as fun, interesting, and cute as the first two then it shouldn’t take too long for me to get used to the new changes.