BTS impresses with full-length album ‘Love Yourself:Tear’ and ‘Fake Love’

Oh BTS, you reassured me of any doubts and concerns that I had about you in regards to this 'Love Yourself' era. The popular boy group (as well as my bias group) returned with another full-length album back in May called 'Love Yourself:Tear' and promotional title track 'Fake Love.' Their first comeback stage was... Continue Reading →


K-Pop Round-up Pt. 2: BTS, WINNER, Big Bang, Jung Joon Young, Flowsik & Jessi, Jooyoung

After finishing up my first round of some of K-Pop's biggest releases so far this year, I am here to continue with my second one! My first review will be for WINNER who returned once again on April 4 this year with a full-length album titled 'Everyday.' Contrary to 'Really Really' and 'Love Me... Continue Reading →

#HappySeokjinDay: Happy Birthday to Mr. Worldwide Handsome and BTS’s eldest member Jin!

Yayaaaay! It's December 4th in Korea which means it's BTS's Jin's birthday! As with every other member's birthday, the boys posted videos and tweets on their official Twitter account of them surprising Jin with a birthday cake. Suga posted a funny tweet saying: Happy birthday to our eldest hyung Jin #It’sSuga #HyungIsNow27 #I’m26 #HeukHeuk* #We’reInOurLateTwenties... Continue Reading →

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