[Discuss Away!] Age of Youth 2 ep 3-6

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Oof. The heartbreak and pain was real in episodes 3-6 of ‘Age of Youth 2.’ If there’s anything about the show that I appreciate and enjoy the most, it would definitely be its ability to portray such raw characters who breathe so much life in whatever they do. There’s a realistic portrayal in our characters and the decisions that they make or the actions that they commit. Age of Youth might not be the most interesting or the most action-packed, but it’s a drama that I resonate a lot with and that’s good enough for me.

The drama started to explore the romantic relationships between the housemates and their respective partners/guy friends starting in episode 3 and on. I’m surprised that this is the aspect the show is choosing to focus on for the moment just because I felt like last season it wasn’t as highly emphasized as this season. Not that I’m complaining or anything though because I do genuinely like watching them all interact with the guys and respond to them in their own way. Ji-won still remains so adorable with Sung-min and I’m glad that the drama is giving them more of an arc this time than last season because they deserve so much more (I’m also glad Ji-won’s getting more time in this season in general so that we get a better understanding of her and her past like how all the other characters did). Even Ye-eun and Ho-chang’s relationship is cute and although I wouldn’t want him to be the reason why Ye-eun is all of a sudden cured from her trauma (I would like her to slowly recover through her own means), I think he can serve as a support system for her. Eunjae’s story resonates a lot with me in that just like her, I too was in a position where I couldn’t learn to move on after breaking up with my ex. Not that I’m in that position now (I’ve learned to accept the past, move forward with life, and start anew), but I don’t blame her for the things that she did in episode 5. You know, you do some crazy things when you’re still in love with your ex and you want to try everything you can to win them back somehow.

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I think Eun’s relationship with Jang-hoon is the most interesting to me just because they’re such polar opposites but seems to be of a source of comfort for each other already somehow. I like how they’re playing pretend right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised (and I’m anticipating) that the pretend play won’t be pretend for much longer. Last but not least, Heimdal seems like a decent guy who’s just trying to make it and succeed as an unknown idol but I hope the drama doesn’t try to set him up with Yoon Sunbae. I want her to last with Chef Park after all that they’ve gone through so I’m hoping Yoon Sunbae doesn’t betray Chef Park or any of us by breaking up with him for Heimdal. Maybe the drama’s setting him up to remind Yoon Sunbae of her brother or herself, but episode 6 gave me the vibe that they could possibly engage in a romantic relationship which made me feel a bit iffy.

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The show so far has been giving us little bits here and there of our girls’s personalities and stories, but since the first season already did such a great job in letting us into the lives of our girls I wonder what else it has up its sleeves this season. It seems like there’s going to be more of a shift in focus on Ji-won since her time last season was unjustified which I’m happy about, but I don’t know. There’s something about her story that is not sticking to me or is making it difficult for me to be engaged. The drama feels obligated to show more of Ji-won because she didn’t get that time last season so now she is getting more screentime this season but it feels… lacking. I don’t personally feel gripped to her storyline and arc and I’m not sure why. The drama has also been giving us insight on Eun and how she discovered the girls. I definitely do want to see more of Ye-eun’s process and journey in healing and recovering from her trauma. If done right and actually focused on in the drama, it could really be an eye-opener for folks as to what healing looks like and even the resources and services that are available to people who might also be going through the same thing or something similar. It seems like her ex-boyfriend has been released from prison though just right when she was feeling better so I’m worried and afraid for Ye-eun and hopes that she’s okay in all of this.

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There are many aspects about the show that I enjoy, but I think my most favorite aspect would be the music that the drama chooses to play during the episodes. The songs played in each episode is the charm of this drama; each track is so fitting for its own scene and really helps elevate the scene. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve had to google lyrics to some of the tracks because I liked them so much and wanted to keep listening to them. I’m thankful that ‘Age of Youth’ gives viewers not only a great watch but also a great listen as some of the tracks played in both seasons are super good.

I admit I had a difficult time finishing episode 6. It was probably my least favorite episode yet, but with the return of Ye-eun’s ex-boyfriend (I’m assuming) and Ji-won getting closer and closer to exploring her childhood, maybe the drama will take a turn for the better.



Choco Bank: Episode 6 (and final) recap

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Aww, I’m gonna miss this short and cute romantic drama. It was so short and just a brief introduction to the lives of our characters, but there was warmth and life in each and every single one of them.

While Choco Bank might have been only six episodes long it was able to steal my heart from the beginning. Here’s to hoping there’ll be more short but cute romantic dramas like this one in the future.

The final episode begins with Dal-soo waking up after a long night of sleep. He’s seen making bank transactions on his phone while at a shop. Turns out Cho Co was watching the new commercial that he was in. Our Dal-soo is now a huge star, having hit it big after being casted by an agency while delivering chocolate for Cho Co. Haha. Cho Co is enjoying the video when the landlord comes rushing into her shop complaining about the overdue fees for the shop. Uh-oh.

Since it’s winter and Valentine’s Day is coming up the shop should be able to prosper. Just two more weeks and the landlord won’t have to complain about wearing fake earrings and clothing. Haha. Cho Co gains the landlord’s trust and goes back to taking care of her shop. While looking over her website, Cho Co’s mind traces back to Eun-haeng. He still pops up in her mind every once in a while. It’s been a while since they’ve talked and seen each other.

Meanwhile Eun-haeng is now a bank employee. His next customer is an old man who’s hard of hearing so Eun-haeng has to talk a little bit louder (as if in shout) to get the man to hear him. This backfires on Eun-haeng who gets yelled by his supervisor for yelling at the bank and wasting time with an old man. But our protagonist defends himself. His supervisor walks away after scolding him, but Eun-haeng catches up to him to hand him the coffee that he left behind. Hidden inside his sweater though is a resignation letter.

Eun-haeng joins his mother for lunch. While eating, his mother reveals that she’s planning on traveling to Iceland with her calligraphy club so she won’t be able to feed her son anymore. Haha. She also voices her support for Eun-haeng, encouraging him to do what it is that he wants even if that means starting his own business like how he’s always wanted to do. Mom leaves to prepare for her trip.

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Cho Co is selling her chocolates on the street when she comes across Dal-soo. While catching up with each other at the shop, Dal-soo asks Cho Co about Eun-haeng. Cho Co answers that they haven’t seen or talked to each other in a while until that moment it is. Eun-haeng enters the shop shocking both Dal-soo and Cho Co. Cho Co thinks it’s just another hallucination like all her other ones of Eun-haeng so she pretends to act like she doesn’t see Eun-haeng even though he’s clearly there talking to her. Omg this is so funny haha. Poor girl ends up elbowing Eun-haeng in the stomach where he falls down to the ground in pain. Hahaha.

Everything seems to be back to normal at the shop. Eun-haeng does his daily job of being a financial advisor, Cho Co is busy selling her chocolates to customers, and Dal-soo is busy being interviewed by the journalist originally interested in Eun-haeng. While the two converse with each other, Eun-haeng joins Cho Co and hands her a gift he got specifically for her.

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At first, Cho Co is disapproving of the gift (“where did you get it from? How can you just pick something so randomly?”), but she happily accepts his gift after almost getting it taken away by Eun-haeng. She’s a jolly little lady, squealing over the gift and whether this means that Eun-haeng likes her. Heehe, so cute. Eun-haeng grabs her by her shoulders and leans in towards her for a kiss.

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Ahh, it seems like the two finally get their happy ending that they deserved.


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The drama takes us back to the first very time that Cho Co and Eun-haeng met each other. She was having a hard time selling her chocolates to people, but Eun-haeng was the very first person who was willing to give her chocolates a try. Of course this sticks with Cho Co who falls in love with Eun-haeng. The drama has only shown us Cho Co’s side of the story up to this point, but we discover that Eun-haeng had also shared the same feelings for Cho Co! He walks away after giving her delicious chocolate a try, but he stops to look back and steal a glance at her again. He smiles sweetly after looking at her.

My Thoughts:

Aww, this is such a sweet and adorable ending. Considering how cute and fluffy the drama was overall it’s not like I was expecting a sad ending or anything so even though the ending was predictable it was still very cute nonetheless.


Although I’m glad that Eun-haeng returned to the shop to do what it is that he wants (and is best at) as well as to support his crush, I do think Mom’s turnaround happened a bit too quickly. Granted this drama is only 6 episodes overall with each episode averaging out to 14 minutes so we didn’t have too much time to demonstrate Mom’s change of heart, but it did feel a bit off in this episode. For us to have spent the last episode and a half on Mom opposed to Eun-haeng’s position at the shop to coming around and supporting him with his decisions in this episode was a bit too random and abrupt, especially since we didn’t see Mom’s change of thought and mind. However, I’m glad that she made the decision to support her son though and to let go of her toxic and frustrating treatment of her son. She finally let him live his life like how he had wanted to.

I know this drama was for PPL-like purposes with the whole bank information and whatnot, but I wished there were more dramas like this where it’s only a few episodes and each episode is less than 20 minutes long. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for much content and substance, but there’s still enough time to pack in some stuff. Even though this drama was short, it still managed to stay interesting and cute and adorable. I think what worked to its advantage was how short it was both in terms of episode counts and the length of each episode. When you don’t have that much time you only implement what is actually truly important without any unnecessary plots and details.


Kai might not have been the best actor (and he was quite bland and awkward for the most part), but he was still cute and charming overall. I think I would have been quite sad after watching this if Park Eun-bin was not in any other drama, but she’s currently in ‘Age of Youth 2’ so I know that if I miss her I can tune into that drama any time to get my dose of her. Overall, ‘Choco Bank’ was by no means without faults or errors, but it was still cute, fluffy, and light-hearted overall making it an enjoyable and pleasing watch.


BTS to collaborate with The Chainsmokers for their upcoming comeback


Oh boy. I was not expecting this at all.

It was recently announced that BTS will be collaborating with duo The Chainsmokers for their upcoming comeback. The duo helped with the production of the album track titled ‘Best of Me’ along with the rap line of BTS.

While I’m not the biggest fan of The Chainsmokers (I’ve given a few of their tracks some listens and they’re okay), I’m hoping that this collaboration won’t be a wasteful one. The Chainsmokers are popular, but their songs sound similar to each other so I’m afraid that ‘Best of Me’ will sound like all them other Chainsmokers songs. The only hope that I’m hanging on to is the fact that the rap line also participated in the production of this track so knowing how talented (and picky) they are about their music, I don’t think this collaboration will disappoint. Or at least I hope not.

It’s a good thing that the collaboration is for a side track and not the title track. I’m already quite disappointed with this news, but I can put up with it simply for the fact that the collaboration is just for an album track that included the participation of the BTS members and not the title track. Would I have liked it better had the collaboration not been on the album? Definitely. Lol. Am I really surprised that the two groups collaborated? Not really because they were seen at the BBMA’s together so talks of a collaboration was definitely up in the air. But who knows, maybe things will turn out okay and both BTS and The Chainsmokers will receive recognition for this collaboration.

BTS is set to make their comeback on September 18 (JUST 10 MORE DAYS Y’ALL. 10 MORE DAYS OF TORTURE AND WAITING).

Choco Bank: Episode 5 recap

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The title of this episode is called ‘A Sad Valentine’s Day’ and yes indeed, it was sad. This episode is packed with angst and pain, leaving you in tears and sadness just like our characters. I just want everyone to be happy. Why can’t we all just be happy? 😦

Our sweet Cho Co reminisces about every Valentine’s Day she’s experienced in her entire life. The holiday has never sat well with her. She’s always been rejected from her crushes or she got cheated on one time by her ex-boyfriend. Will this year’s Valentine’s Day be any different?

Eun-haeng comes home to an exhausted and sleeping mother. While looking over her, he also reflects on his interview that is scheduled to take place the next morning. He feels conflicted, having remembered Cho Co’s question of whether he was going to go to the interview or not.

Cho Co wakes up to impatient and angry customers waiting outside of her shop. She opens her shop to let her customers in who are all waiting for Eun-haeng so they can receive financial consultation and advice. Cho Co panics and calls Eun-haeng to check up on him. However, he’s already at the bank ready for his interview and he ignores her phone call.

The customers are getting angrier and angrier at the minute waiting for Eun-haeng. Cho Co apologizes and announces that he won’t be coming to the shop today, but just then he comes running into the shop (YAAAAAY!). Eun-haeng to the rescue! Eun-haeng starts with his business of giving financial consultations to the customers. It seems like everything will be okay.

Of course Eun-haeng and Cho Co can’t keep their eyes off of each other. Even while working the two steal little glimpses at each other here and there. Dal-soo notices what’s happening and grows jealous. Haha.

A long day of what could have been a disaster but wasn’t comes to an end. While Dal-soo goes to take the trash out, Cho Co and Eun-haeng converse over his decision to leave his interview and come back to the shop. We find out that Eun-haeng chose the shop because of Cho Co (OMGGGG I’M SCREAMING. He’s so swoon-worthy). Cho Co listens attentively while holding a box of chocolates on her lap ready to give it to the man she likes.

However, the moment is interrupted when Eun-haeng’s mother enters the shop (OH NOOO). Upon having discovered what her son has been up to, she yells at him to stop what he’s doing and head back home with her. But Eun-haeng is different now. He’s not the young son that his mother raised growing up. Eun-haeng stands up for himself and explains that he wants to live his own life; he wants to do what it is that he is passionate about for once. Mom is shocked and surprised, falling to the ground and fainting as a result.

Eun-haeng takes her mother to the hospital. Later that night after she’s discharged and back at home, he visits her while she’s laying in her bedroom. There are no words spoken between them though and he leaves her alone to get some rest. Cho Co checks up on Eun-haeng and his mother asking if everything’s alright.

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Eun-haeng calls Cho Co to let her know that he won’t return to the shop. He’s quit and he’s never going to go back. After the phone call ends, Cho Co is left at her shop surprised and hurt. Tears form in her eyes as she stares at the box of chocolates sitting in front of her.

Another year of Valentine’s Day and another year of an unsuccessful Valentine’s Day.


The drama takes us back to Eun-haeng’s interview where he rejects the Director’s offer for an interview. When asked why, he reveals that he likes Cho Co’s shop better.

My Thoughts:

Omg, this episode was such an unexpected one. SO UNEXPECTED. The drama had been so light and cute and fluffy this entire time that episode 5 was full of angst and sadness and pain I didn’t expect it at all. The end of episode 4 hinted this change in direction and tone, but episode 5 went all out.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 9.43.08 PM

I’m so sad that Eun-haeng decided to not return to the shop. As episode 6 is the last episode I have a feeling that he will eventually return because he knows that he’s in love with Cho Co and can’t resist leaving her, but at the same time I understood why he made that difficult decision. His mother doesn’t want him to work at the shop because it’s unstable and not a guaranteed position even though he personally might want to. He wants to put his mother first before himself so he’s willing to forego his position at the shop to make his mother happy. You can’t blame him as difficult as it might be because it’s his mother and he wants to be the best son he can be for her considering that there’s no father figure in their family. It broke my heart though watching him convey to Cho Co his final decision. I didn’t want more angst between them I wanted a happy ending!


Since the beginning of the episode gave us insight on Cho Co’s sad and unsuccessful Valentine’s Days the past few years, I thought her Valentine’s Day that year would be different. I thought that the drama was going to make her Valentine’s Day different and that she would confess to Eun-haeng and that he’d do the same and they would fall in love with each other. But then upon having been rejected it was yet again another sad and heart-breaking Valentine’s Day for Cho Co which I was not expecting to see. It’s such a sad day (and moment) for both Cho Co and Eun-haeng (and even Dal-soo) at the moment I’m hoping they can find some kind of hope to light up the dim situation they’re currently facing.

Also, as sad as this episode was everyone did such a great job with their roles. I was especially surprised by Kai who for the most part did a wonderful job as the suffocated and exhausted son who’s tired of listening to his mother tell him what to do. I could feel his frustration and impatience through his eyes and his voice. He conveyed the emotions greatly! Great job Kai!


[Discuss Away!] Strongest Deliveryman ep 11-12

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Wow, are we already on episodes 11 and 12 of this drama? I already know I’m going to miss Strongest Deliveryman once it ends and it hasn’t even ended yet.

This drama is hitting all the right cords for me in every way possible. Strongest Deliveryman is so charming, providing us with all the right punches to get us caught in our feels and emotions. The thing about this drama that I appreciate the most is how fast-paced it is. We’re always constantly being given more progress and content while our characters are always given constant development and growth (to some extent). The drama knows what it’s doing and it’s doing all those things wonderfully.

The primary plot that the drama has been focusing on in the last few episodes is Ji-yoon’s mom trying to take over the neighborhood with her new family business. It’s not one that’s random so it was built neatly into the narrative of the story which is nice. Is it my most favorite aspect of the show to watch? Definitely not considering that I’m here more for our characters and their relationships, but this plot remains interesting because it moves at such a fast pace. In the last episode we had Grandma’s restaurant attacked and then in episode 11 she actually has to leave so now Kang-soo is battling Ji-yoon’s mother in the fight for revenge and victory. The plot never drags and you never feel like things are moving slowly simply because it’s not. Once we’re done with one thing we automatically move on with the next and it’s so refreshing to always constantly be given new material in each episode. I’m not sitting here waiting endlessly thinking what Kang-soo or Ji-yoon’s mother is going to do next. The route the drama is taking in terms of this predicament is predictable but it’s fast-paced which is a lot better than the drama taking us down this predictable route but then take forever in getting us to the final showdown that we got in episode 11.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.52.27 PM

Jin-gyu got more character development once again in episode 11 which is always a good note for me. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a drama give their second male lead so much character growth before; Strongest Deliveryman is doing a great job in balancing their focus on all 4 of their characters. So even though Kang-soo and Dan-ah are the leads and we get to see them plenty of times in this drama, so do we with Jin-gyu and Ji-yoon which I think is nice. You know Jin-gyu and Ji-yoon are the second leads because Go Kyung-pyo and Chae Soo-bin are playing as our main leads, but you never actually feel that way because the drama is doing such a good job in balancing all our characters. In episode 11, Jin-gyu decides that his values and morals are of more significance than Ji-yoon’s mother’s goals and it was refreshing to see him choose what he thought was more important to him. Yes, he might be homeless having quit his job as branch manager, but he did this without losing his friendships, morals, and values along the way. Whereas before he was merely a puppet to what his family or Ji-yoon’s mother was telling him, now he knows what he wants, he’s formed his own backbone, and he can advocate for himself. The old him has died and he’s now revived as someone entirely new and different unfamiliar to anyone else. I’m loving this new version of Jin-gyu.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 7.00.17 PM

I appreciate how Kang-soo is such a great and determined hero. He saves people’s lives and he is a firm believer in justice and equality for all which I’m all for. I’m rooting for him as our protagonist and I think the drama has done a great job in demonstrating what it is that he is passionate about. Granted, in order to get to this point he’s received quite some time in the spotlight which I think I would have been okay with had it not been at the expense of our other characters. I also want to see more Dan-ah and I felt like she’s been placed in the backburner the past few episodes so that the drama could focus on other plots like Kang-soo’s delivery business, the competition with the Jung Family Foods business, and Chef Jang’s mini sub-plot with the gangsters. Earlier in the drama we saw her working endlessly to finance her trip abroad which was great but that was all that we saw of her. And even until now that’s all that we’ve seen of Dan-ah. We’re missing some substance and content on our female lead character and now she’s just merely a character while Kang-soo continues to take the lead in everything. I hope the drama can learn to hash out Dan-ah’s character somehow in the next four episodes because I’m dissatisfied with how little we’re getting of her lately.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.51.30 PM

Kang-soo and Dan-ah remain cuter than ever in these two new episodes. I love how much of a source of comfort and support they are to each other. We especially witnessed this in episode 11 when Dan-ah cares for Kang-soo upon finding him bawling over having discovered his mother after years of failed attempts. While a part of me would have liked to see Kang-soo actually leave the neighborhood to go find his mother and therefore leave Dan-ah behind, I also feel like it was a good thing that the drama decided to just have him find his mother in the neighborhood he was already in. It’s a simple cop-out, but the impact is still there. We witness him yelling at his mother for all the pain she’s caused him and his late dad and all the pain she’s still causing him. It was so painful but heart-warming to see Dan-ah hold him in her arms as he was weeping upon his discovery. Another example is in episode 12 when Kang-soo scolded Dan-ah for almost getting hurt and at first they’re angry at each other but they eventually make up through lots of hugs. It’s small moments like these where our leads are with each other in their most vulnerable moments that makes you root for them individually and as a couple.

However, the aspect about their relationship that irked me a little bit was after watching episode 12 when Kang-soo was pleading Dan-ah not to leave and he stated to her how happy he could make her. While I understand that this was just a simple act of pleading and begging Dan-ah to stay because Kang-soo is in love with her and wants to continue spending time with her, another part of me also feels like he’s a little selfish for asking. This is a slight shift from his personality earlier in the drama where he was supportive of Dan-ah’s decisions and wanted the best for her. Granted, the two have created and maintained such a beautiful relationship so Kang-soo might have changed his feelings and therefore want Dan-ah to stay, but I hope Dan-ah doesn’t stay behind for Kang-soo. I hope that in her decision-making process she thinks about herself and puts herself first. What is it that she wants? If she chooses to stay behind, is it because she wants to or is it because of Kang-soo? I hope that in no way does she stay behind because she felt guilty that Kang-soo didn’t leave on his 2-month trips to every neighborhood in Seoul like how he usually does so she’s not going to leave either. I totally want to keep seeing Kang-soo and Dan-ah together and I love how adorable and supportive they are of each other, but at the same time I also like them individually and I want the best for them individually. If she wants to leave Korea to start anew in another country and that means leaving Kang-soo behind then so be it. I also think this scene in particular could have had more impact had the drama placed more emphasis on Dan-ah’s decision to live abroad. Lately her character growth and journey has been pending due to other sub-plots so even though you were sad that Kang-soo and Dan-ah could possibly be separated, the hurt and the pain could have been so much worse if the drama had shown more of Dan-ah working even harder to achieve her goals and stand firmly on moving out of the country.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.52.00 PM

There are still many more obstacles that our leads are going to face now that they’ve come face to face with their enemy and they’re definitely going to need each other in the wake of it all. Episode 12 revealed some of the drama’s weaknesses, but I’m hoping that it’ll solve all these small issues in the next four episodes.


Choco Bank: Episode 4 recap

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.07.35 PM

Ahh, love is painful. As G-dragon once quoted in his song ‘Without You’, love is painful. It truly is and our characters Cho Co and Eun-haeng experience this firsthand themselves this episode. Why can’t our two main leads just be able to like each other? Why do new obstacles keep coming their way? Will they (and I) ever be able to live in peace?

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.32.25 PM

In episode 4, we discover how Cho Co slowly fell in love with Eun-haeng. Since he was the first person to give her chocolates a try and compliment it, he won a spot in her heart and she found new motivation to keep making chocolate. Whereas before she had a hard time waking up to bake, ever since their encounter she’s found it simple to wake up and make chocolate. She would keep baking and baking, waiting for the day that she would meet him again. That day eventually came and now they’re working with each other.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.07.02 PM

Fast forward to the present, Eun-haeng glosses over the shop’s sales while Dal-soo shows Cho Co a video that he made of Eun-haeng. In the video, Eun-haeng is seen helping customers at the shop and giving them financial advise and information. The lead actor of the video gets upset over it and complains about his privacy being invaded. But before he can do anything about it, a woman enters the shop asking for financial advise and support. Oops.

The woman is actually a journalist and wants to write about Eun-haeng’s daily life of serving as a financial counselor to many. She’ll also touch upon topics like unemployment and business start-ups and in return for her articles, the shop will get publicity and popularity. Cho Co is hesitant in accepting the proposal, but Eun-haeng and Dal-soo are in for the deal.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.07.54 PM

It’s a busy day for Eun-haeng as the journalist gets started on the project. While the journalist originally started out as just a witness to all of this, she herself ends up getting financial advice from Eun-haeng. Haha.

Everything seems to be going well until Eun-haeng receives a call from his mother who reveals to him that she’s in town to visit him. He panics and sets out to find his mother and stop her from entering his falsely-claimed workplace. He finds her just in time and rushes her to go back home. Mom hands her son the food she prepared him, but Eun-haeng refuses to take it lying that it’ll leave a smell at work. Sad, Mom accepts her son’s request and walks away.

Later on that night, the journalist holds a meeting with Eun-haeng, Dal-soo, and Cho Co. The journalist is less interested in her job and more interested in Eun-haeng’s love life. She asks him if he’s taken to which Cho Co spits the water in her mouth out, taken aback by the sudden question. The journalist pushes herself towards Eun-haeng to get a response from him, but the only person he’s responding to is Cho Co. Cho Co puts him down and questions why the journalist would be interested in an unemployed man like Eun-haeng. Hahaha. Says the one in love herself.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.09.31 PM

While Eun-haeng is hurt by Cho Co’s harsh words, the journalist goes ahead and asks for Cho Co’s permission to date Eun-haeng. She can tell that Cho Co herself also seems to have feelings for Eun-haeng so she just wants to check to make sure she can make her move on Eun-haeng. But Cho Co lies and declares that she doesn’t like him at all… when really she does. Before the meeting ends, the journalist hands Eun-haeng a business card of the director of a bank who Eun-haeng had met earlier that day at the shop. She gives him details about an interview that is already set up for him the next morning.

After the meeting, Eun-haeng waits for Cho Co as she closes the shop. She follows up on whether he’s going to the interview or not to which Eun-haeng reveals that he is. Cho Co looks at him in disappointment and pain.

My Thoughts:

Noo, why did the two have to hurt each other like this? Eun-haeng and Cho Co are just doing things to hurt each other. Hopefully they’ll talk things out and solve these misunderstandings in the next episode because seeing them purposely say or do things just to hurt each other hurts me. I wanna go back to when they were cutely bickering with each other or when Eun-haeng and Cho Co would talk to each other nicely. Please don’t keep hurting each other 😦

I think we finally received some kind of proof or confirmation that Eun-haeng does in fact have feelings for Cho Co. When she had stated that she didn’t like him, Eun-haeng seemed disappointed. He even asked her if she was speaking the truth. For him to ask her if she’s speaking the truth reveals that he’s interested in her and is hurt by all the harsh words she’s saying about him as well as her false confession that she doesn’t like him whatsoever. He didn’t want to hear those words and yet he did in the end. It was a sad and painful thing to watch and listen to just because you know Cho Co was lying.


Dal-soo once again didn’t do too much in this episode, but maybe things are better that way. He’s a cute little adorable guy but I don’t think we’re going to get too much out of him in this drama. There’s not much damage done anyways with this decision because he’s our second male lead and he’s much cuter when he’s not rambling or whining. I like Yun Joon-suk who plays him (what he has been up to anyways? he used to be in dramas quite often but now I don’t see him anywhere 😦 ), but his character not that much.


I’m so foolish because it wasn’t until this episode that I finally understood why this drama is called ‘Choco Bank.’ Our characters are literally working at a chocolate shop and Cho Co herself is the owner of a chocolate shop while Eun-haeng is an expert at giving financial tips and advice. When you combine the two you get a title based on both chocolate and bank. It all makes sense! Haha. It’s a cute little combination and has even more meaning when you realize (like I finally did) what the two words mean.


BTS releases the rest of the album concept photos for their comeback

Yesterday BTS blessed us all with some concept photos from the ‘L’ and ‘O’ versions of their albums so they continued the blessings by teasing us with concept photos from the ‘V’ and ‘E’ versions of the albums, completing the teaser pictures series for all 4 versions of their albums.

‘V’ and ‘E’ have such a different vibe from the pictures of the ‘L’ and ‘O’ versions. They seem a lot more fun, picturing the boys at an arcade or having the boys pose in colorful and vibrant colors. While I enjoy the new pictures that we were spoiled with, I still definitely prefer the ‘L’ and ‘O’ versions because of its soft, dreamy, and fragile vibes that it gives off. If I had to buy the album (in which I’m tempted to do — I’m just waiting for the release of the album itself), I think I would probably buy the ‘L’ version of the album.

Now that BTS has released the pictures, what’s to come next are teasers and videos. I’m so scared knowing that there’s only 10 days left until their comeback. I honestly don’t know what to expect so I’m nervous and scared, but I absolutely cannot wait. A part of me wants them to come back faster because I miss them so much, but another part of me also wants them to take longer to come back because I won’t be able to handle their perfection and beauty. The struggles of being a fan, eh?

BTS is set to come back on September 18 with the first part of their new concept ‘Love Yourself: HER.’

Choco Bank: Episode 3 recap

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.33.49 PM

Hi everyone! So I know this has been so overdue for such a long time, but I thought I would resume and complete my recaps on Korean drama ‘Choco Bank.’ I had started recaps on the drama more than a year ago, but stopped due to inactivity. I’m back now and I’m planning on finishing the recaps. I also apologize for the sudden halt on the recaps; it was unprofessional of me and I’ll try to never do something like that again.

Hopefully after having received your forgiveness you’ll join me in on the rest of this journey with our characters Cho Co and Eun-haeng as they pursue their respective dreams and goals. Let’s goooo!

In episode 3, Dal-soo – Cho Co’s younger childhood friend – arrives at her chocolate shop. We discover that he had met her when he was younger and ever since then grew up with her and followed her around. He even changed his dreams to wanting to marry the owner of a chocolate shop owner just because Cho Co’s dream is to be a chocolate shop owner. Haha. Ohh, that puppy love.

Fast forward to the present and Dal-soo wants to work for Cho Co. At first she declines, but it’s not until she witnesses Dal-soo’s amazing ability to attract customers that she hires him. Hahaha. Eun-haeng grows upset, questioning Cho Co whether she’s really going to hire him to work for her. If Dal-soo’s able to get sales to increase more so than she’s ever been able to then why not? Haha. Eun-haeng disapproves and reveals that he would never do anything like that even if she paid him…

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.29.03 PM

But he does. He engages with the same exact ahjumma customers that Dal-soo does and advises them on bank-related information. Dal-soo grows jealous at how much Cho Co is admiring Eun-haeng and complains to her but she’s not having it. She demands for him to take out the trash, but maybe she shouldn’t have done that. While throwing out the trash Dal-soo finds Eun-haeng’s resume and calls him out on it in front of him and the customers.

Eun-haeng is actually unemployed and has been unemployed for 5 years. He’s just scamming the customers and doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about. Embarrassed and furious, Eun-haeng runs out of the shop. Cho Co follows after him and finds him ready to get in a taxi. However, he stays behind to check up on her after she almost gets run over by a car while crossing the street to get to him. He yells at her for almost getting run over.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.34.27 PM

While Dal-soo waits for Cho Co to return to the shop, she and Eun-haeng join each other for food. Cho Co encourages Eun-haeng to start his own business since he seems like he’d be pretty good at it, but we find out that Eun-haeng’s mother is against the idea. His dad was a businessman but his business went bankrupt before he passed away which made his mother paranoid ever since. Since then, Eun-haeng’s mother has only wanted Eun-haeng to get a stable job and has refrained him from starting his own business.

Upon hearing this Cho Co grows sad but she cheers herself and Eun-haeng up by encouraging him to be happy. If he’s happy then he can share that happiness with his mother too and in return she’ll be happy. Cho Co vows to make Eun-haeng happy but he doesn’t understand why she would do that. Just when Cho Co is about to confess to Eun-haeng, Dal-soo comes running to them and hugs Eun-haeng tightly. Having discovered about Eun-haeng’s late father he grows apologetic and guilty for how he’s treated Eun-haeng. While Dal-soo pleads for Eun-haeng’s forgiveness, Cho Co watches the two make up. She smiles quietly thinking to herself how clueless Eun-haeng is that he’s the reason why she’s so happy.


Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 9.47.28 PM

We return to 3 months ago with a shy Cho Co trying to get people out in the public to try her handmade chocolates. She’s unsuccessful until Eun-haeng comes across her and is the first to give her chocolate a try. He compliments it and then walks away while Cho Co stares at him admirably.

My Thoughts:

My goodness, it’s been over a year since I’ve last watched this drama but my original thoughts still hold same and true: this drama is so pretty. Every shot is just so visually pleasing and the cinematography is something else. It’s colorful, vibrant, and bright and you fall in love with how beautiful the drama is filmed and with how beautiful our leads are.


It feels weird to see Park Eun-bin play a much more toned-down and less funky character compared to her character in ‘Age of Youth.’ I’m reminded of her character in ‘Age of Youth’ while I’m watching this drama and it makes me miss her loud, out-going personality even though I know I shouldn’t make that comparison because I’m watching two completely dramas lol. With that being said though, she’s doing such a great job as Cho Co and you understand why or how Eun-haeng managed to find a way into her heart. He was the first person willing to give her life-long dream a chance and made her feel better at doing her job too so of course he would be an important person in her life. While it’s great to see her side of the story and why she’s in love with him, I can’t wait to learn about Eun-haeng and what aspects about Cho Co he’s in love with. What about her makes him attracted to her? Does he even like her in the first place? Does he have feelings for her that he’s denying or maybe isn’t just aware of yet? I hope to have the answers to these questions in the next upcoming episodes. (Also, now that I’m watching this again Kai is so awkward omg lol but his awkwardness is what makes him so cute).


I’m not really sure what to make of Dal-soo’s appearance. As I had commented in my episode 2 recap, I had wished that we could have just stuck with Eun-haeng and Cho Co as the only characters in the drama. I just wanted to watch the both of them help each other in achieving their dreams and goals in life without any interference from anyone else. Dal-soo’s not a bad guy, but I want to see what his purpose in this drama is. Why is he in the drama and what role does he serve in regards to Cho Co’s chocolate shop business or Eun-haeng’s life? Hopefully the drama will explore more of his story and background and give us reasons to root for him in the next few episodes as well. He’s a cute little brat who likes Cho Co and wants to win her heart, but I want to see more of him and not just this.


Movie Review: My Dear Enemy (2008)


This is what happens when you’re bored because school hasn’t started and work isn’t stealing all of your time. I stumbled upon Korean movie ‘My Dear Enemy’ starring Ha Jung-woo and Jeon Do-yeon not too long ago from another website I had been browsing so I thought, why not give it a try?

The storyline is simple in that Jung-woo and Do-yeon used to be a couple but broke up for reasons. When they were still together though Jung-woo had borrowed $3,500 from her so she returns a year later to Jung-woo demanding for her money back. They spend an entire day meeting Jung-woo’s acquaintances/friends/colleagues who he manages to borrow money from in order to pay Do-yeon back.

Note: Potential spoilers ahead so please refrain from reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.38.09 PM

To be honest, the movie was not the most entertaining because the storyline is so simple. I actually had a hard time finishing this movie in one watch that I stopped watching it and then resumed it the next day just because I could not get myself to complete it all in one day. With that being said though, the movie isn’t bad. I fell in love with Ha Jung-woo’s portrayal of his character Byung-woon who by no means is a bad guy. There was potential for him to be portrayed as a jerk or the antagonist because he borrowed $3,500 from Hee-soo (Jeon Do-yeon) without ever having paid her back and now he’s perpetuating this cycle of borrowing money from people he’s just kind of met. But in ‘My Dear Enemy’, he’s not a bad guy and he isn’t cruel either. I actually think he was kind of smooth in the way that he asked for money. His bright, charming, and relaxed personality is what makes you care for him and you understand how he has so many different people he can contact to ask for money. Yes, he might not be in the best financial situation (hence why he’s asking to borrow money), but his personality explains why he has people to borrow money from. He’s kind of a charming guy who knows what he’s doing.

I liked how the movie was able to smoothly give us glimpses of Byung-woon and Hee-soo’s relationship when they were still together through their conversations. It didn’t feel forced and you gained good insight on what their relationship was like through the conversations that they had while they were traveling to meet Byung-woon’s acquaintances/friends. By meeting up, our two characters were catching up with each other and in those conversations of catching up with each other you understood what their relationship was like. The movie didn’t shove at us scenes of flashbacks of their relationship, but rather gave us context about their past romantic relationship through their conversations. Things like questions that Byung-woon would ask Hee-so if she still liked doing or memories that he would recall about Hee-soo when they used to date happened so naturally. That was refreshing to see.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.40.28 PM

Because the storyline is so simple and the entire movie literally takes place in a day, there’s not a lot that goes on. This movie was more focused on our characters Byung-woon and Hee-soo’s relationship than about Hee-soo getting her money back. Ironically, she started out in the pursuit to get her $3,500 back but in the end she realized that there are other things that are of more value to her than money. While Hee-soo was focused on her money, the entire journey in getting there made her think twice about things which she did not expect at all. She approached Byung-woon expecting to get her money and then just leave but she got different results in the end. She thought twice about her relationship with Byung-woon and about whether she really wanted her money or not, but at the end of that day she realized that maybe things aren’t what she had believed it to be. The movie demonstrates this in the most subtle way ever so you don’t actually witness her coming to this realization. Instead, there were small moments here and there that leads you to believe this about her.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 2.42.52 PM

The journey to getting her money back was a process that Hee-soo thought she had all planned out but what she did not expect was for the way that it actually went. It was fun watching her just go with the flow and follow Byung-woon everywhere while also learning more about what he’s been up to since their break-up and while reminiscing about their good old days. Once you learn more and more about their past relationship you kind of want Hee-soo and Byung-woon to give their relationship a second try again. Whether or not they actually do is unanswered because the ending didn’t give us any context on their future, but I wouldn’t call it impossible considering what they talked about during the car rides to various locations or what it was like spending an entire day together again. Even the title itself ‘My Dear Enemy’ hints what kind of relationship Byung-woon and Hee-soo had with each other. Even though Byung-woon is Hee-soo’s enemy because he had used her money, she still cherishes him in a way and he still remains a precious and sweet memory to her hence why it’s ‘My Dear Enemy’ and not just ‘My Enemy.’


Overall, ‘My Dear Enemy’ was a fun, simple, and breezy watch, but not the most entertaining or packed with substance. If you’re looking for something easy to watch while you’re eating or folding your laundry this movie would do. As for me, as much as I enjoyed the movie it’s not a film that I would watch again (it took me the longest time to finish this movie the first time around lol). Jeon Do-yeon and Ha Jung-woo are great in this movie (like how they always are) so that’s another plus. Overall, Byung-woon might have stolen 2 hours of my time, but I wouldn’t allow him to steal another 2 hours of my time again.


G. Soul returns with new EP ‘Circles’

It seems like 2017 is G. Soul’s year to shine as the R&B singer from H1GHR Music just recently returned with a new EP titled ‘Circles.’

The EP consists of 6 tracks overall including already released singles ‘Bad Habits’ as well as my personal favorite from him ‘Tequila’ featuring AOMG’s Hoody. To complete the release of his new album, G. Soul released a new MV for one of the album tracks ‘Can’t.’ (Speaking of ‘Bad Habits‘, I gave the song a listen for the first time not too long ago… and um yeah, this is definitely going to be the song I listen to non-stop for the next few weeks).

(my personal favorite track from G. Soul)

I’m glad that G. Soul is getting a lot more opportunities this year musically just because he had such limited chances to shine back when he was signed with JYP. Ironically we saw more of him this year alone than we did in all the years he was with JYP. He was widely known as the guy who trained with JYP for almost a decade only to finally make his long-awaited and anticipated debut and then be failed by JYP Entertainment in maintaining all that hype that was built around him. JYP Entertainment is not the best at managing their solo artists let alone their groups so I’m glad that G. Soul is given a second opportunity at reviving his career by signing with H1GHR Music. Seems like Co-CEO’s Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone have been doing their jobs correctly as we’ve been seeing G. Soul quite often here and there whether that’d be in collaborations with other artists or through the releases of his own music.

This is truly G. Soul’s year to shine and he’s been in the spotlight ever since his debut with H1GHR Music. All the success and love he’s been getting is well-deserved as the guy is talented and blessed with a voice that is unlike any other.

Source: H1GHR Music @ youtube, neofuego @ youtube